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For All Conscious Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Healing Practitioners


Overcome Your Subconscious Blocks & Unlock the DNA Intelligence of Your Highest Purpose


Master an Innate Technology to Overcome Feeling Stuck & Misaligned, Transform Your Relationships, Unlock Your Greatest Potential & Consciously Create a Prosperous Life


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February enrollment is closed.

The Academy of Living Intelligence™

You Have Direction But You’re Struggling With How to Fully Step Into Your Purpose & Take Clear Aligned Action Toward Focused Career Goals

A Living Immersion Method™ 8-week Program to Overcome the Subconscious Blocks Holding You Back From Fully Embodying Your Purpose as a Conscious Entrepreneur, Coach, or Healing Practitioner


You are here to share a ripple of your genius with humanity.

This is for you if you're a conscious entrepreneur, coach, or healing practitioner on the precipice of fully stepping into your purpose, but you still feel stuck, misaligned, and repeating the same challenges holding you back from greater aligned action, impact, and success.

This is for you if you're ready to hone in on how you can help humanity with your gifts and you've caught yourself in an unproductive cycle of perpetual 'healing', losing valuable money, energy, and time.

You've already spent thousands on healing programs, mindset coaching, therapy, educational programs, and marketing courses, and you still feel anxious, overwhelmed, and not taking clear decisive action toward your goals.

You're ready to overcome your confusion, career stagnancy, and self-doubt, so you can finally embody clear purpose-driven direction with greater focus and drive.

In 8 weeks you will learn how to...
  •  End your cycles of healing and learn how to overcome feeling stuck and overwhelmed from not feeling aligned with your purpose as a conscious entrepreneur... without spiritually bypassing your trauma conditioning or codependently relying on therapy, plant medicines, CBD, or nootropics.

  •  Finally stop losing valuable money and time pivoting business/coaching niche directions and embody your true purpose … even if you’ve invested in certifications, mindset coaching, and marketing programs.

  •  Overcome your impostor syndrome, self-doubt, and paralysis… while increasing your clarity, focus, resilience, and aligned productivity, so you can make a greater impact with your genius.

  •  Heal any unhealthy toxic patterns in your intimate relationships/marriage... while utilizing the intelligence of those patterns to catapult greater alignment with your purpose and success.

  •  End your cycles of codependently relying on other coaches, therapists, and practitioners… by learning a sovereign method that merges you with Life’s Intelligence so you can tap into infinite expansion in every area of your business and life for life (by the end of this program we teach you to continue without our guidance). 


The Living Immersion Method™ is a distilled somatic energy meditation method to reduce the ripple of friction in your cells from generational trauma conditioning, so you can clearly see where you're getting stuck, and take take clear action toward aligned career growth.


"After 15 years of trying to heal, being unaware of all the subconscious unhealthy patterns, I have finally found the only thing I needed, myself. And this program taught me how."


— Anne Marie S.

For All Conscious Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Healing Practitioners, Ready for Aligned Action Toward Their Next Level of Purpose

Why You Still Feel Misaligned With Your Purpose, Losing Valuable Money & Time, Even After Years of Inner Work

You already know that your path through your healing has been the gateway to your purpose, but even with all of the continued inner work over may years you're still been unclear how to take aligned action towards focused career growth. The inner static from generational conditioning is still living in your DNA, holding you back from decisive embodiment of your purpose-driven career niche and you are losing valuable money and time.

Whether you are a novice wishing to transition into a wellness career or an experienced conscious entrepreneur, coach, or practitioner seeking your next-level of alignment, the inner stresses that you have been trying to 'release' through breathwork, or cognitively understand through therapy or mindset coaching, are actually ENERGETIC LIVING INTELLIGENCE there to FULLY LEAN INTO NOT AVOID so they can transmute old DNA patterns, in order to align you with your destined purpose as a conscious leader.

The missing HOW to your next level of embodied purpose:

Your subconscious blocks were NEVER BLOCKS TO SUPPRESS OR RELEASE...

