April Enrollment Closed - Next Cohort Fall 2024

Master an Innate Technology to Overcome the Unhealthy Patterns in Your Marriage, Partnership or Dating Life That Have Been Holding You Back From Your Highest Purpose 

Without Cognitive Relationship Coaching, Couples Therapy, Healers, or Performative Polarity Practices

Philip & Amanda-Lee Attar Present:

Living Immersion Method™
Sacred Union & Embodied Purpose
8-week Live Online Group Program

April Enrollment Closed - Next Cohort Fall 2024

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This is For You if You Yearn to Consciously Create Sacred Union & Embody Your Highest Purpose

For those that have advanced in their spiritual journey and are ready to expand beyond healing into embodied union and purpose.
  • Couples: Overcome the imbalanced polarities and triggers impacting your partnership/marriage that are holding you back from harmonious loving communication and clear conflict resolution... while igniting renewed sexual chemistry.
  • Singles: Finally end your cycles of repeating unhealthy, codependent, or toxic relationships and learn how to naturally attract sacred loving union... while utilizing the intelligence of those patterns to ignite greater alignment with your purpose.

  • Men: Overcome toxic behaviors from childhood wounds impacting your marriage/relationship/dating life and learn to hold more grounded safe space for your partner... while utilizing the intelligence of your negative patterns to ignite greater drive, purpose, and financial success.

  • Women:  Overcome the generational hyper-vigilant masculine energies impacting the deeper intimacy with your partner and naturally soften into your unique feminine essence... without performative polarity teachings that coerce you into a manipulative false 'feminine' identity.

  • All: Overcome your frustration, self-doubt, and impostor syndrome holding you back from achieving your ambitious career goals... so you can unlock your highest potential untethered to your past limitations.

Achieve all of this while naturally increasing alignment, clarity, confidence, and drive toward your higher purpose... without codependently relying on therapy, plant medicines, or nootropics.


"The beauty of Philip and Amanda-Lee is the approach for teaching encompasses the universal laws, the subconscious and the not so easy the application of it in daily life. It is so complete and applicable to daily living and it creates the shifts in a subtle form which even surprises as how and when did that shift happen. The teachings are so grounded in reality. It is a whole range of emotions and the freedom of expression to get the god self and yet allow the humanness to emerge with its strength and weakness. The part of aligning with Sacred Union is a deep peek into the part of me which I had been looking for. Thank you Philip and Amanda-Lee for bringing in this union of sacredness with the humanness in my life."

 Vyjayanti Tejuja / Wife and Mother of 2 Children


Ancient spiritual teachings have spoken about 'surrender" for thousands of years, but humanity has lost the how, thinking it was cognitive. The answer however, has always been energetic.

The Living Immersion is the HOW to let go let God. Through an energetic surrendering of our body, breath, and mind into a one consciousness electromagnetic state, we dissolve any conditioning that has held our collective back from our highest potential in union and purpose.

— Philip & Amanda-Lee Attar


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* All testimonials shared are from clients that worked hard to earn their results. Everyone is different and these clients understood that they manifest their own reality by showing up and doing the work necessary to change their own lives. They are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the similar results.

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