Remastered & Relaunching August '23

Somatic Heart™ Method

End the Cycle of Ineffective Therapy, Breathwork & Mindset Coaching That Fails to Get to the Root Causes of Your Subconscious Patterns

You’re a purpose-driven soul working to help humanity with your gifts. Learn Philip Attar’s distilled and effective Somatic Heart™ Method to regulate your nervous system, and overcome the anxiety, burnout, and subconscious conditioning holding you back from greater peace, alignment, and purpose.
Next live cohort August 5th, 2023
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Relaunching June 2023

Relaunching in August 5th, 2023

As we remain dedicated to creating the most distilled and efficiently transformative somatic healing program, the newly remastered Somatic Heart™ will be expanding to include hot-seat coaching. Select participants will be engaged in live two-way video coaching directly with Philip in a dynamic container. We’re looking forward to allowing more opportunity for real-time somatic guidance, reflection, and shared breakthroughs, similar to Philip's mastermind programs.

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You will not find a better source or program, you will gain more than you can imagine. I have taken many a course, with many different teachers, including an executive coach for 15 years. I’ve gained more from this workshop than from anything else I’ve done. Game changer as you walk away with a process you can use for a lifetime. A process that will open your heart to receive and give the love we are born with, learn to deal with any trauma and free your mind to creativity we all need more of. Being a part of the Somatic Heart™ Method Workshop was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made."

— Gale D. / 8-fig Tech Entrepreneur

A Somatic Method to Neutralize Anxiety, Overcome Burnout & Uncover Subconscious Blocks In Every Area of Your Life

The Somatic Heart™ Program is for purpose-driven souls ready for the missing transformative piece on their evolutionary journey.

This is the HOW you’ve been looking for…


In 4 weeks you will learn to dissolve the barriers of brain fog, confusion, and distress. From your very first session, you will begin to embody the intelligent clarity of your truth and tangibly overcome subconscious blocks and generational conditioning, including how to:

 > Overcome anxiety, overwhelm, distraction, and burnout, and learn to regulate your nervous system on a moment-to-moment basis

> Disrupt generational trauma patterns affecting family dynamics and relationships with your children

> Dismantle trauma bond patterns and restore healthy intimate relating

> Resolve the scarcity, financial blocks, and business plateaus holding you back from scaling your vision

> Ignite greater purpose and heart-aligned action through alpha flow states

 A simple, distilled, and effective somatic method to overcome ANY life challenge, from beginner to advanced, in a dynamic hot-seat coaching container.

Philip’s Somatic Heart™ Method works to guide you into a deep kinesthetic receiving state within the body to release static tension from within your cells, and unlock greater clarity, ease, and flow.

It is well studied that the power of meditation both promotes neuroplasticity (changes the connections between neurons) and stimulates neurogenesis (creation of new neurons).

Philip's kinesthetic method will swiftly guide you into the depth and resilience needed to naturally and sustainably shift your natural state.

We activate the regenerative intelligence of the body by inducing you into deep alpha, theta, and delta brainwaves through a sequential and potent practice. This process cleanses the brain of old neural pathways and ignites new cellular growth and connectivity. By holding you in sovereignty accountability through longer, deeper sessions, you will learn to channel more quantum depth, effectively optimize your brain architecture2, and naturally motivate quick, efficient action to support well-being and long-term change.


The Somatic Heart method changes you from the inside out, you become the highest, purest version of yourself. You realign with your own connection to everything that is God. You learn to laugh in the face of anything that you no longer resonate with. You tap into your own power, there is no denying how much you can change, that the people around you may not recognize you or want to know the real new you.

You finally become clear and everything makes sense even when you don't have all the answers. You are confident, you have no fear, you are real but so not real anymore.

This method changes your relationship with self, loved ones, social status, all aspects of your existence, all without ego. You feel things more and feel less at the same time, you want to do more for your self and you also have time for your loved ones, you have the time to do everything you want, you learn about the things that matter to you, you fall in love with yourself and so your life can really begin.

You realize the things and patterns of your former self that have had you bound, all restricting your movement and voice, these things have no hold over you anymore, you are freed from what held you so tightly and your heart opens.

I recall sitting down for my first Zoom day, which I barely had time for, which I barely made, and I recall Philip saying, take a note of how you are feeling this very moment. I recall how I felt, and that person simply does not exist anymore.

