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  Philip & Amanda-Lee Attar Present:
Living Immersion Method™

Devoted Conscious Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Healing Practitioners & Creatives Here to Expand Human Consciousness


A Sovereign Method to Unlock the DNA Intelligence of Your Highest Purpose as a Conscious Leader


Expand Beyond the Limitations of Therapy, Mindset Coaching &
Plant Medicines Without Bypassing Collective Trauma Conditioning


Living Immersion Method™
Conscious Co-creation

8-week Live Online Group Program

Next Cohort Begins Saturday, August 17, 2024

By Application With Limited Spots

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How the Living Immersion Method™ Can Help You Overcome Your Deepest Blocks & Unlock the DNA Intelligence of Your Highest Potential & Purpose

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Master an Embodied Method to Overcome Your Deepest Blocks & Take Aligned Action Toward Your Highest Destined Goals


In 8 weeks you will learn how to master a lost somatic energetic method to:

Utilize the energetic DNA intelligence of your deepest blocks to overcome collective conditioning holding you back from greater aligned action toward higher destined goals.

Learn a sovereign method to effectively cleanse and utilize your Life Force Energy, so you can move beyond 'trusting the Universe' outside of you, into consciously co-creating your highest purpose.

Master a sustainable energy method to overcome your energy depletion, brain fog, and consistently tap into more creative inspiration and aligned productivity without codependently relying on plant medicines or supplements.

Learn to utilize the energetic intelligence of your stresses, overwhelm, and anxiety as fuel to expand beyond the limitations of your conditioning.

Heal any unhealthy emasculated patterns impacting your business, marriage/partnership, dating life, or children, and learn how to naturally re-harmonize greater masculine embodiment, focus, clear direction, and decisive aligned action.

Heal any unhealthy hyper-vigilant, burned out, and masculine patterns in your business, marriage/partnership dating life, or children, and learn how to re-harmonize your unique feminine essence and hormonal cycle.

Achieve all of this through a sovereign energy method, without the limitations of therapy, mindset coaching, breathwork, plant medicines, or distorted manifestation teachings — Self-mastery for life. 

"I always believed my next levels in life would be reached through mastering my mind. But I was hitting tons of unconscious resistance in this pursuit.

The next levels of expansion are not through use of the mind, but in reducing the ripple of friction and conditioning that was clouding my highest divine destiny.

The Living Immersion Method reveals how to tap into divine flow, feeling it, merging with it, embodying it to make clearer, higher choices while I step into the unknown.

LIM is the most self empowering, expansive "method" I have ever witnessed. It is your next step."

— John Graham / 3 x USA Memory Champion

 Why Am I Still Stuck Repeating the Same Patterns Holding Me Back, Even With My Level of Awareness & Experience?

1. You are attempting to solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created the problem to begin with, without expanding into a higher level of consciousness.

2. You are working to overcome your challenges from an energetic depletion, without increasing your ability to receive and utilize more vital Life Force Energy.

3. You are trying to expand through manifestation and flow state practices that attempt to manipulate thought and feeling into form, without first embodying the truth that you are energy before thought, feeling, and form. 

4. You have been using breathwork, ayahuasca, and other plant medicines to 'release blocked energy', yet still repeating negative patterns, because you are not accessing the data from the blocked energy to transmute the original DNA pattern.

5. You have been relying on nootropics, adaptogenic and mind-enhancing supplements to coerce more clarity, focus, and flow, that have been numbing you from accessing the innate energetic fuel of the original emotional block.

6. You have been working with the limited cognition of therapists, mindset coaches, and energy healers that act like middle men between you and God/Source, without utilizing the energetic UNLIMITED intelligence of your own sovereign connection with God/Source.

When You Only Use Your Mind Your Solutions & Expansion Are Limited by Collective Conditioning

If you only use your mind without accessing greater Life Force Energy, your results will be limited by your mind’s previous conditioning. Which is why you still repeat patterns with mindset coaching, and cognitive manifestation or flow state practices.

To end your repeated patterns holding you back, you have to increase your energetic capacity to Life Force Energy beyond what you have accessed through your limited conditioning.

