LIVE 3-hour Masterclass + Hot-seat Coaching + Q&A
With Philip & Amanda-Lee Attar

Sunday, April 7th, 2024
at 12 PM – 3 PM PT (Pacific Time)
Recording Available to Registrants


 How to Overcome the Unhealthy Patterns in Your Marriage, Partnership or Dating Life That Have Been Holding You Back From Your Highest Purpose 

Without Therapy, Mindset Coaching, Breathwork, Plant Medicines, or Distorted Polarity Teachings
In this LIVE Masterclass Philip & Amanda-Lee will uncover why you are still not aligned with sacred union (singles and couples, men and women) even if you've had years of advanced self-growth experience. 

Here's what we'll dive into:

• Couples: Overcome the imbalanced polarities in your partnership or marriage that are holding you back from harmonious loving union... while igniting renewed sexual chemistry and increased natural polarity that impacts your family legacy and wealth.

• Singles: Finally end your cycles of repeating unhealthy, codependent, triggering, or toxic relationships and learn how to naturally attract sacred loving union... without performative polarity practices that coerce you into a false masculine or feminine identity.

• Overcome your lack of fulfillment and frustration from not yet unlocking your innate gifts, and finally embody your true purpose and power… even if you’ve already attempted to find clarity through certifications, marketing programs, healing modalities, and mindset coaching. 

• Overcome your self-doubt, paralysis, and impostor syndrome holding you back from achieving your ambitious career goals... so you can freely express your genius and co-create your highest destiny, untethered to your past limitations.

• Finally end your repeated patterns of financial ups and downs... while utilizing the intelligence of those patterns to catalyze clear direction, resilience, and the healthy integration with capitalism that tangibly builds embodied wealth.

• How surrendering your body, breath, and molecules into a one consciousness electromagnetic state, cleanses the ripple of collective trauma conditioning in your cells holding you back from sacred union and higher purpose. 

Sacred Union & Embodied Purpose Live 3-hour Masterclass

$100 USD

Pay Once Keep Forever

Sunday, April 7th - 12 PM - 3 PM PT

  • 3-hour live masterclass + hot-seat coaching + Q&A with Philip & Amanda-Lee
  • Intimate limited group container to guide you through your specific challenges
  • Open to singles and couples, men and women
  • Recording available to registrants
We know this live masterclass will help uncover a lot of clarity why you still feel stuck, alone, and unfulfilled, and show you how to truly unlock your highest destiny in sacred union and higher purpose. 

As you begin this journey into a Living Immersion within all of Life's Intelligence, you will create new forks in the road as you embody a clearer vessel of co-creation. You will begin to untether from the limited conditioning of your past and expand to magnetize new people, experiences, and direction in every facet of your life, relationships, and career, in union with your highest potential.

With everything we have been through on our own journey, through family/generational trauma, abuse, violent upbringings, and now aligning with sacred union ourselves, we'll have lots to share on what we overcame on our own journey.

— Philip & Amanda-Lee Attar

Masterclass Testimonials

"The beauty of Philip and Amanda-Lee is the approach for teaching encompasses the universal laws, the subconscious and the not so easy the application of it in daily life. It is so complete and applicable to daily living and it creates the shifts in a subtle form which even surprises as how and when did that shift happen. The teachings are so grounded in reality. It is a whole range of emotions and the freedom of expression to get the god self and yet allow the humanness to emerge with its strength and weakness. The part of aligning with Sacred Union is a deep peek into the part of me which I had been looking for. Thank you Philip and Amanda-Lee for bringing in this union of sacredness with the humanness in my life."

Vyjayanti Tejuja / Wife and Mother of 2 Children
"Before this masterclass, I was experiencing patterns in my life preventing me from fully witnessing and holding space for my deepest forms of expression. This life-changing masterclass taught me what it means to truly come into divine Union with myself, my work, my relationships, and my life. Philip and Amanda-Lee are expert coaches and facilitators who have helped clarify my understanding of what masculine/feminine embodiment truly means and how to apply that framework to my life. Their teachings inspire me on a daily basis as I work through my own friction in very tangible and action-based ways. I feel lucky to have found such great masters of this work."