These 'energetic blocks' are actually stored DNA intelligence to integrate the old patterns through your body, so you can align with your highest destiny as a conscious leader.

You have yet to find a method that is distilled, effective, and lasts-long term, without spiritually bypassing what you know to be deeper engrained patterns from generational trauma conditioning.

Even with all of your spiritual knowledge, you still find yourself suffering from unhealthy patterns around anxiety, overwhelm, burnout, and seeing these patterns also impact your intimate and family relationships. 

You have tried many other modalities that have either been temporary, steeped in illusionary manifestation teachings, or frankly just do not work to truly transform your neural subconscious patterns and behaviors on a practical day-to-day level... 

Until now...

Within the first 14 days we will work with a distilled somatic energy modality and behavioral reconditioning methods to systematically overcome your anxieties and self-doubt, and activate the clarity and focus that naturally takes aligned action toward your career goals.  


  1. Learn a proven and effective somatic energy method to reduce stress, overcome anxiety, overwhelm, and regulate your nervous system so you can see your patterns clearly and begin to take embodied aligned action.

  2. Uncover how your generational trauma patterns directly impact your confidence, alignment, career growth, finances, and embodiment of your purpose at a leadership-level.

  3. Consciously heal any stagnant energy, paralysis, and unfavorable relationships and circumstances holding you back from greater focus, motivation, and aligned action toward your goals. 

  4. Gain clarity on how your generational patterns directly impact your happiness and fulfillment in your intimate relationships/marriage and family. 


Learn THE HOW to let go and let God and practically apply the Living Immersion Method™ to cleanse molecular friction and tangibly get out of your way so you can increase your clarity, focus, fulfillment and success in your career as a conscious entrepreneur or healing practitioner.

No illusionary manifestation teachings.
No affirmations.
No ineffective therapy.

No triggering breathwork.
No codependent mindset coaching.
No distorted embodiment coaching.
No plant medicines.
No micro-dosing.
No crutches.

Just sovereign self-mastery to clear subconscious blocks so you can take aligned action toward your goals.

An invitation to see your negative patterns and overcome them on your own for life, through a distilled and effective somatic subconscious energy method. 

Eventually I teach you how to release any dependency on my guidance.


"If I had to pinpoint one thing here it's that I was able to be present with whatever challenge or decision was in front of me and instead of solely logically thinking my way through the choice, it's as if I now tap into a greater perspective where I can see the next best step and feel with every cell of my being that it's the next step to take.

It's very empowering. It amazes me how simple and effective this is. I've done everything from Vipassana to Joe Dispenza to all kinds of personal growth work and this is the most useful. It's kind of like the minimalist approach to cosmic consciousness."

— Jeff A. / Business & Performance Mindset Coach
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Embodied Purpose:
8-Week Live Program Overview

4 Systematic Stages Over 8 Weeks to Overcome Your Blocks & Catalyze Greater Clarity, Focus, & Career Alignment as a Conscious Entrepreneur or Healing Practitioner

The Living  Immersion Method™

This is NOT traditional mindset coaching.
This is NOT traditional meditation.
This is NOT breathwork.
This is NOT therapy.

This is a distilled and effective somatic energy method to clearly see where you're getting stuck, so you can dissolve the ripple of generational conditioning holding you back from embodying your greater purpose as a conscious leader, entrepreneur, or healing practitioner.

From the first few weeks we will teach you how to kinesthetically guide yourself into a sovereign, deep, breathless, ecstatic one consciousness state, to release quantum friction in your cells, c
atalyze neural reprogramming, and amplify your electromagnetic field, in order to align you with your purpose unclouded by generational conditioning.

A sovereign surrender of your body, muscles, breath, and molecules into a self-induced one consciousness state to ignite neurogenesis, supreme clarity, and alignment with your purpose untethered to collective trauma conditioning.