Trying to expand just using your mind, mindset coaching, therapy, manifestation or flow state exercises that begin in separation with Life Force, is still limited as they are mental human constructs that do not offer greater Life Force Energy to fuel your quantum expansion.

When You Access Suppressed DNA Intelligence You Expand Your Potential Beyond the Limitations of Collective Conditioning

When you focus on expanding your electromagnetic field in union with ALL of Life Force, without your mind’s conditioning in the way, Life Force expands you at the DNA level beyond the limitations of your human conditioning.

You STOP repeating patterns and START to EXPAND your potential BEYOND what your mind could fathom.

You are accessing regenerative Life Force Energy from suppressed blocks, traumas, and ANY emotion arising (what most mindset, breathwork, and energy practices bypass) to consciously co-create your highest destined path, untethered to our collective trauma conditioning.

Welcome to freedom beyond the limitations of human consciousness.


The Fastest & Most Efficient Way to Expand Beyond Your Limitations & Embody Your Highest Potential is Your Direct Kinesthetic Connection to Source...

The Missing Link Has Been the Somatic/Energetic HOW.

Levels of Consciousness

5. Embodied Truth - Living Immersion Method™: 
Kinesthetically merge in union with ALL of life's intelligence, every shadow and spectrum of light within the DNA level to consciously co-create in the now as a clear vessel of Life Force, untethered to collective conditioning. No higher self or lower self, nothing to visualize through our limited conditioning in the mind. Here we surrender the mind to access the Life Force that creates the mind. No limitations from the mind's conditioning in the way of your highest potential — Embodied with all as one, no separation that fuels infinite expansion beyond the limitations of the mind's conditioning.


Below Levels of Consciousness Living in Separation With Life's Intelligence and Limited by Human Conditioning

While all levels below are necessary evolutionary steps in human consciousness, as you evolve, they limit your expansion because they are still tethered to tainted collective conditioning in the mind.

Our Life Force is unlimited and does not need to be manipulated by limited human thought, we merely need to kinesthetically immerse ourselves in Life Force to self-re-organize on a DNA level.  

Our minds built as an already fractalized creation of Life Force cannot come up with greater solutions than Life Force itself. We can use the mind to attempt to optimize the mind, but the results will be limiting.
4. Quantum Manifestation - You cannot expand through performative manifestation practices that attempt to manipulate thought and feeling into form, without first mastering that you are energy before thought, feeling, and form. All of your attempts to visualize your future as if you have it now will be tainted by the limitations of your human conditioning. You will repeat your patterns until you stop bypassing your blocks and see clearly and utilize the suppressed energy of your original patterns.

3. Biohacking / Subconscious Reprogramming - You utilize these practices and advance beyond your healing, but find yourself still limited in your potential repeating unhealthy patterns. These practices while beneficial are limiting because they coerce the mind as if it is separate from you to activate greater potential that is inherently limited by collective conditioning. You cannot expand beyond your brain's energetic capacity, if you do not first increase your Life Force Energy. 

2. Awakening / Healing - You awaken to the awareness of the impact of collective/generational conditioning while still tethered to perceived limitations from that conditioning. You begin to heal and increase your level of consciousness exploring spiritual and subconscious teachings.

1. Collective Conditioning - Your life is unconsciously programmed by the majority of collective conditioning and not optimized to your sovereign higher potential. You live life in separation as life is happening to you.

Living Immersion Method™

To Consciously Co-create Your Highest Destined Reality You Must Surrender the Limitations of Your Human Conditioned Mind

This is NOT cognitive mindset coaching or therapy.

This is NOT an illusionary manifestation course.

This is NOT dysregulating breathwork.

This is NOT performative masculine/feminine embodiment.

The Living Immersion Method™ (LIM) is a safe and gentle somatic surrendering of your body, breath, and molecules into an electromagnetic one consciousness neurogenesis state, to cleanse the ripple of collective trauma conditioning in your cells holding you back from your highest potential. 

