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"Throw away any ideas of what meditation or therapy might be. Throw away any sense of expectation. Understand that you are doing something quite daunting in recalibrating how you actually live. If you do that, the joys you can experience in this are unprecedented and unlimited. Be prepared to cry a lot."
— Selema, Sports Media Personality, Entrepreneur

"This program is life-changing in every way. The impact is limitless, as I am now forever changed... my purpose is so much more powerful. The ripple effect this will have is mind-blowing to think about."
— Dr. Cross, 7-figure Hashitmoto's Health Coach

"The greatest personal transformation journey imaginable."
— Ian Hylton, Fashion Creative Director, Ms. Min.

"I feel at peace. I feel at home. I understand the power of a moment on a deeper integrated level. I am continually scaling my business to $700,000 cash months ($4 million in 9 months) from a pure place of empowerment and certainty. This work is much deeper than a transaction or a call. This work will change your experience of life."
— Stephanie Hughson, multi-7-figure Business Coach


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