 — Weeks 1–2 —

Surrender Into a Somatic Living Immersion to Uncover Suppressed Energy Blocks

A deep somatic surrendering of your body and breath within Living Intelligence to release the tensions embedded in your cells from ancestral trauma conditioning holding you back from greater clarity of your purpose and aligned action toward your goals.

A. BEFORE: Dysregulated and incoherent energies to B. AFTER: Begin somatic surrendering process to entrain new frequencies of stability and uncover subconscious blocks.

We begin with our Living Immersion Method™ to activate the regenerative intelligence of the body. I teach you how to self-induce healing alpha/theta/delta brainwave states by releasing the tensions in your body, molecules, and breath.This will promote greater neuroplasticity1 (changes the connections between neurons), stimulate neurogenesis (creation of new neurons), and activate neuroregeneration (cleansing of old neurons). By holding you accountable through deeper sessions you will learn to channel more quantum depth, optimizing your brain architecture2, and motivating efficient action to support long-term change. 

As your inner static dissolves, suppressed blocks will begin to arise to inform where any misused energy is leaking, where there are blocks in relationships and circumstances, and where you need to take aligned steps to co-create your higher destiny.

— Weeks 3–4 —

Immersive Presence Catalyzes Clear Sight

As you tap into grounded and immersive presence on a cellular level, you will create grounded and immersive clear sight of your deeper subconscious blocks.

Entrain stable and grounded frequencies at the DNA level to stabilize into grounded presence.

You will begin to cultivate a real-time intuitive connection to uncover core subconscious patterns, survival energies, triggers, and emotional blocks programmed in your DNA from decades of childhood conditioning. This is the HOW to the let go let God on a cellular level. 

As you live more clearly through Life Force/Living Intelligence, you will live in more hyper-connected presence that will impact every relationship, every inspired thought, every moment of paralysis or inaction, and now begin to motivate clear direction toward more alignment in your career.

 — Weeks 5–6 —

Shifting Subconscious Patterns in Real Time to Open Up Greater Alignment

As you open up to the suppressed energies within your body, you will create real-time forks in the road to transform any negative pattern holding you back from embodied purpose.

Consciously create forks in the road to shift from negative old patterns to positive new outcomes.

The Living Immersion Method™ is a rapid way to catch your triggers, stressful reactions, parenting patterns, and any paralysis of inaction in real-time. You will be able to create forks in the road and forge a clear path for positive daily shifts in behaviors. Impacting every aspect of your life, relationships, finances, and career.

What you have been missing is a deep hyper-connection to more energetic intelligence that has been suppressed through generations of collective trauma conditioning that have been holding you back from greater alignment with your true purpose and power. After 4-5 weeks you will begin to see clearly every wrong turn made that has been a gift to your truth, and every new opportunity you are now consciously manifesting as a direct result of your hyper-presence to every moment. Step by step, hyper-present moment by hyper-present moment, you will have more data to clearly direct new forks in the road of aligned action on purpose.

 — Weeks 7–8 —

Aligned Action Toward Your Goals & Embodied Purpose

This new wholeness and clarity will empower you to be more focused on your goals and direction ahead. No longer debilitated by a constant need to heal.

A clear heart creates an embodied aligned path.

This is where we end the perpetual need to 'heal', and now focus on transmuting old patterns and creating new opportunities every moment of every day that you are consciously connected to immersive union within Life's Intelligence.

> Greater emotional intelligence, emotional resilience, and confidence to build lasting, loving relationships.
> Aligned clear decisive direction in your career/business, and finances.
> Magnetic flow and aligned purpose untethered to past generational trauma conditioning. 

All in a supportive, safe, and nourishing hot-seat coaching container, holding you accountable to systematic transformation.