With LIM you learn to sense your subconscious blocks, triggers, life and business challenges, merely as Life Force energy arising in order to utilize the stored intelligence of the block to naturally transmute your conditioning on its own. 
LIM is the HOW to let go let God on a neurological, cellular, and DNA level

Here is how LIM practically works to transform your life day-to-day in 4 steps:

1. Master an Innate Technology if Surrendering Your Body, Breath, and Mind Into a Neurogenesis Inducing Electromagnetic Energetic State

2. Sense a Block, Trigger, Life Challenge as Energetic Friction Within Your Body

3. Develop Intimacy With & Merge With the Living Intelligence of Your Block

4. Your Blocks Naturally Transmute Old Stagnant Patterns in Your Relationships

Old toxic relationship patterns and/or triggers in family relationships, or current partnership, marriage, or dating life will begin to dissolve as you open up to greater clear sight of your patterns and naturally make new choices aligned with higher destined outcomes.

Any residual trauma energies from childhood father or mother wounds will begin to be seen and more natural polarity unique to your spectrum of masculine/feminine coding will be consciously embodied.

You will achieve this without performative polarity teachings that attempt to coerce you into a false 'feminine' identity and still retain a harmony within the spectrum of your unique energetic expression.

5. Your Blocks Naturally Transmute Old Stagnant Patterns in Purpose, Career, Finances, and Creative Expression

Misalignment and instability in your purpose, career, business direction, or finances, begins to realign as you clear old static from any subconscious patterning from generational trauma conditioning. You are more resilient, aware, and adapted to expand beyond past the limitations of your previous career, business, and financial circumstances. 

As you move throughout your days you will now see the old patterns arise clearer and quicker, giving you opportunity to create new forks in the road.
Life's Intelligence is now guiding you as a clearer vessel of co-creation, no longer tethered to the limited conditioning of your past.

Your mastery in somatically surrendering within the arising friction will develop intimacy with the block, then merge with its energetic data, to then catalyze a kinesthetic neuroregenerative state — this is the Living Immersion.

Ancient spiritual teachings have spoken about 'surrender" for thousands of years, but we have lost the how.

The how was never cognitive, it's always been energetic.

LIM is the kinesthetic HOW to let go let God on a cellular level.

LIM is the same sovereign method we and our most advanced clients utilize to master co-creation, rebalance polarity, consciously create a prosperous life, without a therapist, coach, or healer.

Welcome to embodied TRUTH.

— Philip & Amanda-Lee Attar
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The Living Immersion is the HOW to let go let God. Through an energetic surrendering of our body, breath, and mind into a one consciousness electromagnetic state, we dissolve the limitations of human conditioning at the DNA level that has held us back from our highest potential.

As you begin this journey into a Living Immersion within all of Life's Intelligence, you will move through your days you and see old patterns in unhealthy relationships arise clearer and quicker. 

You will create new forks in the road in the now moment, as you embody a clearer vessel of co-creation. You will begin to untether from the limited conditioning of your past and expand to magnetize new people, experiences, and direction in every facet of your life, relationships, and career, in union with your highest potential.

— Philip & Amanda-Lee Attar


About Philip
& Amanda-Lee Attar

Founders of the Academy of Living Intelligence™ & the Living Immersion Method™

Philip Attar founded his practice in 2015 after transforming his own life from dis-ease into ease. In 2010, the stresses of his NYC Creative Director career (Swarovski, Vogue, Coach) and family death took their toll on his nervous system. This activated Philip's traumatic Graves' Ophthalmopathy disease and he became cross-eyed with bulging eyes and led Philip to surrender every ounce of his will and completely let go let God. Through a self-induced somatic surrendering process, he discovered that when you release deep tensions in your body on a quantum level, you can self-induce a cellular kinesthetic healing state and activate your immune system. He was able to self-regulate his hormones without medications, leading to the development of his Somatic Heart Breath™ healing modality. Now in union with his wife Amanda-Lee Attar they have merged their methods into their advanced electromagnetic practice, the Living Immersion Method™.

Amanda-Lee Attar 

Co-founder of the Academy of Living Intelligence & the LivingImmersion Method™

Amanda-Lee has embodied the depth of this unique kinesthetic Immersion Method into one consciousness through her own similar inner work with childhood trauma and through her experience working with many elite private clients over the years. After several years of traumatic experiences she was naturally invited into the sovereign surrender until there was nothing left to surrender into, true union within One. When Philip and Amanda-Lee met they deeply connected through their unique individual yet similar experiences and methods without any mentors, books, or teachers to guide them. Over time they developed a knowing that they would merge in loving union one day to build an Academy devoted to their unique teachings. 

