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Please wait a moment while the calendar loads — How different would your life be if you hadn’t put off for another day what you could have done in the moment? We look back at years of frustrating expectations not met, and all we needed to do was begin with ONE small step... Please fill out the short application form in detail following your booking so I can prepare for our call (a link is also sent via email to use on desktop). Transformative testimonials below.

Transformative Testimonials

Clients that did not wait to book their first free session...

 "Words cannot express how much you've come to mean to my world. You helped me wake up to my power and more towards freedom. I remember when I first talked to you on the phone, how you said you would help support my healing, and in that moment and every moment afterwards I always felt lighter and compassionately and warmly loved by you. You have helped me find my greatest gift, myself. Forever all my love." 
— Dana B. —

"I started the program feeling stuck, depressed, unfulfilled and restless. I didn't like my job; I felt like I was wasting my time and not growing. Every day I was waking up with a feeling of emptiness and disappointment. I wanted to change my life but did not know where to start. I did not know how to end this vicious cycle of not making progress and self-sabotaging the new beginnings. 

I started the program hoping that it will get me to where I wanted to be, but I was a bit skeptical about how fast the change will appear and how strong it will be. I knew I would start feeling better at some point but was afraid that it would not last long enough… And just like that, a few weeks later, one morning I woke up WITHOUT this heavy feeling I had for about a year. My breath slowed down; I started feeling more energized and hopeful. I learned how to release the tension I was holding in my body, and it felt like a revelation. I suddenly became more receptive, calm and centered. I realized that I am in control of my feelings, that my feelings don't define me. It was that aha moment that I will never forget.

I no longer fight my negative patterns nor do I concentrate on them. I know what it means to open my heart and allow new energy to come in. My commitment, clarity, and goals are stronger than ever. I am excited to see a continuation of my transformation, and I know that there is no end to it. I did not change, my mindset did. I discovered a power that I always had, and I'm going to use it.

The program felt like a tool that inspired me to live a life I always wanted to live. I love that the main idea of the program is ‘to learn to do it myself ‘… this is the most powerful way to change one's life… with this approach I know in the future I can continue to figure it out on my own.

Working with you was a life-changing experience. Your transparency, realness, passion, and sense of humor made the process exciting, fun and enormously beneficial. It was one of the best decisions of my life. Thank you for your support, trust, and care. 

I will remember this time as one of the most transformational phases of my life.
— Anya L. —

"I was in an extremely resistant and unaligned work environment that quickly began affecting all aspects of my life. The physical and mental exhaustion left me feeling uninspired, removed and completely disconnected from reality. The darkness made every element in life a challenge. I wasn't present or aligned with my heart or true desires in any shape or form... I also couldn't make good decisions on anything else in my life because everything just felt like a series of spirals... It's definitely work, you have to thoroughly and patiently examine many things about yourself but the reward of it all has been priceless. It's already impacted every element of my life, personally and professionally... I can redirect how I perceive and or react, I treat situations different by staying and being absolutely true to myself... I've been able to be even more accepting, trusting and free. I feel free. I could not recommend it more to those who are in need and or open to it, but that it really has been personally, life-changing." 
— Sung Y. —

"I had struggled with anxiety as long as I could remember. Before I started the program, I knew there was something more for my spiritual path and purpose on this earth. Attempting meditation, reading self help books, talk therapy and and array of other things weren't getting me closer to a truly peaceful and happy me. The energy of the world was only complicating my attempts to stay calm, grounded, and centered.

I knew within the first few minutes of the call that this was my next step. It was the right time to finally deal with my fears and anxieties that were weighing me down.

In the beginning of the practice, I began to see positive changes in all areas of my life. Having never connected to my heart before, it felt like coming home. I felt calm and was finally trusting in myself and the universe through releasing the tension and connecting to my heart. Throughout the program, I connected deeper, was able to release and trust more and truly learn acceptance. Learning to flow with life instead of beat up against it and try to control it is transformative in a way that is difficult to describe in words.

My whole life has shifted and am continuing my practice to go even deeper. Philip, there are no words to thank you for helping me change my life. I am eternally grateful for you and feel so blessed to walk this life with you."
— Alyson R. —

"Before working with Philip, emotionally, I felt lost and adrift. Though I was still functioning day-by-day, hour-by-hour, there was a weight that seemed to hold me back from realizing my full potential. My pendulum-swing had become fast and painful, out of control... I was holding on too tightly and not allowing my own path to reveal itself. Gradually through the program I began to "loosen my grip” on life, I began to allow my practice to ebb and flow naturally rather than becoming disappointed with aspects of my life... I learned to trust my intuition, the true meaning of relativity, having patience with the pendulum swing of life, and acknowledging clarity, paying close attention to it and not over-thinking how to 'hold onto it'. HUGE love and respect for all you've done for me. I've cherished every moment and this is only the beginning for so many things." 
— Tony B. —


"Before entering the program, I felt a sense of despair and a deep sense of confusion. There was my health with cancer but there was something on a deeper level that I felt kept "holding me back". I felt stuck in my own self and in my own thoughts. I over analyzed everything in my life and lived in the past and in fear. Constant worry. I think it is worth noting I wasn't fully aware that I got in my own way.

In the beginning of the program, it was a lot of venting and release for me. Being able to purge pent up… well, everything. Having a kind, thoughtful soul hear me was invaluable.

Towards the middle I learned to quiet the mind and slow down. I felt myself grow. Some days, I really didn't feel like participating or getting on a call. Working through the emotional discomfort and sometimes pain helped me build the strength. I have built a heart wall over the years and have learned to suppress or turn away from emotional discomfort oh so well. That's clearly gotten me nowhere. Now I feel more ease in facing myself and working through challenges.

Towards the end, I am now at the point where I relish being in the moment. I feel more comfortable in my own skin and it excites me the ability to own my own thoughts just by releasing and being with them. The opportunities and what many things can manifest as a result of not clinging onto thoughts, and my past, is a very liberating, peaceful, calming feeling.

This course was a journey for me and all the pieces fit together beautifully. 

Philip is someone that was and continues to be so hugely instrumental in my personal development. Not sure where I would be without him."
— Sarah D. —




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