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About Philip Attar

Founder of the Academy of Living Intelligence™

Philip Attar founded his practice in 2015 after transforming his own life from dis-ease into ease. In 2010, the stresses of his NYC Creative Director career (Swarovski, Vogue, Coach) and family death took their toll on his nervous system. This activated Philip's traumatic Graves' Ophthalmopathy disease and he became cross-eyed with bulging eyes and led Philip to surrender every ounce of his will and completely let go let God. Through a self-induced somatic surrendering process, he discovered that when you release deep tensions in your body on a quantum level, you can self-induce a cellular kinesthetic healing state and activate your immune system. He was able to self-regulate his hormones without medications, leading to the development of the Living Immersion Method™ (formerly named the Somatic Heart Breath).

Amanda-Lee Attar 

Co-founder of the Academy of Living Intelligence & Guest Teacher of Embodied Purpose

Amanda-Lee has embodied the depth of this unique kinesthetic Immersion Method into one consciousness through her own similar inner work with childhood trauma and through her experience working with many elite private clients over the years. After several years of traumatic experiences she was naturally invited into the sovereign surrender until there was nothing left to surrender into, true union within One. When Philip and Amanda-Lee met they deeply connected through their unique individual yet similar experiences and methods without any mentors, books, or teachers to guide them. Over time they developed a knowing that they would merge in loving union one day to build an Academy devoted to their unique teachings. 

Philip and his wife Amanda-Lee Attar have now launched their Academy of Living Intelligence™, dedicated to the education, facilitation, and science of healing and the expansion of consciousness. They are devoted to building the Academy as a legacy of Truth for the advancement of humanity. As a student of the Academy you will become a vanguard of embodied truth, representing the evolution of human potential.

The Academy is part of their life-long vision to build a world-renowned healing institution and retreat center as a legacy for future generations to share a greater ripple of our sovereign genius with humanity.

The Subconscious Energy Mastery & Purpose-driven Community for Conscious Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Wellness Practitioners


What's Included With the 8-week Live Program:

8 Weeks of Live Step-by-Step Subconscious Somatic Guidance With Hot-Seat Coaching

Systematic guidance through the Living Immersion Method™ in a live two-way hot-seat Zoom video coaching container with Q&A. Accountability in a supportive environment.

Replay recordings while in the program if you miss any sessions.

8 Weeks of Private Telegram Community for Conscious Entrepreneurs, Healers, and Practitioners, With Daily Support from Philip & His Team

A private Telegram community for daily support related to any subconscious blockage, Q&A, and accountability from Philip & Team.

You'll have access to this support channel while in the live program.

*Optional monthly support:
Option to continue with live support and community access after you complete the program through a monthly subscription.

Lifetime Access to Member Modules With Systematic Subconscious Optimization Teachings Focused on Aligning With and Empowering Your Purpose

4+ hours of pre-recorded Living Immersion Method™ teachings and somatic meditations in our private Kajabi member's portal, seasonally updated with fresh teachings.

You'll have lifetime access to the online modules.


"I’m speechless at this point. All my life I planned, I tried to control, cuz I’m a “powerful” human being! But man oh man how childish I was, completely unaware of what True power feels like, what Truth can do. Thank you thank you thank you. For Philip Attar and Sue Bahnan leading this experience, and for everyone joining this journey. There is true power on the other side of surrender and allowing. I’m a firm believer now.”

— Snow Gross / Wellness Coach

Embodied Purpose
Program Details

 February enrollment is closed.

Pay in Full

$998 USD

Begins Wednesday, February 14th, 2024 for 8 weeks of self-mastery.

Every Wednesday at 10 AM–12 PM Pacific Time PT/USA.

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Live group coaching with accountability, a systematic method, and community for transformative results.

✔ 8 x 2-hr live weekly Zoom video sessions with hot-seat coaching + Q&A. Recorded with access for 30 days if you miss any.

✔ 8 weeks of private Telegram community for daily support from Philip and his team while in the live program*.

✔ Lifetime access to 4+ hours of the online program with the Living Immersion Method™ and foundational meditations.

* Option for monthly support after you complete the program on a subscription basis.