Philip and his wife Amanda-Lee Attar have now launched their Academy of Living Intelligence™, dedicated to the education, facilitation, and science of healing and the expansion of consciousness. They are devoted to building the Academy as a legacy of Truth for the advancement of humanity. As a student of the Academy you will become a vanguard of embodied truth, representing the evolution of human potential.

The Academy is part of their life-long vision to build a world-renowned healing institution and retreat center as a legacy for future generations to share a greater ripple of our sovereign genius with humanity.

Our Flagship Program

Living Immersion Method™
8-week Live Group Program

+ Weekly Live Video Coaching
+ Private Community

New Cohorts Every 2 Months
By Application


✔ 8 x live weekly group video hot-seat coaching/Q&A with Living Immersion Method™ (LIM) teachings
 Recorded replay of live sessions with access up to 30 days after program ends
 8-weeks of private community for daily support from Philip & Amanda-Lee
 Accountability + private community for daily support and results


 Discounted optional private 1:1 sessions with Philip & Amanda-Lee to work through your specific challenges for an additional fee (details provided once you sign up)
 Optional month-to-month continued access to LIM Mastering Co-creation Level 2 live calls and community for continued advancement and support after you graduate.

Next Live 8-week Cohort Begins:
Saturday, August 17, 2024

Live Session Dates:

Time of each meeting:  11 AM – 1 PM PT (Pacific Time)

Saturday, August 17
Saturday, August 24
Saturday, August 31
Saturday, September 7
Saturday, September 14
Saturday, September 21
Saturday, September 28
Saturday, October 5


"The beauty of Philip and Amanda-Lee is the approach for teaching encompasses the universal laws, the subconscious and the not so easy the application of it in daily life. It is so complete and applicable to daily living and it creates the shifts in a subtle form which even surprises as how and when did that shift happen. The teachings are so grounded in reality. It is a whole range of emotions and the freedom of expression to get the god self and yet allow the humanness to emerge with its strength and weakness. The part of aligning with Sacred Union is a deep peek into the part of me which I had been looking for. Thank you Philip and Amanda-Lee for bringing in this union of sacredness with the humanness in my life."

 Vyjayanti Tejuja / Wife and Mother of 2 Children

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 Living Immersion Method™
Conscious Co-creation

8-week Live Group Program
Live Cohort Begins Saturday, August 17

By Application With Limited Spots to Ensure High Level Community

Save $500 Early Bird on Now

Living Immersion Method™
8-week Live Group Program

$2,000 USD
$1,500 Early Bird

or $850 x 2 payments

 8 x 2-hr live video Living Immersion Method™ sessions + hot-seat Q&A over 2 months
 Access replay recordings up to 30 days after program ends
✔ Private community off social media via desktop and mobile app
✔ Option for LIM level 2 live sessions and private community when you graduate on a month-to-month basis for continued support as long as you need
✔ Discounts off private 1:1 sessions (value $1,000)

By application.

Questions email: [email protected] 

See FAQs below for answers to main questions

LIM is an Advanced Space to Master the Way, Not a Space for Deeper Trauma Healing

The Living Immersion Method™ Conscious Co-creation 8-week Program is an advanced course to master the way. LIM is NOT for beginners seeking to heal deeper traumas, and/or are suffering from intense anxiety, dissociation, depression, or are unable to regulate your own nervous system on call.

This is a mastery-level live group program to optimize the last ripples of  subconscious patterns holding you back from unlocking your HIGHEST POTENTIAL in purpose, career,union, and family. 

If you feel you have advanced well beyond deeper healing, anxiety, and trauma, and are ready to ignite embodied aligned action toward your highest potential in relationships and career purpose, then LIM is for you.

Somatic Heart™ 4-week live Workshop for Healing

If you feel you still need time to overcome your deeper anxieties, overwhelm, burnout, and ground your nervous system, then join our Somatic Heart™ 4-week Live Workshop found here >.

