Mastering Flow & Igniting Purpose

You are a driven coach or conscious entrepreneur that desires to overcome your blockages and overwhelm holding you back from your unlimited potential.

"I can’t heal my clients, and be connected to them or anyone, if I am not connected, peaceful, and tapped into my gifts and intuition. This program is life-changing in every way. You may walk in with certain goals in mind, and I guarantee your entire life will be shifted in a positive direction. The impact is limitless, as I am now forever changed, so will the lives of my husband, children, and clients' lives be forever changed. My impact is so much greater, my purpose is so much more powerful. The ripple effect this will have is mind-blowing to think about. 
— Dr. Caitlin, Health Coach

Philip Attar
MindsetCoach & Heart Meditation Guide
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Igniting Your Purpose and Unlimited Potential to Serve Humanity

I don't heal you, I enable you to heal yourself. My practice works to systematically break down the blockages that have been holding you back from owning the truth of who you are and empowering a life and business of impact and fulfillment. To help you unlock your Divine gifts to better serve yourself and humanity. 

A former NYC Creative Director, I have worked to overcome my own Graves' Opthalmopathy Autoimmune disease that left me with a weakened immune system and permanently crossed-eyes. Transforming my own life and now committed to helping my clients conquer their fears and manifest lives of abundance and fulfillment.


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