Mastering Flow & Igniting Consciousness

A transformative mentorship program utilizing mental coaching, sound meditation, breathwork, and Reiki to synergistically connect your heart and mind. Systematically breaking down the emotional blockages that have been holding you back from your life purpose and success — balancing your body, mind, and spirit and ultimately cultivating peak creative flow.

Philip Attar
Mental Coach, Sound Meditation Guide & Reiki Master


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Bridging Three Worlds Into One

My practice lives between the intersection of Mental Coaching, Spiritual Guidance, and Energy Healing. Reaching your greater creative potential involves more than just adjusting your actions alone. It involves overcoming the emotional traumas, beliefs and repeated negative habits that have been holding you back your entire life. Only when you can break through the vibrational veil and open your awareness to how your feelings affect your thoughts, that then directly affect your actions and ultimately your desired outcomes — understanding the very nature of cause and effect — can you truly transform and create a fulfilling life. Then you can ignite a stronger intuition and enter into flow anytime you desire, one connected feeling to one connected thought at a time.

In-person Sessions Available in Addition to Online Program

For those in New York City, in addition to the online coaching program, I provide in-person one-on-one sessions to ignite your cathartic transformation. *Additional fees apply

— Remap Negative Thought Patterns —
One-on-one Mental Coaching
Thoughts are things, words have power and what you speak you create. We'll work to remap your mental practice, creating a new perspective of your life, one feeling, one thought and one action at a time.

— Increase Clarity & Intuition —
Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation

Lowering your brainwaves into Theta and Delta frequency states has been shown to increase learning retention, remap neural pathways and negative habits. Inducing you into a healing meditative state.

— Release Emotional Blockages —
Reiki and Breathwork Sessions 

Connect to your heart and breath for cathartic emotional blockage release. The heart has 40,000 neurites (brain-like cells) that are the key to unlocking your intuition and inspiration on call.

"At our last coaching session I had a kind of magical awakening with his guidance: he invited me to do a small practical exercise, then I started to panic as I realized I could not think of what he was asking of me. I thought we would have to stop but Philip helped to guide me back to my core. To my absolute surprise, in no time at all I calmed back down and I heard answers to his original question rise within me in just two minutes! Philip presented a concept that one can slowly peel off the layers of the onion to reach one’s core, but one can also cut the onion and reach the core directly, which I immediately experienced for myself and felt to be true even though I assumed it wouldn’t work for me! I am so very grateful to Philip. He truly knows how to help get you out of your restless mind and triggered nervous system and back into your empowered heart!"

— Irene M. —



A private, safe, and closed Facebook community where you can find the emotional resilience to overcome the emotional blockages keeping you from your life purpose and peak creative potential. Weekly videos, philosophies, and guidance to aid you on your journey to peace, well-being and success.


"When one’s life force energy is in perfect balance, we experience psychological orderliness, emotional stability, and physical vitality. When it is out of balance we can experience stress, anxiety, emotional instability, and physical ailments potentially leading to symptoms of ’dis-ease’."


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