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Creatives, Coaches, and Healers:
In 10-weeks You Could Overcome the Blockages That Have Held You Back from a Wellness Business of Impact and Purpose

Please READ THIS PAGE FULLY before you book your free consult to ensure this is the right path for you. I generally work best with clients within a 7-hour time zone from New York City, USA. If you are outside that time zone then this may not be right for you. I also only work with clients who are in a 'refine and empower stage' with established businesses/careers at least 2 years old, not an earlier stage of 'nurture and discover'. More details below under Who This is NOT For. 

Mastering Flow & Igniting Purpose is Philip Attar's transformative 10-week online mentorship program for creative or wellness entrepreneurs, that helps you systematically overcome the repeated negative patterns holding you back from leading the conscious business of impact, purpose, and fulfillment you were born for.

I do not have a free e-book, or cheap band-aid monthly subscriptions where no one holds you accountable, nor do I have multiple tiered options to work with me at different price points. I have ONE PROGRAM where you commit to and invest in your transformation and you transform your entire life, relationships, and business in under three months. Period. If this scares you, and you want to keep holding onto the crutches that have held you back from absolute fulfillment for years, then this is not for you. 

This is a path for those that understand that I am not your healer. I empower you to heal yourself and finally overcome your limiting beliefs and subconscious negative behaviors so you can get out of your own damn way to 
better serve yourself and humanity with your creative and empathic gifts. When you invest in your transformation, you transform your life.

To feel if this is the right path for you watch the videos below and book your free 1-hour Clarity Call using the calendar link below.

— Who This is For —

You are a high-achieving ambitious creative or wellness entrepreneur that desires to overcome your anxiety, overwhelm, and lack of clarity holding you back from a conscious business of impact and fulfillment.

This is for you if you've been asking yourself:

  • I run my own creative or wellness business for a minimum of 2 years. (You already have an established creative career and are clear you wish to transition into a wellness business, or you already have an established wellness business but need to overcome the blockages holding you back from greater impact, success, and fulfillment. This is NOT for those who are not yet clear on a general wellness path or who are just beginning their careers, or who have no ambitions of creating a wellness business. See below Who This is NOT For.)

  • I've always been driven to excel and have considered myself 'successful', but why do I STILL feel I am not living my purpose with power? I lack the clarity to move my wellness business forward in one impactful direction.

  • How do I overcome the anxiety, exhaustion, and lack of fulfillment from feeling blocked and fearful I'll be in the same stuck place for years?

  • How do I overcome the years of brain fog, insecurities, and overwhelm negatively affecting my confidence, relationships, and fulfillment?

  • How do I overcome feeling emotionally drained by other people’s energies and having it negatively affect my professional and personal relationships?

  • Where do I begin? How do I achieve this without years of therapy, healing sessions, retreats, and hopelessly moving from one self-help book, podcast or video to the next?

Watch this video to find out if this is for you.


If this speaks to you, read the testimonials below and book your FREE CLARITY CALL using the calendar link below. If this does not speak to you, then accept my blessings, close this browser window and find someone you align with!

The System My Clients Use to Empower a Creative or Wellness Business of Impact and Purpose

Here we review who I am and why I feel I can help you solve your challenges, along with the 5 shifts all of my clients work through to overcome the blockages holding them back from a creative or wellness business of impact and purpose. When you can learn to consciously connect with your heart and your Divine source, you can get out of your own way and powerfully manifest the life of impact you desire. 


Scroll down to read the testimonials, then book your FREE CLARITY CALL now using the calendar link below. We look at years of frustration and all we needed to do was begin with one small step.

"What would you suggest to someone on the fence about joining the program? I would say that if they're a freelancer, business owner, or self-employed and see themselves "getting in their own way," this course will probably pay for itself as it will help you retain the clients you have as well as get new ones. Not because it taught me anything about how to run my business, but because the quality of my work has increased substantially since I was able to overcome my own blockages and "get out of my own way." Thanks so much for this course, Philip. It's been one of the most life-changing things I've done and I'm very excited for my present and future, without being held back by my past. "

— Justin M. —

"I was homeless, not knowing where I would live with my toddler son while going through a lot of emotional pain from leaving my abusive husband. It was as if all odds were against me. I had issues trusting the universe and myself, anxiety, and fear of the future. I was indecisive and lacked clarity on what I wanted. During the work I started to witness a sense of ease and security in the mist of everything I was still going through. I started to have more gratitude, joy, and lightness in viewing my situation. I developed a strong intuition and clarity so that I can make more assertive decisions on what to manifest. Now I feel empowered and secure. Importantly I found my truth and have clarity to begin my own coaching practice to help empower young women to overcome abuse. I feel like a step closer to being a super human. You were an extremely good listener, insightful and most importantly free of judgement. You are full of love! I felt accepted, nurtured, respected and understood at all times. The process was life changing."

