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Living Immersion Method™


"You must embody your highest Truth in order to facilitate the Living Immersion Method™. Over the next 10-months you will be devoted to not only learning how to facilitate LIM, but also committed to transforming every area of your life, in order to embody your highest potential.

We are devoted to building the Academy of Living Intelligence™ as a legacy of Truth for the advancement of humanity. As a student of the Academy you will become a vanguard of embodied truth, representing the evolution of human potential."

— Philip Attar & Amanda-Lee Attar


How to Overcome Your Blocks, Unlock the DNA Intelligence of Your Highest Purpose & Make an Impact as a Leading LIM Energy Practitioner

This live webinar is for you if you are a novice or intermediate healing practitioner, wellness professional, coach or are a beginner that desires to be, and you want to discover how the Living Immersion Method™ can help you: 
• Overcome the self-doubt and misalignment holding you back from greater purpose and client transformations as a healing practitioner/coach...  even if you have several certifications.

• Uncover your ideal client niche and clarify your purpose-driven offerings aligned with your highest purpose...
 even if you have tried many marketing strategies.

• Finally embody the teachings of Universal Truth to consciously create a successful purpose-driven wellness/practitioner/coaching career...
 even if you have studied many different energy modalities for years.

• Heal any unhealthy toxic patterns in your intimate relationships/marriage... while utilizing the intelligence of those patterns to catapult alignment with your purpose.

• Discover how being certified as a LIM Energy Practitioner will align you with your highest potential, transform your client's lives, and empower you to become a vanguard in supporting the expansion of consciousness.

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Academy Webinar/Q&A
With Philip & Amanda-Lee Attar

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2024 enrollment closed – Next cohort February 2025

To qualify for the Academy you must complete a Living Immersion Method™ Live Program

Details for the Academy below.

"Your highest potential requires your sovereign connection to Source with no guide, not even us."

— Philip Attar & Amanda-Lee Attar

Living Immersion Method™

This is NOT Meditation

This is NOT Breathwork

This is NOT Therapy

This is NOT Mindset Coaching

LIM is an innate technology to self-induce the same energetic state that we, and hundreds of our advanced clients have utilized to overcome our blocks and infinitely expand in co-creation without guided tracks, a guide, coach, or healer.

While LIM was created to be completely self-guided and empower sovereignty, it can take many months, or even years to truly master in every area of your life, career, business, family, and relationships.

After you begin, if you feel you need more live coaching, accountability, and like-minded community, then consider our (optional) LIM 12-week Live Intensive. New cohorts every 3 months.

4 Distilled Stages to Activate Your Highest Potential

Stage 1:

Somatic Surrender
Intimacy With Separation

Most methods are either designed to 'release' your energetic blocks to temporarily relieve stress, or bypass them with gratitude and more 'positive experiences'.

Both ways leave you in separation and bypass true transformation as the original blocks still exist as subconscious patterns, and will repeat if their innate energetic data is not consciously integrated.

With LIM you learn to safely lean into the suppressed emotions and blocks in order to utilize their energetic intelligence to transform your relationships, creative expression, purpose, and career.

Here we develop intimacy with what we perceive as separate parts of ourselves to merge in union with all of our existence. Safety in wholeness.

For stage 1 you self-induce a somatic surrender, releasing your body weight, breath, and molecules into an electromagnetic neurogenesis one consciousness state.

No plant medicine, no supplements, just self-mastery surrendering your will to Life Force Intelligence.

Stage 2:

Merging With Living Intelligence

In stage 2 we merge with the kinesthetic energy of our perceived blocks and stresses (scarcity, fear, paralysis, inaction, anxiety...), in order to unify with the suppressed intelligence of those blocks and allow them to be fully witnessed.

Blocks that are fully seen can be transformed.

While in the Living Immersion you learn to fully embody and amplify the kinesthetic aliveness of your Life Force Energy.

This is the immersion into all of life's energetic intelligence, a self-induced energetic baptism within the living waters surrounding your DNA.

You feel an energetic state that you learn to hold for the duration of your Immersion that will begin the cleansing of internal friction from collective trauma conditioning.

Stage 3:

Subconscious Alchemy

In the kinesthetic merging with the blocks is where the alchemy happens.

