Private 1:1 - Subconscious Alchemy & Energy Mastery for 6-8-figure Polymath Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Coaches & Source Seers


This path is for the source seer to master conjuring their creations in the now through QUANTUM EMBODIED MAGNETISM — aka: I AM PRESENCE.

This path is for the source seer to overcome the ripple of human subconscious patterns and inner tensions negatively affecting your conscious business and the impact of your legacy.

The earth is in the middle of an immense cosmic shift. You are here because you hear the calling to step up into another level of energetic leadership, surpassing the perceived limitations of humanity's traumas and missteps that have been imposed on your DNA.

It is time to embody the quantum magnetism that shifts the earth in months and years, not generations. You are one of those leaders. I am here for you. 

• You are a self-activator, understanding that it is not only the challenges you face now that hold you back but also the ones you are not proactively prepared for — Your investments in self-realization and truth fuel your success and fulfillment. 

• You wish to embody a deeper level of emotional intelligence and energy mastery affecting every aspect of your business, relationships, and life.

• You are witnessing a ripple of undesired repeated patterns that have impacted your business' growth into multiple 7 to 8-figures and are also affecting the impact of your gifts to humanity and the performance of your employees.

• All of this has impacted your mental well-being and creative expression causing undue stress and anxiety in your life, relationships, and businesses.

While related to business performance we do dive into family, marriage, relationships, and childhood trauma patterns that impact behaviors and communication on every level of your life. All as one, embodying I AM PRESENCE. We work to reprogram subconscious behaviors through heart-brain coherence and subconscious mirror work, to optimize your life, relationships, business, and impact. This is an intimate dive into behavioral performance reconditioning. 

This is an intimate dive into surrendering to Life Force to guide you into your true embodied magnetic power.


Philip accepts limited clients for 1:1 mentorship with a minimum of 3 months of engagement.

An application and initial consult call are required to ensure 100% alignment.

Email [email protected] with any questions or use the link below to apply. 

This is a 5-figure USD investment for 3 months of engagement.

Serious inquiries only. 



Selema M.

Sports Media Personality, Entrepreneur
"Throw away any ideas of what meditation or therapy might be. Throw away any sense of expectation. Understand that you are doing something quite daunting in recalibrating how you actually live. That is not easy and therefore none of this program is easy.
If you do that, the joys you can experience in this are unprecedented and unlimited. Be prepared to cry a lot."

Dr. Caitlin

7-figure Hashimoto's Health Coach
"You may walk in with certain goals in mind, and I guarantee your entire life will be shifted in a positive direction. The impact is limitless, as I am now forever changed, so will the lives of my husband, children, and clients lives be forever changed. 
My impact is so much greater, my purpose is so much more powerful. 
After finishing the program my business sky-rocketed and I enrolled in a Millionaires Alliance club taking my coaching business to the next level!  
The ripple effect this will have is mind-blowing to think about."

Stephanie Hughson

8-figure Business Coach
"Before working with Phil, I was experiencing a lot of physical and mental anxiety. I had trouble sleeping and staying asleep. I had a lot of emotional ups and downs on a regular basis. I felt very reactive to most things and I didn't know why. My relationship with my mom and family felt very confusing and I felt really misunderstood.  There was a lot of conflict and arguing. I felt like I was constantly on edge and had to use anxiety medication for just under 10 years to sometimes just get through a normal day and normal tasks. I felt like I was always just making it through the day on autopilot. Logically, I understood myself, my actions, my being. But there was a disconnect in my body. 
Since then I got off my medication!!!!!!! I no longer am using anxiety medication. It's been about 4 months since I took the medication and I actually have ZERO anxiety...
I feel at peace. I feel at home. I trust myself more. I understand the power of a moment on a deeper integrated level. I am able to handle the everyday ups and downs as a coach + entrepreneur with much more grace and centeredness.
I am continually scaling my business to $700,000 cash months ($4 million in 9 months) from a pure place of empowerment and certainty. 
I feel so supported and expanded working with Phil! The calls are an expansive breath of fresh air.  I always feel heard + understood by Phil. I feel safe expressing how I feel and what I need. Working with Phil is like bringing yourself back home. He doesn't do it for you. You don't NEED Phil. But he holds the space for you to bring yourself back to your core. 

You may not know exactly what it is going to be like, you may not know exactly the transformation that will come out of it.. and that's the point. Lean into the pull. Trust yourself. This work is much deeper than a transaction or a call.
This work will change your experience of life. 

