Repeated Negative Patterns Holding You Back.
Ignite Your Career of Impact, Purpose & Fulfillment.


Reiki Master, Mindset Coach & Sound Meditation Guide Philip Attar presents Mastering Flow & Igniting Consciousness. A transformative 8-week mentorship program that helps you systematically overcome the repeated negative patterns holding you back from leading a career of impact, purpose, and fulfillment.

When you have repeated negative patterns, inner tensions, and a frenetic inner-monologue, your brain fog and confusion paralyze you into not knowing which direction to move forward with. You feel you have strayed off your path, or perhaps never knew if you were on the right path.

These negative patterns hold back your ability to establish a fulfilling and successful career. With one disconnected feeling after the other, you have lost the connection to your intuition, your heart, and ultimately your truth. This is when you live a painful, frustrating, and unfulfilling life.

This program is for you if you are ready to FINALLY stop asking yourself:

• I know I have a deeper calling, but how do I connect to my truth so I can make an impact on the world and serve humanity?
• I feel I have attained some 'stability' in my career, but why do I still feel unaligned and unfulfilled? What is holding me back from lasting success?
• How do I overcome the years of brain fog, insecurities, frustrations, and the weight of all the exhaustion? 
• How do I overcome my lack of fulfillment negatively affecting my relationships?
• How do I overcome feeling emotionally drained by other people's energies and having it negatively affect my confidence and success?
• How do I stop working harder, and begin working smarter?


I am Your Healer.
Empower Your Healing One Connected Moment
at a Time. 

I do not heal you, rather I offer you a more powerful opportunity to dig deeper and master a systematic practice that will empower you to heal yourself by consistently strengthening your connection with your heart, mind, and spirit. To truly cultivate the skills that will shift the way you perceive your emotions, thoughts, and experiences thereby transforming your life — one connected moment to one motivated action at a time.

You cannot dissolve the repeated negative patterns that have been holding you back from connecting to the career of your dreams by treating your issues with temporary band-aids. Casually attending to your wounds by approaching your healing through single healing sessions, intermittent therapy sessions for years, shallow meditation practices, painstaking research through books, podcasts, social media, and online videos… All of these resources are good to offer occasional relief and a lot of inspiring information, but they will not solve your problems or dissolve your repeated negative patterns until YOU COMMIT to your transformation. Only with a CONSISTENT practice will you overcome you challenges and find freedom.


What is Holding Me Back From Lasting Fulfillment?
Unlock Your Truth & Unlimited Potential.

If any of the above sounds like you, then watch my free 45-minute online workshop below where I share the powerful system my clients use to align them with their truth and unlimited spiritual potential. There are several case studies and testimonials from clients who released their deep inner tensions, remapped their negative old habits and FINALLY obtained the clarity and confidence to TAKE ACTION and manifest the impactful careers and meaningful relationships they always desired.

If you want to FINALLY overcome your repeated negative patterns holding you back from the impactful life you were born to lead, then ONLY IN THIS MOMENT can you make one decision that will change everything.

It will be the best 45-minutes you spend to help motivate you on your path to freedom, fulfillment, and success. 

— With love, Philip Attar
Reiki Master, Mindset Coach & Sound Meditation Guide



Your Free 1-hour Phone Consultation

Because we work very closely together to help overcome your challenges, the Mastering Flow & Igniting Consciousness program is by application only.  My program is not for everyone, nor is every client right for me.

If the presentation resonates with you then afterwards you will be invited to book your free no obligation 1-hour phone consultation with me.  I wish to ensure that our partnership is 100% aligned to motivate your connection and growth, which is why I offer a free consultation to feel if our paths align.

This call will provide great clarity on how you got to where you are and why, what has not worked for you, and feel if working together can help you overcome your fears and connect to freedom. 

Don’t let another day of frustration and overwhelm take over your life. If all of this speaks to you, watch the presentation and book your free session today!



"Before I worked with Philip… the physical and mental exhaustion left me feeling uninspired, removed, and completely disconnected from reality. The darkness made every element in life a challenge… everything felt like a series of spirals in every direction… have to thoroughly and patiently examine many things about yourself but the reward of it all has been priceless… it's already impacted every aspect of my life. Personally and professionally… I used to believe I was a certain "type" of person but I've been able to be even more accepting, trusting and free. I feel free. 

I could not recommend it more to those who are in need and or open to it but I also remember that everyone is coming from a different state and point in life but that it really has been personally, life-changing.”

— Sung Y.

"Words cannot express how much you've come to mean to my world. You helped me wake up to my power and more towards freedom. I remember when I first talked to you on the phone, how you said you would help support my healing, and in that moment and every moment afterwards I always felt lighter and compassionately and warmly loved by you. You have helped me find my greatest gift, myself. Forever all my love."

— Dana B.

Still debating? Consider this...

How different would your life be if you hadn’t put off for another day what you could have done in the moment? We look back at years of frustrating expectations not met, and all we needed to do was begin with ONE small step...


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