— Scarlet B.
"So much of what Philip and Amanda-Lee said made sense to me. What stood out to me the most was the popular advice that the feminine must soften if she wants the man to be more masculine. I've never thought about it that way and I agree. It's manipulative and would be incredibly unsafe to me. I also imagine it also would lead to great disappointment. I have a history of toxic relationships. I'm in my own healing journey of discovering who I am. I'm intentionally not in a relationship now. I'm a single mother and your webinar made me think about how I can balance the feminine and masculine within myself as Amanda-Lee described. I've had to be very much in my masculine for a very long time, when I desperately want to be more in my feminine. I'm working on this as well.

— Jennifer Keogh
"There were several things that I loved about this Masterclass. 1. I loved Amanda’s share about how sacred her emotions are to her and that she would not give her emotional expression to any man who hadn’t earned access to such. That was a huge AHA for me! 2. I love Philip’s share about how he could instantly SEE Amanda’s power, but he did not feel ready to be a husband to her. And so, he walked away but continued to cultivate his masculinity until he was ready to claim her. 3. I love that Philip and Amanda do Immersions separately and together whenever ‘resistance’ arises. I also love how Philip holds space for Amanda FIRST, and then shares his challenges/triggers SECOND. Most of all, I enjoyed seeing a monogamous, married couple who share the same spiritual vision and are deeply committed to growing together and embodying their teachings."

— Lesley Tavernier 
"I absolutely loved a few things about the experience. One, they are a beautiful embodiment and example of what a spiritual union can be. Second, they shared deep spiritual insights vulnerably and gave practical advice. Last, they had awesome energy!

— Jordan Lindo Gooden / Confidence Coach
"The Sacred Union & Embodied Purpose masterclass led me to a deeper understanding of my own limiting beliefs and struggles I encountered in repetitive cycles of patterns. The energetic presence of Philip and Amanda in their union was magnificent. Their profound realness and vulnerability in sharing their personal experiences sparked quite a few important insights. I immensely value their work as it had a great impact on my life as a woman, parent, mother to two beautiful children and someone who is going through separation. I am grateful for their teachings as I know that in the future I will be able to co-create a union with a man from the place of alignment and with clarity of what I want in a loving relationship."

— Magdalena D.
"This masterclass was exactly what I needed. I had heard that “women need to be seen in order to soften” so many times but it didn’t fully CLICK until I heard Philip and Amanda-Lee talk about it. I talked to my husband about it and it was such an eye opener for both of us. Thank you two so much."

— Jackie Stewart
"I felt safe to express within this space. I used to be highly masculine in my relationship dynamics. Now that I've begun to deepen my connection with my true essence as a feminine woman, I've attracted a masculine man into my life. I was highly triggered by this experience, and could feel myself expressing from a space of inner child wounding. My fears of rejecting and abandonment starting really surfacing. I want to continue to work on deepening my relationship with myself and continue to meet myself in my full expression. I want to fully embody the wholeness that is me so I stop running and hiding from the man I'm meant to be in a sacred union with during this lifetime."

— Sheena Giordano
"Just being in the same space as Philip and Amanda-Lee is in and of itself transformational. Feeling their clarity and truth was deeply nourishing for me and put me at ease with myself. It’s so easy to feel your own truth when you are in their presence. I deeply admire Amanda-Lees embodiment of her value and worth, I learned so much from that. The way she holds herself and speaks inspired me to value myself so much more and it shifted my perspective of my emotions completely. To see my emotions as valuable and sacred, especially for the masculine, is new for me. For those who dare to fully embrace their truth and embark on a journey of transformation, I cannot recommend Philips and Amanda-Lees work highly enough!!"

 Jovi S.