Mastering Flow Mentorship

You are a conscious creative professional that desires to overcome the anxieties and overwhelm holding you back from a successful career of impact.

I help empower your truth so you can manifest a life of purpose, fulfillment, and abundance.

To feel if this is the right path for you watch my free video workshop and read my client testimonials. If it resonates, you are invited to book your free 1-hour phone consultation with me to feel if our paths align (details below).

Philip Attar
Mindset Coach & Heart Meditation Guide


I Know Where You Are

You are a consciously driven creative who feels stuck in a stable yet unfulfilling creative career. 

You have a minimum of 5 years experience in one to several creative industries and have still not found that deeper connection to true purpose and fulfillment.

You used to have passion for your work, but something has shifted in you. You have a deeper calling to make an impact on our world, but your lack of fulfillment and anxieties have you asking yourself:

  • How do I overcome the exhaustion and lack of fulfillment from feeling blocked in my creative career—fearful I'll be in the same stuck place for years?

  • How do I empower my life purpose? How can I align my creative and empathic gifts to better serve myself and humanity? 

  • How do I overcome the years of brain fog, insecurities, negative mindset, and overwhelm negatively affecting my confidence, happiness, and success?

  • How do I overcome feeling emotionally drained by other people’s energies and having it negatively affect my relationships and life?

  • Where do I begin?

Ultimately, you yearn to align with your conscious career of purpose so you can successfully empower your creative and empathic gifts to better serve humanity AND yourself.

I know where you are, because I have been where you are.

I work with people like you to get results and empower you to live a life of impact, purpose, and fulfillment.


Humanity Needs You Now

Mastering Flow & Igniting Consciousness is my transformative 12-week online mentorship program that helps you systematically overcome the repeated negative patterns holding you back from leading the conscious career of impact, purpose, and fulfillment you were born for.

This is for you if you are exhausted from years of therapy, countless healing sessions, and hopelessly moving from one self-help book, podcast or video to the next, STILL with no life-changing results. 

This is for you if you want a thorough systematic program that finally holds you accountable to overcome your fears, empower your divine truth, and get results. 

This is NOT for those who are not committed to investing in their own success. When you commit to transformation you transform. Period.

This is NOT for people who prefer individual healing session band-aids and feel they need someone to heal them. 

This is a path for those that understand that I am not your healer, I empower you to heal yourself so you can manifest the life of your dreams. 

Our world cannot wait much longer... Humanity needs you now more than ever.

We look back at years of frustrating expectations not met, and all we needed to do was begin with ONE small step. 

If this speaks to your soul, watch my workshop and apply for your free phone consultation.


Your Free 1-hour Phone Consultation

Because we work very closely together to help overcome your challenges, the Mastering Flow & Igniting Consciousness program is by application only. My program is not for everyone, nor is every client right for me.

Watch my free online workshop to feel if it resonates with you, then afterwards you will be invited to book your free 1-hour phone consultation with me followed by an application (free consultations may not be granted if I feel my programs are not the right fit to help solve your unique challenges)

I offer a free consultation to ensure that our partnership is aligned to motivate your connection and growth. I only work with potential clients where we both feel 100% alignment. We will review where you are, and find clarity on what has not worked for you and why, feel if working together can help you finally overcome your fears and connect to freedom.

If all of this speaks to your heart and you are ready to book your first free consultation then schedule your appointment here: 


Online Mentorship Program Available Internationally Along With In-person Package Available in Brooklyn, NY

— Online Mentorship Program —

A systematic hybrid of mindset coaching, Reiki, breathwork, and guided meditation that helps you overcome your limiting beliefs and holds you accountable to transform your life now.

— Reiki Meditation Sessions —

Available for NY residents in addition to online mentorship exclusively in my Brooklyn studio. The heart has 40,000 neurons that are the key to unlocking your intuition and building self trust.

— Tibetan Sound Meditations —

Available for NY residents in addition to online mentorship exclusively in my Brooklyn studio. Lower brainwave states increases your clarity, focus, and learning retention.

Follow me on Instagram @philipattar for daily motivation, IGTV videos and free live online workshops.

For general inquiries, speaking engagements, workshop partnerships, or press E-mail me at: [email protected]

Mastering Flow & Igniting Consciousness has a strict no-refund policy.
I only work with people that I feel would 100% align with the program's principles and practice.
I am 100% committed to the success of my clients and when you commit to transformation, you transform your life.
Program terms here >
I do not offer individual sessions. See FAQs here >

My studio is located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York
— By appointment only —


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