— Mina R. / Financial Risk Management Advisor

Embody the Simplicity of Self Mastery to Unlock Greater Alignment with Your Purpose-driven Vision

4 Stages to Peace, Fulfillment, Alignment & Purpose:

Stage 1
The Somatic Heart™ Method:
Releasing Into Somatic Surrender

This is NOT traditional meditation or breathwork.

This is NOT therapy or mindset coaching.

This is a kinesthetic somatic surrendering of your body and breath in order to release the deep inner tensions embedded within your cells from ancestral trauma conditioning. 


Within days to weeks, you will dissolve the static and embody clear presence and greater alignment. From clarity, you hone in on the decisive, aligned actions that support your purpose of helping humanity with your gifts.

Begin the Eyes Open Somatic Heart™ Method to enter into the hyper-presence of now. Only in the now moment can you dissolve fear and begin the process of uncovering your core subconscious blocks. You will be kinesthetically guided into deeper alpha, theta, and delta brainwaves, rapidly unlocking clear sight of all the shadows and human conditioning previously holding you back.

Stage 2
Grounded Stability Opens Clear Sight of Your Blocks

Continue the Somatic Heart™ Method practice for slightly longer durations to develop greater self-intimacy with your Life Force and tap into the dynamic intelligence of your hidden subconscious blocks.

As you embody the Eyes Open Somatic Heart™ practice in everyday life, you create a grounded, safe, and stable body, heart, and mind that will consciously create grounded, safe, and stable outcomes in every area of your life.

The more inner stability and safety you embody in the now moment, the more you dissolve residual survival energies, fight or flight triggers, and unconscious reactivity programmed into your life from childhood and adult conditioning. This is the true power of now.

Stage 3
Radical Clear Sight of Your Patterns Paves a Clear Road Toward Your Purpose

As you dive deeper into your body and expand your intimate relationship with Life Force energy, radical clear sight of your patterns allows you to work with specific somatic practices around what you uncover, including:

> Overcome anxiety, overwhelm, distraction, and burnout, and learn to regulate your nervous system on a moment-to-moment basis

> Disrupt generational trauma patterns affecting family dynamics and relationships with your children

> Dismantle trauma bond patterns and restore healthy intimate relating

> Resolve the scarcity, financial blocks, and business plateaus holding you back from scaling your vision

> Ignite greater purpose and heart-aligned action through alpha flow states

Hyper-presence and radical clear sight will empower you to catch your triggers, stressful reactions, parenting patterns, and paralysis of inaction in real time. 

Only in the now moment can you catch your subconscious patterns as they arise. Only consciously embodied in your kinesthetic experience can you shift a behavior and transform your life.

The Somatic Heart™ method is a rapid way to release inner tensions quickly, and efficiently so you can increase your energetic capacity to embody more divine wisdom that will guide you effortlessly through any life challenge. 

 Stage 4
Embodied Purpose Ignites Aligned Action Toward Your True Vision

Ground into the power of wholeness, embodied magnetism, and aligned action to tap into the security of clarity on what subconscious blocks have been holding you back.

This is the stage of supreme clear sight that brings inspired aligned action:

> Greater clarity, focus, and presence impacting every outcome and relationship in your life
> Greater emotional intelligence, emotional resilience, and confidence to overcome any challenge
> Aligned clear decisive direction in your career/business, and relationships
> Magnetic flow and aligned purpose untethered to general trauma conditioning. 

All in a supportive, safe, and nourishing trauma-informed container.


"Before Somatic Heart I was experiencing l
ots of anxiety, a dysregulated nervous system, not understanding or feeling safe in my body, and a lot of difficulty processing my emotions. Now through the work my relationship to myself (the most important relationship) is soooooo much better, I feel at home in my body now, I am not afraid of my emotions, my nervous system feels regulated, I have the resiliency to be present with whatever is happening moment to moment. Everyone should know how to do this.

After 15 years of trying to heal, being unaware of all the subconscious unhealthy patterns, I have finally found the only thing I needed, myself. And this program taught me how."

Anne Marie S.

6 Weeks of Live Community & Accountability to Support You in Embodied Transformation

Weekly Live Zoom Video Coaching

Live systematic guidance in the Somatic Heart™ Method, somatic meditations, Q&A. Accountability in a supportive environment. Live sessions are recorded with access for 30 days.

