¬†Living Immersion Method‚ĄĘ

The HOW to Let Go Let God at the DNA Level


Beyond cognitive therapy, mindset coaching, traditional meditation, breathwork and plant medicines is a mastery-level ability to self-induce a kinesthetic union within Life's Intelligence. Within this electromagnetic immersion is where you stimulate neurogenesis, transmute your subconscious blocks, and embody your highest expression as a clear vessel of co-creation.


"Throw away any ideas of what meditation or therapy might be. Throw away any sense of expectation. Understand that you are doing something quite daunting in recalibrating how you actually live. If you do that, the joys and growth you can experience are unprecedented and unlimited."

‚ÄĒ Private Client: Selema Masekela / Sports Media Personality, Entrepreneur

The Living Immersion Method‚ĄĘ


Unlocking DNA Intelligence to Overcome the Ripple of Generational Conditioning Holding You Back From  Your Highest Potential



The intimacy of our programs provide both a space to heal and a dojo to master the way.

This is a sovereign method that will naturally stimulate neurogenesis and quantumly immerse yourself within the intelligence of our Unified Field.¬†This Living Immersion Method‚ĄĘ will allow you to¬†unlock the fullness of your power as a vessel of Life's Intelligence,¬†co-creating greater¬†alignment in every facet of your intimate relationships, businesses, and legacy.

You will have accountability to meet every facet of yourself without judgement, to acknowledge the wisdom of every trigger, and to fearlessly transmute your subconscious blocks as they arise in the now moment. 

As you embody the intelligence of every pattern in your life and co-create every expression in real-time, you will then sovereignly become a clearer vessel to co-create less tethered to our collective trauma conditioning.

Every creative expression, every communication, every inspired thought, every action will be aligned with a greater clarity, deeper wisdom, and greater purpose in tune with your highest expression in your intimate relationships, family life, business, finances, and legacy as a conscious co-creator of your reality.

A Method to Master the Embodiment of¬†True Union ‚ÄĒ No Separation From Your Challenges to Allow Their Intelligence in Order to Transform Every Facet of Your Life at¬†a¬†Quantum Level

Your next level requires you to embody the fullness of every life circumstance and challenge as a unified expression of Life Intelligence, no longer viewing any experience as separate from you.

Mastering co-creation is about mastering your Immersion within Life's Intelligence the moment any perceived internal emotional energy, external experience, relationship challenge, scarcity, insecurity, shame, judgement, guilt, loneliness, violent anger
, or trigger arises, as intelligence within One Consciousness.

In any of our programs, you will consciously immerse yourself in union with all of your suppressed tensions that are the keys to your unlimited expansion in impact-driven business, divine union, and creative excellence.

‚Äʬ†Embodied success¬†by fearlessly¬†merging with your¬†suppressed energies of¬†contraction.

‚Äʬ†Embodied security¬†by fearlessly¬†merging with your¬†suppressed energies of¬†insecurity.¬†

‚Äʬ†Embodied union¬†by fearlessly¬†merging with your¬†suppressed energies of¬†separation.

‚Äʬ†Embodied wisdom¬†by fearlessly¬†merging with your¬†suppressed energies of¬†uncertainty.

‚Äʬ†Embodied magnetism¬†by fearlessly¬†merging with your¬†suppressed energies of¬†scarcity.


"We are accessing something so true, so eternal, and finally in a way where it is not just glimpsed but embodied and radiated in a sustainable way..."

‚ÄĒ Lisa B., Executive Coach

The Living Immersion Method‚ĄĘ


Stage 1:


A Sovereign Ecstatic Immersion Method to Merge With the Perceived Subconscious Blocks That Are the Keys to Unlocking Your Embodied Alignment & Power


The Systematic HOW to Let Go Let God on a Quantum Level


This is NOT mindset coaching, therapy, or traditional meditation.

This is a mastery-level method to self-induce a ecstatic immersion within life's intelligence to release the ripple of quantum friction in your DNA holding you back from greater leadership-level alignment, embodiment, and success.

Your recognition as a leadership-level mentor is calling you to embody greater connection with universal truth.

This is the sovereign power that ignites lasting legacy and releases any dependency on mindset coaching, therapy, or healers‚ÄĒ Just you and your immersion into Life Force.

By the end of this program, I will invite you to release your dependency on me as your guide ‚ÄĒ an invitation to unlimited expansion for the rest of your life.
STAGE 1: A. BEFORE: Incoherent energies to B. AFTER: Begin somatic surrendering process to entrain new frequencies of stability and uncover suppressed energies in your DNA.

From the first session I will teach you how to kinesthetically guide yourself into a deep, breathless, ecstatic one consciousness state, to overcome your subconscious blocks and release quantum friction from collective conditioning, catalyze neural reprogramming, and amplify your electromagnetic field.