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2 Month Payment Plan

$548 USD x 2

Begins Wednesday, February 14th, 2024 for 8 weeks of self-mastery.

Every Wednesday at 10 AM–12 PM Pacific Time PT/USA.

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Live group coaching with accountability, a systematic method, and community for transformative results.

✔ 8 x 2-hr live weekly Zoom video sessions with hot-seat coaching + Q&A. Recorded with access for 30 days if you miss any.

✔ 8 weeks of private Telegram community for daily support from Philip and his team while in the live program*.

✔ Lifetime access to 4+ hours of the online program with the Living Immersion Method™ and foundational meditations.

* Option for monthly support after you complete the program on a subscription basis.

Enrollment closed

Questions email: [email protected] 

See FAQs below for answers to main questions

This is For:

✔️ You're a conscious entrepreneur, healing practitioner, therapist, coach, wellness facilitator, or are a beginner that desires to align with your purpose in these fields.

✔️ You’re done with the repetitive loop of “healing”, working through anxiety, stress, overwhelm, and/or burnout, and you're ready to enter a state of aligned action.

✔️ You have taken all the courses and plant medicine ceremonies, but you’re tired of the cycle of dysregulation without an embodied method that also includes integration and action.

✔️ You’ve been searching for a method with real-world results that can help you nurture loving relationships, amplify your career/business success, heal family wounds, and benefit your health.

✔️ You're ready to embody true universal wisdom that empowers more clarity and performance-driven flow without the use of supplements or devices.

This is NOT For:

❌ This program is there to create aligned community for conscious entrepreneurs, wellness facilitators, healing practitioners, therapists, spiritual guides, or those that desire to move into any of these careers to help humanity shift collective consciousness. If you do not identify with any of these careers or do not desire to move into these paths, then this specific Embodied Purpose program is not for you. For those in other careers, you may enroll in Somatic Heart™ to overcome your anxieties and blocks in a container open to all.

❌ This program is for educational purposes only and is not a replacement for therapy/professional medical advice. For deeper trauma support, please seek the help of a registered professional.

❌ Those that want a healer to do the work for them and are not committed to taking ownership to achieve their own results.

❌ Those that are not comfortable with consistent meditation.

The Living Immersion Method™  is the Profoundly Simple HOW to Ancient Spiritual Teachings For Healing & Generational DNA Transformation 


Knowing what your habitual patterns and problems are is NOT the same as mastering an effective method to actually overcome your anxieties, overwhelm, burnout, and subconscious blocks.

All the ancient knowledge in the universe is NOT the same as embodying more clarity, focus, and taking aligned action to build an aligned purpose-driven career or business. 

Knowing about every healing modality is NOT the same as being able to create whole intimate relationships and healed family dynamics.

In this 8-week Embodied Purpose live program, you will learn the practical HOW to see your subconscious blocks clearly, shift a behavior in the now moment, and take aligned action toward your goals. 

This is where you learn to dive into deeper alpha and theta meditative states to stimulate potential neurogenesis and reduce the molecular friction from collective conditioning so you can embody your true power.

This is where you end the cycle of ineffective therapy, breathwork, and mindset coaching, that fail to get to the root causes of you repeated patterns and embody the wholeness of your core purpose so you can finally focus on building your business to help humanity's expansion.

"After 15 years of trying to heal, being unaware of all the subconscious unhealthy patterns, I have finally found the only thing I needed, myself. And this program taught me how."

— Anne Marie S.

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More Testimonials

"You will not find a better source or program, you will gain more than you can imagine. I have taken many a course, with many different teachers, including an executive coach for 15 years. I’ve gained more from this workshop than from anything else I’ve done. Game changer as you walk away with a process you can use for a lifetime. A process that will open your heart to receive and give the love we are born with, learn to deal with any trauma and free your mind to creativity we all need more of. Being a part of the Workshop was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made."

