A transformative 8-week online mentor program to help you overcome anxiety and stress. If you're exhausted from feeling like your anxiety is holding you back, this program is for you.

Together we will create the emotional resilience to conquer your fears, regain confidence, and ultimately cultivate flow. 

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  • Relief from anxiety, stress, fear, pain, and panic
  • Clear brain fog, obtain clarity, and quiet frenetic thoughts
  • Peaceful sleep
  • Relief from hopelessness, with regained confidence and emotional resilience
  • Skills to get you into your flow state (the zone - the vortex) at will
  • Develop the skills to remap your old habits, increase your physical and mental vitality and cultivate a peak mental flow states (the 'zone' / the 'vortex')
  • Learn how to awaken your intuition and utilize powerful real-world techniques to manifest the life your desire. 
  • How to do all of this without years of therapy, hopelessly reading dozens of self-help books and watching hundreds of hours of online videos

Through a guided practice of breathwork, sound meditation, and mindset coaching you will learn how you can relieve your anxiety, stress, and negative thought patterns. When we create a stronger connection to our minds and hearts, we can remap our brain patterns, thoughts, and ultimately our lives. Together we will increase your mental focus and positively manifest a life of ease and fulfillment.

Reiki and breathwork brings life back into your cells, mind and heart, enabling cathartic transformation. The sound and vibration of Tibetan Singing Bowls lowers your brain wave state. Quickly taking you from a busy-minded Beta brainwave state (13–30 Hz), into a deeply relaxing Theta (4–7 Hz), or Delta state (0.5–4 Hz). This process lowers your brain's production of cortisol and other stress hormones and increases dopamine and endorphins, immediately increasing relaxation and bliss. It's near the lower frequency Theta and Delta states that awaken your immune system to heal on cellular and psychological levels.

Through a systematic approach utilizing each modality with guided mental coaching, we are able to relieve your stresses and empower your mind and heart to create the life of ease, peace and fulfillment that you desire. 

When one’s life force energy is in perfect balance, we experience psychological orderliness, emotional stability, and physical vitality.

When it is out of balance we can experience stress, anxiety, emotional instability, and physical ailments potentially leading to symptoms of  ’dis-ease’.

Additional in-person sessions also available for the 8-week online program.
Including: one-on-one mindset coaching, Reiki, breathwork, and sound meditation sessions.


From the first moment when I walked into his studio, and we started the tea ceremony, I already began to feel a gentle slowing down and entering into a meditative state. Philip takes the time to slowly prepare you to go deep during the healing which is such an important part.

After the session, we reflected on everything that I felt and the insights he felt and saw for me were so powerful and healing. I felt we answered the most important questions about my health, my path, where I am and why and where I need to go....
— Ekaterina P.


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A private, safe, and closed community where you can find the emotional resilience to conquer your fears, regain confidence, and ultimately cultivate flow. Along with weekly tips, philosophies, and videos to guide you on your journey to peace and well-being. 


Flow: /flō/ 
: the action or fact of moving along in a steady, continuous stream. "the flow of water into the pond"
: proceed or be produced smoothly, continuously, and effortlessly. "the breeze flowed freely around the tree"


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