This requires a committed, reductive, and fearless surrender of your body and breath. No microdosing, no nootropics, no plant medicines, just a fearless surrender of your mind, body, and breath into One. 

You will enter into stable deeper theta, delta, gamma, and epsilon brainwaves, stimulating¬†neuroplasticity and neurogenesis1¬†on a quantum level, and¬†effectively¬†optimizing your brain architecture2¬†for long-term change¬†‚ÄĒ¬†a level of depth few can enter on their own through passive mindfulness meditation.¬†¬†

This clearing of old residual static will help you dissolve your anxieties, overwhelm, and triggers, and re-pattern undesired subconscious blocks that have been holding you back from greatercembodied excellence in your business, finances, intimate relationships/marriage, and family life.

Stage 2:


Access to a Forgotten Innate Technology Within Life's Intelligence to Transmute the Subtle Ripples of Collective Trauma Conditioning in Your DNA Impacting Your Business Expansion

Your next level of scalable impact-driven leadership comes from a deeper embodied connection with Life's Intelligence to catalyze sovereign neural reprogramming and co-create your higher destiny as an impact-driven conscious leader less tethered to limiting collective conditioning.
Your immersion into our Unified Field entrains new frequencies, reducing the ripple of quantum friction in your DNA from childhood and generational conditioning holding you back from leadership-level legacy.

It's in the cultivation of your safety in surrendering your will into union with Life's Intelligence that naturally stimulates neurogenesis, igniting greater wisdom, clarity, and alignment with your authority as a leader for humanity.

As you loosen your grip on life and integrate new intelligence over the first weeks, you begin to embody greater safety, inner stability, and resilience to dissolve your heart's shadows, and the residual energetic debris that has been trapped in your cells. Now with your ego out of the way, Life Force can clear the way for greater hyper-present clear sight, focus, and alignment at a quantum level.

An enhanced capacity to see the intelligence from the old suppressed energies allows you to see your patterns more clearly. You will notice your emotional blocks and triggered reactions as they occur in real-time and disengage the habitual subconscious patterning from your lineage.

It's through your daily immersions into our Unified Field that you increase your ability to see and feel the real-time trauma reactions, triggers, or blocks as they arise in real-time. This allows Life's Intelligence to re-code the old subconscious patterns in your DNA.  

Consciousness needs to witness the intelligence of every quantum fractal within the original subconscious blocks to transmute them fully.

Old repeated triggers, patterns in your relationships, and scarcity energies impacting your business that have been holding back your alignment and power, will all begin to dissolve.

Consciously create forks in the road to shift from old patterns to new outcomes.

Stage 3:


Move as One, Act as One, and Expand as One


Your expansion as a conscious leader for humanity will be activated through your absolute surrender to Life's Intelligence moving freely through you. No more you, no more other, no more perceived challenges outside of you. Pure immersive integration of Life's Intelligence impacting every facet of your existence less tethered to the friction of collective trauma conditioning in your DNA. As you continue to integrate the intelligence of friction in your cells through consistent immersions, your electromagnetic field will clear the way for your most aligned and impactful expression. 

Now there is only one path to take...

Embody your truth as a vanguard in expanding the collective as One.
Absolute alignment through absolute energetic embodiment of Universal Truth.

Self-doubt, anxiety, fear, paralysis, brain fog, lack of inspiration, lack of motivation, perceived misalignment, and lack of holding your true power, are all weaknesses¬†of the human conditioned¬†mind ‚ÄĒ they are not qualities¬†representing embodied truth in Life Force.

By the third month, you will harness the true power of your reality that you have always known... that you are not the body or the mind... you ARE A VESSEL FOR LIFE'S INTELLIGENCE iterating in the fractal creation new expressions for our collective expansion as One. 

You are a vessel for consciousness expressing itself through you, now less tethered to ego, to your perceived control. All of that previous perceived tension has always been you. Merely the data of your experiences to optimize and empower your path as a leader for humanity. A clearer heart and mind create clearer access to DNA intelligence, and a clearer ripple of your electromagnetic field. 

You will no longer be negatively influenced by the quantum patterns in your cells imposed on you from generational wounds. 


"This is self-mastery beyond temporary flow states. No false projections of 'gratitude' or forced breathwork to get back 'in' are needed. This is activating a magnetic state of being that you never have to get back in or out of.  
Here you embody the magnetism of All, every moment of every day, merely as you are Being. An invitation to infinite expansion for generations."

‚ÄĒ Philip Attar


"This method changes you from the insi
de out, you become the highest, purest version of yourself. You learn to laugh in the face of anything that you no longer resonate with.