What once was hidden, suppressed or bypassed, can now be seen and fully energetically integrated into every cell.

What is fully seen can now share its full data to transform at the DNA level.

You will now embody more intimate presence with your triggers, blocks, and suppressed emotions holding you back from clarity, focus, and aligned action.

In real-time you will witness profoundly clear forks in the road of old subconscious patterns that no longer serve you.

You will be able to take swift embodied action to consciously create new outcomes more aligned with your highest potential in relationships, career, business, and purpose.

Stage 4:

Sovereignty in Embodied Co-creation

Once you merge with the blocks that you once perceived separate from you, and surrender to their innate DNA intelligence to transform within you, then you open up to real-time co-creation with life's intelligence. 

You become a clearer, purer, more focused vessel of creation. 

You will not just tap into clarity, focus, and alignment, you will embody clarity, focus and alignment in-tune with your highest potential untethered to collective, generational, and childhood trauma conditioning that once limited your expansion.

 Living Immersion Method™
10 Month Embodiment Program &
LIM Energy Practitioner Certification

2024 Academy enrollment is closed

Next cohort February, 2025

To qualify for the Academy you must complete a Living Immersion Method™ Live Program

By application

10-month Curriculum:

• Month 1 – 3: Embodied Self-mastery: Master LIM in every area of your life, relationships, family dynamics, blocks, and purpose
 Month 4: The Living Immersion Method™ Practitioner System
• Month 5: Universal Laws & Subconscious Fractal Patterns
• Month 6: Subconscious Coaching
• Month 7: 1:1 Coaching Case Studies
• Months 8–9: 1:1 Practitioner/Coaching Practice
• Month 10: Building a Profitable & Aligned Practitioner/Coaching Business Introduction


What's Included:

• 30+ hours of Living Immersion Method™: LIM Energy Practitioner online teachings with lifetime access
• 2 x live Zoom sessions a week: Wednesdays 10 AM PT - 12 PM PT & Fridays 10 AM - 12 PM PT
• Private community app with daily support  
• Certificate to facilitate the Living Immersion Method™ as a LIM Energy Practitioner with 1 year licensing (subject to yearly tests to upgrade your skills and embodiment).

Academy Fee:

• $12,000 USD 10-month payment plan: $3,000 USD deposit then $1,000 per month starting April 1st for 9 months

• or $10,000 USD pay in full discount

2024 Academy Enrollment is Closed

Next cohort February, 2025


Sign up below for the free webinar replay recording from our live on Thursday, February 29th, 2024 for more information on the Academy.

Transformative LIM Client Testimonials

"We are accessing something so true, so eternal, and finally in a way where it is not just glimpsed but embodied and radiated in a sustainable way..."

— Lisa Berkovitz, Executive Embodiment Coach

"Throw away any ideas of what meditation or therapy might be. Throw away any sense of expectation. Understand that you are doing something quite daunting in recalibrating how you actually live. If you do that, the joys and growth you can experience are unprecedented and unlimited."

— Selema Masekela - Sports Media Personality / Entrepreneur

"This method changes you from the inside out, you become the highest, purest version of yourself. You realign with your own connection to everything that is God. You learn to laugh in the face of anything that you no longer resonate with. You tap into your own power, there is no denying how much you can change, that the people around you may not recognize you or want to know the real new you.

You are confident, you have no fear, you are real but so not real anymore. This method changes your relationship with self, loved ones, social status, all aspects of your existence, all without ego. You have the time to do everything you want, you learn about the things that matter to you, you fall in love with yourself and so your life can really begin.

You realize the things and patterns of your former self that have had you bound, all restricting your movement and voice, these things have no hold over you anymore, you are freed from what held you so tightly and your heart opens."

— Mina R. / Financial Risk Management Advisor

"I’m speechless at this point. All my life I planned, I tried to control, cuz I’m a “powerful” human being! But man oh man how childish I was, completely unaware of what True power feels like, what Truth can do. Thank you thank you thank you leading this experience, and for everyone joining this journey. There is true power on the other side of surrender and allowing. I’m a firm believer now.”

— Snow Gross / Wellness Coach