My Journey

Nomadic Mindset and Leadership Coach to 7–8-figure CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Creatives.

Philip's coaching practice is centered around his Somatic Heart Breath method: A somatic meditation practice that systematically connects deeper with the stored childhood and ancestral emotions in your body that have rippled into undesired behavioral patterns. Subtle subconscious patterns that have been negatively impacting your business' impact, wealth, and fulfillment in your intimate relationships. 

Through a deeper consistent connection with your body, mind, heart, and spirit as one, you will uncover and release the stored tensions in your mind, consciously overcoming the patterns and anxieties holding you back from greater peace, power, and fulfillment.

Philip's methods have transformed his own life from 'dis-ease into ease'. Holistically regulating his own Graves' Ophthalmopathy autoimmune disease that left him with permanently crossed eyes in 2010 after a 20-year career in fashion marketing creative direction (Vogue, Condé Nast, Apple, Coach, Swarovski, Interview). A healing path naturally ignited through his history with Martial Arts, Qi Gong, Reiki, breathwork, and heart-connecting meditation. 

After regulating his Graves' disease holistically Philip left his career in brand creative direction and committed to his path as a healer, guide, and life coach. Now helping conscious entrepreneurs optimize their lives so they can share a greater ripple of their genius with the world. 



Adam Brawer

Luxury Real Estate Entrepreneur
 "Before working with Philip, I had lots of unprocessed emotions relating to my childhood; my parent's divorce and insecurities that I developed as a result of creating stories around why my father left me. I had deeply rooted feelings of unworthiness, I’m not good enough, I wasn’t chosen, I wasn’t seen, I wasn’t celebrated, etc.
As a result of the somatic work, I began to see patterns with more clarity. I realized that my life’s path, my career in Hollywood, was partially a way to fill the void of not being chosen/celebrated by my father. By associating myself with celebrities, those who are globally celebrated, I created a platform to fill the need I desperately desired.
More than anything, I noticed a sense of calm pervading throughout my body as a result of the somatic heart breath. I became aware of the ever-present anxiety that I lived with since I was 5 years old. That was profound. I noticed that I began to hold my energy differently and friends began to feel differently in my presence – women felt safer.
Now my real estate career is on muthafuckin’ FIRE!!! Partnering with one of the largest firms in the industry. My income has gone up exponentially and I’m being celebrated more than EVER in a public way: which is essentially my childhood dream. My life is becoming more easeful. My relationships have deepened.


Melanie Aubert

7-figure Business & Alignment Coach
"I had a traumatic childhood and never felt fully seen in my pain. I felt isolated, tried, heavy, and blocked. It was as if I couldn't reach the heights in my business that I wanted because of the stories I was carrying. Phil was the first person who called out how I talked about my trauma in a disconnected, nonchalant way, and for the first time in my life, I felt like someone had finally seen where I was stuck. I had a difficult time leading team members, holding authority, and communicating my feelings effectively.
Through our work, I began to feel an intense sense of peace. I used to be incredibly reactive in my life and business. With the work we did together, I learned how to drop back into the moment now.
The biggest manifestations of our work together were:
• Dream team members: I now feel confident hiring and leading members of my company. I also learned how to fire a lot of people.
• Expanding my family: I was deeply fearful of passing down my generational trauma to my future children and the work Phil and I did allowed me to release these fears.
What was it like working with me? Home. I found it difficult to work with someone who didn't understand what it was like to experience childhood trauma. Phil and I connected on that level, he remembered small moments, he saw me (like the real me), and really encouraged me to step into my power. 
This work was everything I didn't know I needed. 

Ian Hylton

Fashion Creative Director / Ms. Min
 "This has been the greatest personal transformation journey imaginable! 
A complete reset and the tools to help me redesign the way I look at and honor myself, my life, the wholeness between myself and the Universe."




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While related to business performance we do dive into family, marriage, relationships, and childhood trauma patterns that impact behaviors and communication on every level of your life. This is an intimate dive into behavioral performance reconditioning. 

Serious inquiries only. This is a 4-figure per month investment with a minimum 3-month engagement

* All testimonials shared are from clients that worked hard to earn their results. Everyone is different and these clients understood that they manifest their own reality by showing up and doing the work necessary to change their own lives. They are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the similar results.

** Do not stop taking any medications without speaking to your physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, mental health provider or other health care professional. We are not providing health care, medical or nutrition therapy services or attempting to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure in any manner whatsoever any physical ailment, or any mental or emotional issue, disease or condition.