Let Me Help You Overcome the Blockages Holding You Back From a Life of Purpose, Impact & Fulfillment

Because of the intensive nature of my mentorship program and how we work very closely together, the Mastering Flow & Igniting Consciousness program is by application only. My program is not for everyone, nor is every client right for me. I wish to ensure that our partnership is 100% aligned to motivate your connection and growth, which is why I offer a free 1-hour phone consultation to feel if our paths align. 

Read my client testimonials and know that you are not alone.
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Then when you are ready to explore further read below to discover if this is the right path for you:

Discover the 5 Shifts My Clients Make to
Master Flow & Ignite Their Consciousness

Do you feel called to work together? The first step for my clients is to watch my free 45-minute presentation called Mastering Flow & Igniting Consciousness. In it I share the powerful 5 shifts my clients make to develop a profound connection with their deeper Self that aligns them with their truth and unlimited spiritual potential. There are several case studies and testimonials from clients who overcame their fears and found freedom. If it resonates with you, in the end of the presentation I provide details of how you can apply for your free 1-hour phone Discovery Session.


Your Free Discovery Session

If the presentation resonates with you then afterwards you will be directed to my scheduling calendar where you can book your free no obligation 1-hour phone consultation with me.  I offer a free call to ensure there is alignment for both of us. They are powerful sessions that provide clarity on what is holding you back from achieving true fulfillment and success. We will review where you are, what has not worked for you, where you desire to be, and if working together can help you overcome your fears and connect to freedom. 

I look forward to helping you overcome the blockages holding you back from a life of purpose, impact, and fulfillment. 

With love, Philip

This is For Ambitious Souls Who Desire to:

  • Overcome the repeated negative patterns holding you back from igniting your unlimited potential.
  • Connect to the purposeful career and meaningful relationships you always desired.
  • FINALLY, stop asking: Why am I not reaching my greater potential? Where do I begin? Why am I STILL not aligned with my purpose and life? Why am I bouncing from one unfulfilling job or relationship to the next? How did I get this far off path?  
  • Overcome the reluctance and confusion holding you back from sharing your gifts with the world and manifesting your dreams.
  • Strengthen your intuition and cultivate flow so you can motivate the actions that change your life.
  • Clear your brain fog and inner-monologue and obtain the clarity to manifest a life of abundance and success. 
  • Overcome feelings of anxiety, stress, insecurity, frustration, and reluctance.
  • Overcome the exhaustion of internal judgments and expectations not met and make the decisions that transform your life.
  • Overcome feeling emotionally drained or paralyed from other people's energies and the outside world.
  • Create a profound connection with your deeper self that aligns you with your truth and unlimited potential.   
  • Achieve all of this without years of therapy and hopelessly moving from one self-help book or video to the next. Working smarter NOT harder by strengthening your inner wisdom!   


For general inquiries, speaking engagements, workshop partnerships, or press E-mail me at: [email protected]
My studio is located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York — By appointment only.


When You Commit to Your Transformation You Transform Your Life

I do not wish to be a crutch for my clients with indefinite return sessions. Rather I empower you to utilize the tools to begin to transform your life now, and continue to transform for the rest of your life on your own. I help you cultivate the skills that empowers you to heal yourself and ignite your consciousness. Commit to a practice of consistently diving into your energy and heart with guidance and you will:

1. AMPLIFY YOUR OWN ENERGY AND HEART CONNECTION enabling your own cathartic healing.

2. REMAP YOUR NEGATIVE THOUGHT PATTERNS and reframe your mindset that WILL...

3. EMPOWER YOU TO TAKE ACTION and overcome your challenges.

It's no different than going to the gym with a trainer. With a committed and disciplined practice, when one commits to transformation, they transform! Consider me your personal trainer for your heart and mind. ;)

Why I Do Not Offer Single Reiki, Sound Healing or Mindset Coaching Sessions

Single sessions allow you to feel connected with clarity for a little while, but if you have deeper repeated negative patterns that have been holding you back for years, they will always come back UNTIL you break through to the core 'emotional blockages' holding you back to begin with. Emotion = 'energy-in-motion', 'energy-in-motion' = your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Shift your perception and relationship to your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, and you change your view of your world— thereby transforming your life, one connected moment at a time. This will not happen with one session.

What you desire is a solution to overcome your challenges, not a temporary band-aid. Energy healers (including me) are not healing you, they aid you in connecting to your own internal energy connected to the energy of the Universe to heal yourself. We merely help amplify your own connection. One session, will not solve your problems entirely.

For that reason I only offer in-person Reiki and sound healing sessions with my full Mastering Flow & Igniting Consciousness Mentorship Program to truly help you overcome your issues by creating a guided and consistent practice. 

Refund Policy

Mastering Flow & Igniting Consciousness has a strict no-refund policy. I only work with people that I feel would align with the program's principles and practice. I am 100% committed to the success of my clients and when you commit to transformation you transform your life.
Review full program Terms of Use here >


* Please note my Ceremonial Attendant Milla (Russell Terrier) will be in the same room for all in-person sessions. If you have any allergies to dogs I regret that I will not be able to provide you with in-person studio sessions. 

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