You tap into your own power, there is no denying how much you can change, that the people around you may not recognize you or want to know the real new you. You are confident, you have no fear, and you are real but so not real anymore. This method changes your relationship with self, loved ones, social status, and all aspects of your existence, all without ego.

You realize the things and patterns of your former self that have had you bound, all restricting your movement and voice, these things have no hold over you anymore."

‚ÄĒ¬†Mina R.

This is a Dojo
Not Only a Space to Heal


 The depth of this work requires nothing less than 100% self-accountability and discipline to succeed and truly let go of any attachments holding you back from absolute power as an impact-driven entrepreneur, coach or practitioner.


This is a dojo, a daochang, a space to master the way. You will not be coddled; you will be called forward. You may be triggered; you will surrender deeper into your power.

This is NOT for you if you are unable to self-lead, take 100% ownership of your results, and regulate your anxieties and nervous system on call. 

This is NOT for you if you are still seeking alignment with your purpose at an entry-level or do not have a minimum 6-fig coaching or practitioner business yet.

This is NOT for you if you are uncomfortable with the idea of letting go of everything holding you back from absolute alignment. This could mean the very path you have worked so hard to build.


"Since starting the program I am just 'on', I walk, talk, (inter-) act, feel and am 'different'… from one day to the next I emerged to the hyper version of myself. I’m able to go so deep into the immersions that sometimes I’m so full of love and gratefulness I had tears in my eyes I felt that moved, and then I’m just 'on' doing what needs to get done to move forward.

In the past week, there were two situations that in the past would have caused a total setback, now I owned it and the end result turned into a super success. Totally let go of the friction, furthermore, specifically in my family relations, I not only understand but clearly see the patterns that have held me back.

I’m just feeling wow... like a walking breathing field of energy… and it ignites/inspires the people around me...

‚ÄĒ Nathalie P.


Testimonials of Embodied 6-8-figure Coaches, Practitioners & Private Client Entrepreneurs

Chelese P.

Executive Leadership Coach

"After completing the immersion, I gained greater clarity in all aspects of my life. Specifically: Released tension and unhealthy energy around the relationship with my ex-husband. ~ Clear sight regarding my business resulting in leaning into preferred vendor status versus subcontracting, which sets the foundation for scalability more abundantly and sustainably. ~ I feel a sense of I AMness like never before. I am trusting life more which has neutralized my hyper-vigilant tendencies. ~An overall sense of greater well-being.

The immersion lives were a much-needed boost of inspiration, reflection, and empowerment. The group dynamic amplified the learning and created a beautiful bond with the other participants. 

Working with Philip has been life-changing; his ability to articulate and explain complex energetic principles so everyone can get exactly what they need for their expansion is impressive. I believe he is on the cutting edge in this arena. I feel blessed to be a member of the community and recommend this practice to anyone who has been led to Philip's teachings; it will change the way you see things within yourself and in the world."

Melanie Aubert

Private Client:  7-fig Business & Alignment Coach

"I couldn't reach the heights in my business that I wanted because of the stories I was carrying. Phil was the first person who called out how I talked about my trauma in a disconnected, nonchalant way, and for the first time in my life, I felt like someone had finally seen where I was stuck. I had a difficult time leading team members, holding authority, and communicating my feelings effectively. Phil saw me (like the real me), and really encouraged me to step into my power. 

Through our work, I began to feel an intense sense of peace. I used to be incredibly reactive in my life and business. With the work we did together, I learned how to drop back into the moment now. The biggest manifestations of our work together were:

‚Äʬ†Dream team members:¬†I now feel confident hiring and leading members of my company. I also learned how to fire a lot of people.

‚Äʬ†Expanding my family:¬†I was deeply fearful of passing down my generational trauma to my future children and the work Phil and I did allowed me to release these fears.

This work was everything I didn't know I needed. 

Stephanie Anne-Hughson

Private Client:  8-fig Business Coach

"Before working with Phil, I felt like I was constantly on edge and had to use anxiety medication for just under 10 years to sometimes just get through a normal day and normal tasks. I felt like I was always just making it through the day on autopilot. Logically, I understood myself, my actions, and my being. But there was a disconnect in my body.

Since working with Phil I got off my medication!!!!!!! It's been about 4 months since I took the medication and I actually have ZERO anxiety...

I feel at peace. I feel at home. I trust myself more. I understand the power of a moment on a deeper integrated level. I am able to handle the everyday ups and downs as a coach + entrepreneur with much more grace and centeredness.

I am continually scaling my business to $700,000+ cash months ($4 million in 9 months) from a pure place of empowerment and certainty.