— Gale D. / 8-fig Tech Entrepreneur
"This method changes you from the inside out, you become the highest, purest version of yourself. You realign with your own connection to everything that is God. You learn to laugh in the face of anything that you no longer resonate with. You tap into your own power, there is no denying how much you can change, that the people around you may not recognize you or want to know the real new you.

You finally become clear and everything makes sense even when you don't have all the answers. You are confident, you have no fear, you are real but so not real anymore.

This method changes your relationship with self, loved ones, social status, all aspects of your existence, all without ego. You feel things more and feel less at the same time, you want to do more for your self and you also have time for your loved ones, you have the time to do everything you want, you learn about the things that matter to you, you fall in love with yourself and so your life can really begin.

You realize the things and patterns of your former self that have had you bound, all restricting your movement and voice, these things have no hold over you anymore, you are freed from what held you so tightly and your heart opens.

I recall sitting down for my first Zoom day, which I barely had time for, which I barely made, and I recall Philip saying, take a note of how you are feeling this very moment. I recall how I felt, and that person simply does not exist anymore.

— Mina R. / Financial Risk Management Advisor
"I have learned to surrender in the moment as triggers or emotionally charged events or thoughts arise. I am a divine being, period. I am no longer leading with the labels of divorced, single mom, adult-child of an alcoholic, and abuse survivor. Those events shaped me in a lot of ways but they no longer define me. I have no desire to talk about the past. I am clear about how it impacted me, and I face the feelings that arise as a result but I am transmuting those feelings as they come and I move on.
From a business standpoint, I have hired a business coach and a small business consultant to support the elevation of my coaching practice. I am taking action as well as allowing the outcomes to flow. I am trusting the process. Let go, let God is becoming a way of being.
Each time I practice the method it goes beyond self-regulation, the trauma is alchemized. I have felt a releasing sensation during the longer practices and often I have felt like I am free-falling into Source energy. This feels like ancient wisdom that has been stored in my DNA and I am being reminded of how to access it."

—Chelese P. / Executive Leadership Coach
Alan M.
Private 1:1 Client: 8-fig Music Entrepreneur
"I have experienced a deepened level of groundedness, connectedness, integration, and harmonization of my thoughts and past experiences. This has resulted in an enhanced state of clarity and peaceful flow that has been transformative.