If you feel you require more intimate 1:1 support or guidance for deeper emotional healing, then you can apply for 1:1 with Philip here >
Once your ground into a stable presence you can then participate in any of our advanced LIM programs.

This is For:

✔️ You're experienced with meditation, breathwork techniques, and/or energy healing modalities and are able to take 100% ownership of your results. 

✔️ You’ve been searching for an energy method with real-world results that can help you overcome your subconscious blocks, nurture loving relationships, amplify your career/business success, heal family wounds, and benefit your health.

✔️ You're ready to advance beyond performative 'flow states' that keep you chasing 'gratitude' and 'false positivity' and graduate into embodying Universal Truth without the crutch of healers, coaches, supplements, plant medicines, or devices.

✔️ You're ready to advance beyond distorted manifestation teachings that are not embodied in Truth.

This is NOT For:

  This is NOT for you if you are just beginning your awakening journey and are still seeking knowledge instead of being ready to commit to the deeper energetic and subconscious work.

This is NOT for you if you are not ready to commit to taking 100% ownership to achieve your own results, or if you expect quick results, and are not ready for a lifetime of absolute devotion to energetic self-mastery.

 This is NOT for you if you are suffering from deeper traumas, intense anxiety, dissociation, depression, or are unable to regulate your own nervous system on call and need 1:1 healer/coaching support. This program is for educational purposes only and is not a replacement for therapy/professional medical advice. For deeper 1:1 trauma support, please seek the help of a registered professional. Once you feel grounded and are ready to advance into sovereignty you can begin LIM.

The Living Immersion Method  is the Distilled HOW to Ancient Spiritual Teachings Without Distorted Manifestation Practices


Knowing what your habitual patterns and problems are is NOT the same as mastering an effective method to overcome your subconscious patterns and blocks.

All the ancient knowledge in the universe acquired from YouTube or books is NOT the same as embodying more clarity, focus, and taking aligned action to consciously create aligned opportunities and a successful purpose-driven career.

Cognitively thinking you understand performative masculine/feminine polarity practices is NOT the same as knowing how to cultivate true healthy sacred loving union with a partner.

Knowing about every healing modality under the sun is NOT the same as being able to consciously create whole intimate relationships and heal family dynamics.

In this LIM course, you will learn the practical HOW to see your subconscious blocks clearly, shift a behavior in the now moment, and take aligned action toward your goals as an embodied vessel of co-creation. 

This is where you learn to dive into deeper alpha and theta immersive states to stimulate neurogenesis, amplify your electromagnetic field, and reduce the molecular friction from collective conditioning so you can consciously create a prosperous life.

This is where you learn how to end the cycles of ineffective therapy, breathwork, and mindset coaching, that fail to get to the root causes of your repeated patterns so you can finally focus on aligned creation and infinite expansion.


I'm Ready!


"The beauty of Philip and Amanda-Lee is the approach for teaching encompasses the universal laws, the subconscious and the not so easy the application of it in daily life. It is so complete and applicable to daily living and it creates the shifts in a subtle form which even surprises as how and when did that shift happen.

The teachings are so grounded in reality. It is a whole range of emotions and the freedom of expression to get the god self and yet allow the humanness to emerge with its strength and weakness. The part of aligning with Sacred Union is a deep peek into the part of me which I had been looking for.

The Living Immersion Method is one of the simplest, easiest ways of making a difference to your own life in all areas. As I started the program and through the weeks with the daily immersion practice my requirement of the inhaler has come down to minimum. A person with COPD, now on nearly no medication and everyday I keep getting better.

My connection with me has started to get stronger. I look within for guidance and trust what’s coming. It enables me to be with the darkest of my emotions without any narrative and see the emotion dissolve. I have stopped fearing the challenges of life and am able to go through in a more centered manner. 

The most important part is after years of going through so many different learning I feel my search has ended here. This is a complete program which influences your vibrational body that is the casual body and transforms the DNA so that you live your optimal blue print being a gift to self, planet and life.

Thank you Philip and Amanda-Lee for bringing in this union of sacredness with the humanness in my life."