— Melissa W. —

"I thought I was pretty in control of what’s going on, I’m conscious, I used to see a shrink so I pretty much know my issues and how to deal with them, I’m pretty successful, I really think I’m good, I’m not actually looking for anything more… And how could one course apply to everyone anyways?… Do I really need this? It’s expensive, there’s a lot I could spend that on to make me feel better, maybe a vacation for one. This is all what was honestly going through my head. But to those that feel the same I say to you that this has been the greatest personal transformation journey imaginable!... I’m back, better than ever and extremely grateful!... I could not be happier with the way I feel or the results of working with Phil. When you truly can feel yourself this way, it’s remarkably Powerful."

— Ian H. —

"You’ve inspired me, even more, to help people in my life because I’ve felt what it’s like (on the receiving end) to connect to someone and have them support and bolster you through your journey. You were always patient and authentic as I learned and discovered new things about myself. I could always feel you genuinely cared about my progress and connected with me. And I love the fact that you curse! Sometimes it’s needed and only a curse will do. LOL!  You were you, which allowed and made it comfortable for me to be me. Real recognizes real and opens a space to be vulnerable and share."

— Alexis Y. —

"Words cannot express how much you’ve come to mean to my world. Working with you helped me wake up to my power and more towards freedom. I remember when I first talked to you on the phone, how you said you’d help support my healing, and in that moment and every moment afterwards I always felt lighter and compassionately and warmly loved by you. You have helped me find my greatest gift — myself. Forever all my love."

— Dana B. —

"I started the program feeling stuck, depressed, unfulfilled and restless. I didn't like my job; I felt like I was wasting my time and not growing. Every day I was waking up with a feeling of emptiness and disappointment. I did not know how to end this vicious cycle of not making progress and self-sabotaging the new beginnings. Now I no longer fight my negative patterns nor do I concentrate on them. My commitment, clarity, and goals are stronger than ever. I discovered a power that I always had, and I'm going to use it. Working with you was a life-changing experience. Your transparency, realness, passion, and sense of humor made the process exciting, fun and enormously beneficial. It was one of the best decisions of my life. Thank you for your support, trust, and care.  I will remember this time as one of the most transformational phases of my life."

— Anya L. —

This Free Call is NOT For Everyone

First of all, did you finish watching the video above? If we are not aligned my program will not help you change your life. If you do not go all-in and commit to your transformation, you also will not transform your life. 

This mentorship program is for people who understand that when you invest in fixing the core blockages, you finally get out of your own damn way and break free of the negative subconscious behaviors that have held back your business’ potential and your fulfillment for years. This is for those that understand it is far more expensive to continue to live with the limiting beliefs that are costing your business lost opportunities because you are not in alignment with your inner power. 

Because we work very closely together to help overcome your challenges, the Mastering Flow & Igniting Purpose program is by application only. My program is not for everyone, nor is every client right for me. I offer a free consultation to ensure that our partnership is aligned to motivate your growth and success. 

I only invite those to work with me where we have 100% chemistry and 100% alignment. We must speak the same language, energetically align, and you must be committed and decisive to truly take action and change your life. If I feel I am not the right fit I have a network of hundreds of coaches and healers I can refer you to. My clients completely transform their lives in a few months, which can only happen if we are 100% the right fit.

I have a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that must be met before you book your free call:

1. OVERCOME, REFINE, AND EMPOWER vs. NURTURE AND DISCOVER: You have already been running a functioning creative or wellness business for at least 2 years. I work with clients who have established some type of business/career foundation in the general direction they seek and just need that added push to truly overcome their limiting beliefs and ignite a wellness business of impact and purpose that will begin to serve themselves and humanity NOW, not 2+ years from now. Meaning you are already working in a wellness path or already clear you wish to go into a wellness path. This is not for those unclear yet of which direction you wish to go into. Those that do not yet have any kind of business foundation and direction are in a “NURTURING AND DISCOVERY” stage which is an earlier stage of development than the clients I work with clients that are in an “OVERCOME, REFINE, AND EMPOWER” stage. For this reason I generally do not work with clients under the age of 26. It's not so much about age, but if you do not yet have clarity yet on the path you wish to take then this is not for you.

2. I AM NOT YOUR HEALER: You must be motivated and committed to transforming your life. I am not your healer. I empower you to heal yourself so you finally overcome the anxiety and overwhelm that has held you back from your purpose to build the wellness business of your dreams. This is about YOU changing your perception of your world, which changes your life. This is NOT about changing other people around you or having a someone heal you. This is not for people addicted to seeing single session "healers" and expecting a few crystal healing sessions to solve your life problems. You are the only person that manifests your reality.

