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If you are interested in my 8-week Mastering Anxiety and Cultivating Flow program, and would like to learn how it can help you relieve your anxiety and stress and cultivate a life of ease, read more information here >

Enrollment is limited every month.

*** Please note I am no longer am accepting single session appointments ***

You may ccontact me via email for general inquires or use the form below:

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For all who enter my studio, I provide an environment

of peace; 
of trust;
of strength;
of vulnerability;
of compassion; 
of understanding;
of empathy; 
and of love. 

For all that lay to rest, I provide an opportunity

to calm your mind; 

to relieve your anxieties;
to forgive yourself; 
to forgive others;
to release your fears;
to release your pains;
to love yourself;
and to awaken your Self. 

I am not healing you,
I merely enable you to heal yourself. 

— Philip Attar