 Vyjayanti Tejuja / Wife and Mother of 2 Children

"Philip and Amanda-Lee are quite the dynamic duo. They truly balance the energy needed for such elevated teaching.

Philip and Amanda have the ability to transform your awareness to a new level. They have so much visceral experience to tap into, that they are relatable in any situation. They practice what they preach and are inspiring a community in tandem with their own growth.

If you lean into the work, you will have no other outcome than increased awareness and higher consciousness."

— Rashanna M. / Mental Performance Coach
"What a wonderful gift to be a part of the Living Immersion Method Program. Each week I’ve looked forward to being in the presence of and learning from Philip and Amanda-Lee.

It feels like my journey of the last 4 years was to bring me here. This is what I’ve been searching for to help me clear the noise and reimagine, rediscover and rebuild myself and my life after the most painful and traumatic time of my family's life. I’ve gained clarity in direction and purpose and continue to expand what's possible.

I’ve learnt over the years that the most significant and powerful modalities and transformations are simple, gentle and subtle, although not always easy. This is the missing link to truly co-creating with the universe.

I’m eternally grateful to Philip and Amanda-Lee for teaching and guiding me with this lifelong transformation."

— Jennifer Keogh
"I came across Philip's instagram page some months ago. Right from the start I felt something different about the way he spoke about consciousness and just life in general. It really resonated with me in such a unique way. I have seen a few therapists over the years but that never quite clicked for me. I always felt like the sessions were never "authentic."

Something deep within told me to give Philip and Amanda-Lee's method a try. I signed up for the LIM course and after day 1 I knew this was going to help me. I just knew it. Fast forward to a couple weeks after the course and I am beginning to get a real feel for the technique and I feel I am on the right road to self-mastery.
Each day during the course I was met with profound realizations while listening to Philip and Amanda-Lee speak.

These people have a special gift. I cannot even begin to describe it with words. They are exceedingly special folks.

I still have a long way to go on my journey, but discovering Philip and Amanda-Lee was a major catalyst for internal growth and healing. I now under/innerstand that I am co-creating my own reality every single day in every single moment.

This method has taught me that all the power, resources, and information I could ever need already reside within me.

The gratitude I feel is immense. Thank you again to you both."

— Jon W.

"Before this Living Immersion practice, I've been through years of therapy and have practiced meditation for just as long. However, nothing has allowed me to meet myself fully that leads to a real and experienced transformation like this. And it's just begun.

The education and guidance is very real. The next step for me, after all the therapy and meditation, without even knowing it, was to learn how important kinesthetic practice is. This course drove everything right into a capability that is so actionable and not cognitive. It must be experienced to fully understand! I really believe Im never letting this practice go. There's so much depth here. I highly recommend."

— Matthew / 35 Year Old Man
"Being ushered into a practice such as this is revolutionary to say the least. Before the program, having been in 3 of Philip’s past cohorts, I was doing well honestly. I was catching patterns, making changes here and there and learning to love myself deeper and deeper. At the same time as these things it did seem like I would come up against a insurmountable wall at times like there was a cap on my growth. I had so many tools in my toolkit yet I lacked a clear process in which I could utilize with true sovereignty. The LIM program gave me that process and the wall was completely obliterated.

I began to truly embody my masculine energy and how that’s sincerely expressed through me. I changed bad habits with money. I became a safer space for myself and all that’s arising within me knowing that it’s all intelligence to integrate. People began coming into my life that love to love on me and don’t want to do anything less than that consistently. There’s probably even more as I type this haha because this is a lifelong adventure. Having the LIM serve as my foundation now makes me embody the knowing that as long as I am consistent in the practice and am patient, life will continue to surprise me and support me beyond my wildest imaginations."

 Iykechi McCoy / Actor and Eternal Student

Joining Philips and Amanda-Lee’s LIM program was a very spontaneous and obvious choice after deciding it was time to go deeper in my work with myself. I did not know what to expect and yet it took me by surprise how transformative Philip and Amanda-Lee’s teachings are.

I joined with the idea of knowing what areas I want to experience breakthroughs. After starting with LIM I got to understand that there is so much more to explore and integrate. Growth and progress takes time of course, but the depth of growth I experienced through LIM, I have never experienced in my life before."