I feel so supported and expanded working with Phil! The calls are an expansive breath of fresh air. I always feel heard + understood by Phil. I feel safe expressing how I feel and what I need. Working with Phil is like bringing yourself back home. He doesn't do it for you. You don't NEED Phil. But he holds the space for you to bring yourself back to your core. 

You may not know exactly what it is going to be like, and you may not know exactly the transformation that will come out of it.. and that's the point. Lean into the pull. Trust yourself. This work is much deeper than a transaction or a call.

This work will change your experience of life. 

Dr. Cross

Private Client:  7-fig Hashimonto's Health Coach

 "You may walk in with certain goals in mind, and I guarantee your entire life will be shifted in a positive direction. The impact is limitless, as I am now forever changed, so will the lives of my husband, children, and clients lives be forever changed. 

My impact is so much greater, my purpose is so much more powerful.

After finishing the program my business sky-rocketed and I enrolled in a Millionaires Alliance club taking my coaching business to the next level! 

The ripple effect this will have is mind-blowing to think about."

Chelita Z.

Spiritual Mentor / Coach

"I've found a deep appreciation in surrendering in moments that in the past, would claim themselves as trigger points or points of tension. With each cellular surrender comes the immersive ability to surrender to life, in all its beauty, in all its dark, light, and everything in between. I feel the immersion is providing me with the ability to gently but powerfully reset on a cellular level.

I've had full "journey" type experiences where I've gone on immersive trips into the natural world, sensing and feeling everything and then nothing all at once. I felt a much deeper connection to the world around me after this. Other times it has been very "physical" just dropping into the mechanics of the practice. It feels very much like a spectrum and I love that you aren't pushing for a result, like every reaction, every experience is valid and a "result" Surrendering to it all is key. I feel with the integration week another field is about to open up so I'm excited about that but placing no expectations on it. This definitely the ninja refinement of breathwork practices.

I really couldn't recommend this practice enough but I feel you definitely need to be in a particular place to receive it, like past the big T stuff, no need for big releases. The magick in the immersion is in the void, in the subtlety of the spectrum of surrender. It still blows my mind that by surrendering more you achieve more, letting go and letting God."

Snow Gross

Somatic Heart‚ĄĘ Program: Wellness Coach

"I‚Äôm speechless at this point. All my life I planned, I tried to control, cuz I‚Äôm a ‚Äúpowerful‚ÄĚ human being! But man oh man how childish I was, completely unaware of what True power feels like, what Truth can do. Thank you thank you thank you leading this experience, and for everyone joining this journey. There is true power on the other side of surrender and allowing. I‚Äôm a firm believer now.‚ÄĚ

Gayle D.

Private 1:1 Client: 8-fig Tech Entrepreneur

“There is powerful positive energy, compassion, knowledge, and love that you will feel all around you. Philip is an extremely good communicator, mentor & coach. He takes the complex and brings clarity to it as well as simplicity.

You will not find a better source or program, you will gain more than you can imagine. I have taken many a course, with many different teachers, including an executive coach for 15 years. I’ve gained more from this program than anything else I’ve done. Game changer as you walk away with a process you can use for a lifetime. A process that will open your heart to receive and give the love we are born with, learn to deal with any trauma and free your mind to creativity we all need more of. Being a part of the program was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I didn’t have to think long about joining. I only needed to listen to Philip’s approach to life to understand this was a fantastic fit for me.”

Alan M.

Private 1:1 Client: 9-fig Music Entrepreneur

"I have experienced a deepened level of groundedness, connectedness, integration, and harmonization of my thoughts and past experiences - alchemized into the somatic present. This has resulted in an enhanced state of clarity and peaceful flow that has been quite transformative.

These practices are leading me to a completely new place of being, and I have the peaceful sense that this will be most likely an endless journey rather than a destination. Over the past few weeks, I have experienced some of the most flowing and organic conversations with my kids and other key relationships, which have reinforced my intuitive conclusion that I am traveling down the right path, and moving towards a much more vibrant, clear, authentic/integrated spirited and potent, present experience.

My ability to embrace and connect with the complexities of previous family and life challenges has been a complete night and day experience for me. Being in a grounded, peaceful place internally has completely changed my overall dynamic, which continues to reinforce the fact that I’m
100 % on the right trajectory. I want to express my appreciation for your generosity of heart and your meaningful participation in this important chapter of my life’s journey."

Immersion Into Our Unified Field + Rapid Cellular Regeneration = Supreme Clear Site = Aligned Action Towards Your Highest Destiny As a Conscious Leader 

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* All testimonials shared are from clients that worked hard to earn their results. Everyone is different and these clients understood that they manifest their own reality by showing up and doing the work necessary to change their own lives. They are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the similar results.

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