These practices are leading me to a completely new place of being. Over the past few weeks, I have experienced some of the most flowing and organic conversations with my kids and other key relationships, which have reinforced my intuitive conclusion that I am traveling down the right path, and moving toward a much more vibrant, clear, authentic/integrated spirited and potent, present experience.
Briar Rose
Actor, Stunt Performer
"These meditations have changed my life - they're so special in the space/vibration they create & allow me to connect into - a frequency of absolute PRESENCE. There is infinite potential for creation in the present moment & you have no choice but to tune into it - there is so much power of self in the body & in this space. Our cellular selves have an infinite intelligence and tuning into this network through Philip's guidance is incredibly powerful. Thank you, Phillip, for being here in this world"
Dua Kamran
 "Life-changing, and you really have to try it for yourself to see the depth of what I, and others who've done his meditations, are saying. I've felt my years upon YEARS of constant dissociation fade and melt away within seconds. I was back in my body, and that's all it took. 3 weeks into it, I find the safest, purest, and most beautiful feeling of love that I can imagine and one that feels more familiar than anything. His meditations brought me back 'home,' the only place I trust wholeheartedly, and one that cultivates an abundance of love and healing in all aspects of my life."
Yehan Jehan
“These meditations are phenomenal. They are not even meditations as you know them to be, they are the simple instructions we all must return to. You don't have to do anything to be. You simple must embody it all. We all suffer through trauma patterns and THIS right here, and the pointings of other teachers out there, goes to the root. To accept WITH the trauma that you will eventually discover to be non-existent in the timeless now. If we all simply already acknowledge we are already THAT, that includes your moody days and irritability too, which you will further notice as patterns waiting to be re-written. What was once learned, can be forgotten, and it can be re-written, but ultimately there is nothing to manifest, only FLOW! I look forward to Philip's upcoming meditations as well and thoroughly enjoy his content shared.”
Sumit Atwal
“I would recommend Philip's Immersion Method to anyone who wants to live a beautiful, meaningful and empowered life from the inside out. This program is for those that want to live on their highest timeline untainted of trauma so that their original blueprint can naturally attract their best life. It’s been such a profound experience."
Robyn E.
“Before joining the Workshop, I felt stuck, overwhelmed, and uncertain about the way forward. It seemed as if there was a missing piece that kept me from fully transforming and living from a place of embodied knowing. With this method, I began to access profound kinesthetic awareness that helped me remain more present in my body during my day-to-day life. More and more, I can catch my triggers in real time and shift my reactivity. Most importantly, I feel a greater sense of trust and safety within myself. This method has brought much clarity and simplicity regarding the 'how' when it comes to my healing and aligning with my purpose. It feels like this was the missing piece I was looking for."
Jess Bushnell
“The results I experienced went far beyond what I expected when I initially signed up. I had desired support with moving through pretty major imposter syndrome. As a recently certified life coach, I kept bumping up against a lot of tension and anxiety, which I was interpreting as "blocks" to moving forward. Now, I've found a deeper sense of courage and groundedness that helps me keep moving forward in creating the heart-centered business of my dreams. With the Immersion Method, I came out with a practice that I literally use in every area of my life. I have since used the method to re-direct my energy everywhere: when processing emotion, when my kid has a tantrum, when I get nervous talking to a client, when I get angry at my father... literally EVERY AREA of life."
Vicky Bush
“Phil and his team are some of the best space holders I have experienced. There is a balance you feel with him, living what he is teaching while also showing his humanness and not pretending to know it all. Learning this method, I went from struggling to be present and calm, feeling extreme tension in my body, and struggling with decision-making to now feeling equipped to cope with stress and make wise decisions in my life. The most significant changes were in the micro habits, the ones that make up most of your life. I found myself making smarter choices like putting my health first and treating myself with compassion and heart."
Saiful Haque
“Before this program, I was experiencing deep heartbreak after the end of my marriage. I felt as if I had lost everything. My back was permanently hunched, my diet was not ideal, I was addicted to weed, my activity level was nonexistent, and I was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety disorder. I was on antidepressants and overweight. The Immersion Method gave me clear sight and revelations about aspects of my life and behavior that were not aligned with me. I'm able to see patterns with clarity and take action to not repeat behaviors that do not serve me. Now, my mind is calmer, and my body significantly more relaxed. Most significantly, I've learned the art of letting go and to not judge myself. As a result, my sleep improved overnight. I began to treat my mind and body with respect. My body dropped weight as I let go of the stress, and I wake up more rested and energized."
Tanja K.