— Natalie Schmidt

"I originally came for more purpose, connection, and productivity for my business. I left with a whole new way of being. LIM has improved my life by allowing me to be more connected to my underline fears and confront them for more energy and focus in my life."

— David Marsh / Career Coach


(From Philip's Private 1:1 Clients and Other Programs)

"Throw away any ideas of what meditation or therapy might be. Throw away any sense of expectation. Understand that you are doing something quite daunting in recalibrating how you actually live. If you do that, the joys and growth you can experience are unprecedented and unlimited."

— Selema Masekela / Sports Media Personality / Entrepreneur
"We are accessing something so true, so eternal, and finally in a way that is not just glimpsed, but embodied and radiated in a sustainable way."

— Lisa B. / Embodiment Business Coach
"This method changes you from the inside out, you become the highest, purest version of yourself. You realign with your own connection to everything that is God. You learn to laugh in the face of anything that you no longer resonate with. You tap into your own power, there is no denying how much you can change, that the people around you may not recognize you or want to know the real new you.

You finally become clear and everything makes sense even when you don't have all the answers. You are confident, you have no fear, you are real but so not real anymore.

This method changes your relationship with self, loved ones, social status, all aspects of your existence, all without ego. You feel things more and feel less at the same time, you want to do more for your self and you also have time for your loved ones, you have the time to do everything you want, you learn about the things that matter to you, you fall in love with yourself and so your life can really begin.

You realize the things and patterns of your former self that have had you bound, all restricting your movement and voice, these things have no hold over you anymore, you are freed from what held you so tightly and your heart opens.

I recall sitting down for my first Zoom day, which I barely had time for, which I barely made, and I recall Philip saying, take a note of how you are feeling this very moment. I recall how I felt, and that person simply does not exist anymore."

— Mina R. / Global Financial Advisor
“I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to live a beautiful, meaningful and empowered life from the inside out. This program is for those that want to live on their highest timeline untainted of trauma so that their original blueprint can naturally attract their best life. It’s been such a profound experience."

— Sumit Atwal
"After completing the immersion, I gained greater clarity in all aspects of my life. Specifically: Released tension and unhealthy energy around the relationship with my ex-husband. ~ Clear sight regarding my business resulting in leaning into preferred vendor status versus subcontracting, which sets the foundation for scalability more abundantly and sustainably. ~ I feel a sense of I AMness like never before. I am trusting life more which has neutralized my hyper-vigilant tendencies. ~An overall sense of greater well-being.

The immersion lives were a much-needed boost of inspiration, reflection, and empowerment. The group dynamic amplified the learning and created a beautiful bond with the other participants. 

Working with Philip has been life-changing; his ability to articulate and explain complex energetic principles so everyone can get exactly what they need for their expansion is impressive. I believe he is on the cutting edge in this arena. I feel blessed to be a member of the community and recommend this practice to anyone who has been led to Philip's teachings; it will change the way you see things within yourself and in the world."

— Chelese P. / Executive Leadership Coach
"There is powerful positive energy, compassion, knowledge, and love that you will feel all around you. Philip is an extremely good communicator, mentor & coach. He takes the complex and brings clarity to it as well as simplicity.

You will not find a better source or program, you will gain more than you can imagine. I have taken many a course, with many different teachers, including an executive coach for 15 years. I’ve gained more from this program than anything else I’ve done. Game changer as you walk away with a process you can use for a lifetime. A process that will open your heart to receive and give the love we are born with, learn to deal with any trauma and free your mind to creativity we all need more of. Being a part of the program was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I didn’t have to think long about joining. I only needed to listen to Philip’s approach to life to understand this was a fantastic fit for me.”

— Gayle D. / Private 1:1 Client - Retired 8-fig Tech Entrepreneur

Community Testimonials 

From Our Private Community for Daily Support from Philip & Amanda-Lee

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* All testimonials shared are from clients that worked hard to earn their results. Everyone is different and these clients understood that they manifest their own reality by showing up and doing the work necessary to change their own lives. They are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the similar results.

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