Answers to the top questions about my practice and the Mastering Flow program. To dive deeper and discover if this path is for you watch my 45-minute online presentation where I very clearly answer why you are where you are and what you need to do to finally align with your truth and unlimited potential. 


Do You Offer Single Sessions?

Single sessions allow you to feel connected with clarity for a little while, but if you have deeper repeated negative patterns that have been holding you back for years, they will always come back UNTIL you break through to the core 'emotional blockages' holding you back to begin with. Emotion = 'energy-in-motion', 'energy-in-motion' = your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Shift your perception and relationship to your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, and you change your view of your world— thereby transforming your life, one connected moment at a time.

What you desire is a solution to overcome your challenges, not a temporary band-aid. Energy healers (including me) are not healing you, they aid you in connecting to your own internal energy connected to the energy of the Universe to heal yourself. We merely help amplify your own connection. One session, will not solve your problems entirely.

For that reason I only offer in-person Reiki and sound healing sessions with my full Mastering Flow & Igniting Consciousness Mentorship Program to truly help you overcome your issues by helping you commit to a guided and consistent practice. 

How Does the Program Work?

I do not wish to be a crutch for my clients with indefinite return sessions. Rather I empower you to utilize a systematic program to transform your life now, and continue to transform for the rest of your life on your own. I help you cultivate the skills that empowers you to heal yourself and ignite your consciousness. 

1. I hold you ACCOUNTABLE to COMMIT to a CONSISTENT step-by-step practice that amplifies your own heart connection and energy enabling your own cathartic healing. Connecting to the trust that inspires the thoughts, that motivates the actions to change your life.

2. I help coach you to REMAP YOUR NEGATIVE THOUGHT PATTERNS that have been holding you back. Reframing your mindset, your view of the world, and the Universe that you are a part of.

3. This empowers you to CONNECT TO YOUR INNER TRUTH, FIND CLARITY, and take ACTION to overcome your challenges and ignite your UNLIMITED POTENTIAL.

4. You put in the work necessary to CONNECT TO YOUR CLEAR VISION OF LIFE, and I help you focus your intentions to begin to create that ideal life NOW, in the only time that truly exists. No band-aids. We work to strengthen your resolve and intuition, connect to clarity and take action to IGNITE REAL-WORLD RESULTS. 

It's no different than going to the gym with a trainer. Do you think you will obtain the results you desire by just going to the gym once a month? The answer of course is NO! Working with your heart, mind, and consciousness is no different. With a committed and disciplined systematic practice, when one commits to transformation, they transform! Consider me your personal trainer for your heart, mind, and consciousness.

Is Online Coaching For Me?

Consider this... How many live workshops, single session healers, or therapists have you been to? Have any of these helped you completely overcome your challenges and connect to lasting freedom? Most likely the answer is NO and there are 3 main reasons why: 

1. You are not working within a systematic program: 
Just like working out to build the body of your dreams, you cannot reach level 10 without successfully accomplishing level 1, 2, and 3 first. Going to single sessions intermittently for months will not help you truly overcome your repeated negative patterns, just like going to the gym once a month will not give you the results you desire. There is a system you must follow to first reduce your anxiety and stress, then enable more clarity, to then connect to your truth, that then empowers the motivated actions to change your life. Reading and watching all the online blogs, videos, and podcasts will NOT help you transform your life if you do not know how to follow a consistent and disciplined systematic regime. Working with your heart and mind are no different. Zen monk monasteries work exactly same way, which is why they have a precise process of teaching students from birth to adult mastery.

2. Talk therapy vs. manifesting though intention: You are spinning your wheels talking about your past and not programming your mind to take action and manifest the life you desire. 
Traditional talk therapy takes years to break through to the cathartic realizations that empower transformation. And even then it does not provide you with the skills to attract and manifest the life you truly desire. It is open ended with little opportunity to empower the powerful intentions and mindset that changes your life for good. If you are consistency talking and diving into past feelings then you are not programming your subconscious mind to remap your thinking and create a new path to a more fulfilling and successful present.

3. Those beautiful live workshop spaces are your crutch:
If you are only working to connect to your heart, energy, and reframe your thinking in the comfort of a beautiful workshop meditation space, healer's studio, or therapy office, then you are not working to reframe your mindset out in your world and within the context of YOUR LIFE. Those spaces become your crutch, you only feel great when you are in those spaces, and you are not learning how to utilize the practice daily, moment to moment in your life.

I intentionally book many of our sessions while you are walking your kids to school, while you are in a conference room at your office, after a big argument with your spouse, before a big presentation, all so we can empower your connection and shift your mindset in the most important areas of your life. Truly transforming the way you view YOUR WORLD, thereby transforming YOUR LIFE.

What Are Your Fees?

I do not present my fees online for a reason. Having prices of any long-term mentorship program presented ahead of time allows you to pre-judge a program before you actually know if the practitioner and methods are right for you.

How can you judge the value of any program without actually connecting to the practitioner that will be your mentor? Which is why I offer a free 1-hour consultation to feel if our paths are truly aligned with a good old-fashioned phone call. I only invite people into my program where we both feel there is 100% alignment. When we are both 100% aligned you will transform your life!

When fees are presented up front, this only promotes the program to those with the available funds to apply. However, if you first are able to connect with the practitioner and not pre-judge based on fees alone, but rather judge the value based on an honest connection to your potential mentor, then you will be truly motivated to get resourceful and commit to finding the resources to begin your transformation — thereby transforming your life once and for all! Shopping online by just reading program information and judging at face value will not help you find the program truly right for you. Which is why so many people waist valuable time and money on programs online that do not change their lives. I do not offer just an online content program, I am your personal coach and hold you accountable to succeed, and you succeed because we spend the time to discover if we have 100% chemistry! 

I do offer incentives and payments plans to those I feel are truly committed to their transformation. 

What is Your Refund Policy?

Mastering Flow & Igniting Consciousness has a strict no-refund policy. I only work with people that I feel would 100% align with the program's principles and practice. I am 100% committed to the success of my clients and when you commit to transformation you transform your life. 
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