“Before joining, I had a lot of challenges divorcing a narcissistic husband while simultaneously running a new business. In the rebuilding phase, I went through many different healing modalities, including reading all the self-help books out there. I started to recognize my patterns and how childhood traumas and family dynamics led to becoming dissociated. I took on new healing practices and did meditations, but something was still missing. The Immersion Method goes deeper than meditation. I felt kinesthetic awareness throughout my body, paired with incredible peace. I now see clearly how my body and soul are guiding me to a better life with patience and dedication. I also notice that my responses to my triggers are calmer. I've learned to soften into the friction and respond with skillfulness. This practice made me realize and embody the power of incredible potential. All conditioning, programming, and friction are slowly going away."
Ouida Patten
“The program facilitated nervous system regulation that I had not experienced before. I could feel into my body and experience it in a totally different way. The benefits have been immeasurable. Before, I felt really stagnant, wanting to create change, and unaware of what was keeping me stuck. This method has helped me have more focus and make better decisions for myself to shift in real-time. It has helped me move beyond the limits of meditations I experienced in the past. I’m so glad I gave myself the gift of this container; it assisted me in moving through the stagnant energy to more flow in my life. I never wanted to miss the live calls. You'll want to be in the space and feel the energy in real-time."
Marta Valverde Maestre
“After 2 weeks of integration, I feel like I can move through fear with more clarity. I have more peace, energy, and a sense of connectedness to the world around me. I always felt supported by Phil and the team, and all my questions were always responded to thoroughly. The biggest takeaway was cultivating the ability to pause, and rest in awareness, which gave me a deeper understanding of when behaviors and patterns are happening due to previous conditioning. I now see when I am striving to control or numb. This has allowed me to see things for what they are instead of being wrapped up in them emotionally. Before, I lacked clarity in what actions mattered in my life and which ones didn't. I felt overwhelmed, confused, and like I was never doing enough. I felt reactive and like I was operating from fear, always wanting to rush through work and the present moment. This space has allowed me to process the emotions I hadn't allowed myself to feel for years with more ease"
Madeleine B.
“My biggest challenges before the program were my financial situation, allowing myself to be supported by my partner (and the universe) without guilt, feeling like a failure, and fear of visibility, procrastination, and lack of motivation. With this method, I entered very blissful trance states during the immersions. I was able to meet fears that came up with acceptance. I even received a big scholarship one month after finishing the course, which was massive for me - the biggest thing I have ever won. I love this technique!"
Iykechi McCoy
“The positive results I experienced after the Imemrsion were that I cultivated a deeper self-love and self-compassion. I learned to truly take my time with things, to let things be a “slow drip,” because before I wasn't allowing myself to go slow and embody the things I wished to integrate fully. I also learned to have greater trust in myself to be my own guide, to figure things out, and to get through any challenge. My relationships became more fulfilling. Overall, the experience was fun, expansive, grounding, and adventurous. The live calls were great, and it was so good to be in the community. It was also transformative to have the hot seat coaching. Seeing people transform themselves and gain clarity in the moment was so helpful for me, even if I wasn't the one in the seat."
Vanessa Antoine
“Before joining the workshop, I was struggling to trust myself and was stuck in cycles of overthinking or fearing that something bad was going to happen. It felt like I was unable to move forward and uncertain about what actions I needed to take to advance in my business and personal life. Inside the program, I immediately noticed that the fear, anxiety, and persistent negative thoughts started to subside. I began feeling a sense of peace and that everything I needed would be revealed to me. I could feel certainty in myself even through times of uncertainty. I noticed that I am experiencing less resistance in my business, and taking action feels easier and simpler for me. I am more grounded and notice that I am showing up less anxious and controlling in relationships. I don't have a sense of panic when things don't happen exactly the way I see fit. If I could sum it all up, I feel like an element of ease has been added to my life. I'm able to soften in areas that call for me to be in my feminine and take on more masculine energy in the spaces that call for it. The program felt very inclusive and supportive. I could tell a lot of thought went into crafting the client experience, and it's one of the first times I've been in a program of this nature and not felt like something was lacking. I wish the calls were longer, not because they need to be, but because I truly enjoyed being in this space."
Kelly Rae Kerwin
“I’m a spiritual healer and teacher who is constantly on the verge of scaling and always seemed to be working through some business challenges. Now, I have more bandwidth in my business. I had lost the love of entrepreneurship, and throughout the process, I had more energy for it again. My body feels better with so much tension released during the process. I even ended up bringing in more people into one of my offerings than I ever have before. I consider that a huge win. Phil and Sue are an amazing duo. My questions were always answered quickly."
Paul M.
“Before, I struggled with business, finances, relationships, family, and purpose. Now, I have improved sleep, feeling safety in my body, new awareness around how often I'm experiencing levels of disassociation, and improved clarity when making decisions in my career and relationships. I really enjoyed the experience. I found Philip to be an excellent teacher and someone who facilitated profound healing and connection to self."

"A distilled, elegant, and effective solution to end your cycles of healing and embody your purpose untethered to the static of collective trauma conditioning."

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