Private Telegram Community

A private Telegram community for daily support related to any subconscious blockage, Q&A, and accountability from Philip & Team. Access while in the live program.

Member Modules

4+ hours of pre-recorded foundational Somatic Heart™ Method teachings on our KAJABI desktop website and mobile app.

Member Modules are seasonally updated with fresh teachings and new additions.


I’m speechless at this point. All my life I planned, I tried to control, cuz I’m a “powerful” human being! But man oh man how childish I was, completely unaware of what True power feels like, what Truth can do. Thank you thank you thank you. For Philip Attar and Sue Bahnan leading this experience, and for everyone joining this journey. There is true power on the other side of surrender and allowing. I’m a firm believer now.”

— Snow Gross / Wellness Coach

This is NOT For:

❌ This workshop is for general educational purposes only and is not a replacement for therapy or professional medical advice. If you feel you need 1:1 support for deeper anxieties, depression, or traumas, please seek the help of a registered professional and/or look into Philip's 1:1 private practice.

❌ Those that want a healer to do the work for them and are not committed to consistent practice. Philip is not your healer, he is here to guide you into your own sovereign somatic practice so you may continue the inner work for life on your own.

❌ Those that are not comfortable with consistent meditation or light breathwork practices. This program is great for beginners and meditators and you do not have to be a meditation expert, however, you are expected to adhere to a consistent daily meditation practice during the program. 

Contact our team via email [email protected] if you are unsure if this is for you. 


More Testimonials

Alan M.
Private 1:1 Client: 8-fig Music Entrepreneur
"I have experienced a deepened level of groundedness, connectedness, integration, and harmonization of my thoughts and past experiences. This has resulted in an enhanced state of clarity and peaceful flow that has been transformative.

These practices are leading me to a completely new place of being. Over the past few weeks, I have experienced some of the most flowing and organic conversations with my kids and other key relationships, which have reinforced my intuitive conclusion that I am traveling down the right path, and moving toward a much more vibrant, clear, authentic/integrated spirited and potent, present experience.
Briar Rose
Actor, Stunt Performer
"These meditations have changed my life - they're so special in the space/vibration they create & allow me to connect into - a frequency of absolute PRESENCE. There is infinite potential for creation in the present moment & you have no choice but to tune into it - there is so much power of self in the body & in this space. Our cellular selves have an infinite intelligence and tuning into this network through Philip's guidance is incredibly powerful. Thank you, Phillip, for being here in this world"
Dua Kamran
 "Life-changing, and you really have to try it for yourself to see the depth of what I, and others who've done his meditations, are saying. I've felt my years upon YEARS of constant dissociation fade and melt away within seconds. I was back in my body, and that's all it took. 3 weeks into it, I find the safest, purest, and most beautiful feeling of love that I can imagine and one that feels more familiar than anything. His meditations brought me back 'home,' the only place I trust wholeheartedly, and one that cultivates an abundance of love and healing in all aspects of my life."
Yehan Jehan
“These meditations are phenomenal. They are not even meditations as you know them to be, they are the simple instructions we all must return to. You don't have to do anything to be. You simple must embody it all. We all suffer through trauma patterns and THIS right here, and the pointings of other teachers out there, goes to the root. To accept WITH the trauma that you will eventually discover to be non-existent in the timeless now. If we all simply already acknowledge we are already THAT, that includes your moody days and irritability too, which you will further notice as patterns waiting to be re-written. What was once learned, can be forgotten, and it can be re-written, but ultimately there is nothing to manifest, only FLOW! I look forward to Philip's upcoming meditations as well and thoroughly enjoy his content shared.”

"After 15 years of trying to heal, being unaware of all the subconscious unhealthy patterns, I have finally found the only thing I needed, myself. And this program taught me how."

Anne Marie S.

The Next Remastered Somatic Heart™ Cohort Will Relaunch in August 2023

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* All testimonials shared are from clients that worked hard to earn their results. Everyone is different and these clients understood that they manifest their own reality by showing up and doing the work necessary to change their own lives. They are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the similar results.

** Do not stop taking any medications without speaking to your physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, mental health provider or other health care professional. We are not providing health care, medical or nutrition therapy services or attempting to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure in any manner whatsoever any physical ailment, or any mental or emotional issue, disease or condition.