3. YOU MUST TAKE ACTION AND ARE COMMITTED TO CHANGING YOUR LIFE AND BUSINESS: And when you are, then you do change your own life! This means you are coachable, decisive, and resourceful to make it happen no matter what. No excuses, no thinking about it, you want to take action and change your life now, in the only moment that exists. It is possible to drastically transform your life and business in just over 2 months. But it takes commitment and consistency to rewire the limiting beliefs and subconscious behaviors that have held you back for years. Which is why our partnership must feel 100% aligned and I have to determine if you really are 100% committed, decisive, and resourceful. And when we are 100% aligned then I am motivated to hold you accountable so you are motivated to finally get results. No band-aids, no crystals, only aligned conscious heart-connected action. 

4. YOU ARE READY TO INVEST IN YOUR HEALING, SUCCESS, AND FULFILLMENT: This is NOT for people "shopping around" and "kicking tires" or for people who sign up for programs and do not follow through. Please be serious about actually wanting to invest in changing your life and business. When you invest in your transformation you transform. 

What is the investment? My policy is that I do not share the investment until we first determine if our partnership is 100% the right fit to help you solve your challenges and empower you to consciously create the life and business you desire. Many times when we shop around according to price we may not apply for a program that is the perfect fit because of our own limiting beliefs around money and our self-worth. For this reason I share the investment and the payment options only if I invite you to work with me where we BOTH feel this is 100% the right path for you. If I feel this is not the right path for us both I would not invite you to work with me for $1. 

5. YOU ARE COMMITTED TO HELPING HUMANITY: And last but certainly not least, You are committed to not only transforming your life, but helping humanity. It is my purpose to empower those that desire to truly live a life of impact and change the world. This is not for you if you just want to manifest money and your own success. When you align your heart with your purpose, yes you will manifest an abundant and fulfilling life, but you wish to pay it forward and serve people, communities, and businesses that need you to help change their lives in a positive way that helps shift our collective consciousness. 

Watch the last video below to find out if this truly is for you.


Scroll down to book your FREE CLARITY CALL now using the calendar link below. We look at years of frustration and all we needed to do was begin with one small step. If this does not speak to you, then accept my blessings, close this browser window, and find someone who you align with!

Book Your Free Clarity Call

If all of the above speaks to your heart and soul, I welcome you to book your free consult. On this call:

1. We'll get clarity on why you are where you are, what hasn't worked and why, and how all of your challenges are affecting your career, relationships, and life. 

2. We're going to get clear on the ideal life you truly desire to live and what will truly bring fulfillment and happiness into your life.

3. We'll come up with a direct strategy to help you overcome your anxiety and overwhelm once and for all, and discover how you can consciously manifest the impactful wellness business you dream of.

There is never an obligation, we BOTH must feel 100% alignment. 

And remember, just like I said in the video above, you have to be decisive and begin with one small step and act now. One day very easily turns into months and years where we stay in the same stuck place because we didn't take action.

I look forward to speaking soon. With love, Philip.

Book your free 1-hour Clarity Call using the CALENDAR LINK BELOW, followed by a short application. 👇🏽

*** If you cannot find a time available please check back in a day or two. I only open available slots within 7 days.

or EMAIL ME at: [email protected] to be put on a waitlist. ***

*** Remember, I work with clients within a 7-hour time-zone of New York ideally. Our sessions must fit between the hours of 10am–7pm EST. I only work with clients generally 26 years of age and older that have established businesses for at least 2 years.


Book your call now, we look back at years of frustrating expectations not met, and all we needed to do was begin with ONE small step. In one powerful hour you could have the clarity you yearn for to truly ignite cathartic transformation. And if we are not the right fit I have a network of hundreds of coaches I can refer you to. ... And if you are reading this page for the second or third time, STILL thinking about it, book the call now so you don't let another day of uncertainty and overwhelm take over your life. One day easily turns into one month, then one year where we are in the same stuck and unfulfilled place in our life and career.

Still contemplating the free call? Follow me on Instagram @philipattar for daily motivation and IGTV videos to feel if this is for you.

For general inquiries, speaking engagements, workshop partnerships, or press E-mail me at: [email protected]

I do not offer individual sessions. I only work with committed clients within my 10-week program. Single sessions are band-aids and do not help you solve your core problems. See FAQs here >

Mastering Flow has a strict no-refund policy.
I only work with people that I feel would 100% align with the program's principles and practice.
I am 100% committed to the success of my clients and when you commit to transformation, you transform your life.
Program terms here >

My studio is located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York
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