Master a Self-induced Quantum Immersion Method to Naturally Ignite Neurogenesis, Amplify Your Electromagnetic Field & Activate the Supreme Clarity That Motivates Aligned Action Toward Your Goals

Philip Attar
Somatic Heart™ Immersion Method

This is NOT traditional mindset coaching.
This is NOT traditional meditation.
This is NOT breathwork.
This is NOT therapy.

This is both a safe space to heal and a daochang, a dojo, a place to masterthe way.

This is my Somatic Heart™ Immersion Method to guide you into deeper alpha, theta, delta, and gamma brainwaves so your body and brain naturally promote greater neuroplasticity and stimulate neurogenesis — A deeply kinesthetic cellular mental cleanse, resetting decades of accumulated subconscious tensions and increasing magnetic flow. 

 This is the mastery of your energy and time which are the most valuable commodities that naturally manifest greater wealth and lasting impact. 


"Throw away any ideas of what meditation or therapy might be. Throw away any sense of expectation. Understand that you are doing something quite daunting in recalibrating how you actually live. If you do that, the joys you can experience in this are unprecedented and unlimited."

— Selema Masekela, Sports Media Personality, Entrepreneur


"We are accessing something so true, so eternal, and finally in a way where it is not just glimpsed but embodied and radiated in a sustainable way..."

— Lisa B., Executive Coach



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