Mastering Flow II: Peak Performance Mentorship Program

An advanced version of the Mastering Flow program for professionals and athletes wishing to unlock their elite potential by mastering their connection to their mind, heart, and spirit. 

A transformative 8-week mentorship program designed to help you overcome negative mindset patterns, obtain supreme clarity and focus, and cultivate peak intuitive flow — igniting your resilience, performance, and success.

8-weeks of Online Modules and One-on-one Live Video Coaching Available Anywhere You Have Internet Access. Including:

• Advanced mindset practices to remap negative neural pathways and overcome any obstacle.

• Advanced meditation and visualization techniques to maximize your mind's potential and increase clarity and focus on call.

• Powerful heart connection and breathwork techniques to strengthen resilience, increase intuition, and amplify your natural instincts.



Strengthen Heart Resilience to Overcome Any Obstacle

When you create a deeper connection with your heart, you can calm your mind and strengthen your emotional resilience. Providing you with the skills to overcome any obstacle and flow through every experience with power, stamina, and grace. 

Remap Negative Thought Patterns Into a Winning Mindset

Thoughts are things and words have power. You do not win with a losing mindset, so I work closely with you to remap any negative thought patterns holding you back from peak performance. You will champion your heart and mind's rhythm and release any tensions that get in the way of peak flow. Easing into every challenge with the focus and clarity that only a balanced mental attitude can provide. 

Master Peak Intuitive Flow

The more you connect to your heart, the more sensitive you become to subtle feelings, thoughts, and intuitive instincts. A stronger intuition that will guide your inner voice to synchronize your thoughts and actions into flow at will. Manifesting anything you desire, overcoming any challenge, and creating the a life of success, one connected feeling to one connected moment at time.



In-person Sessions Available in Addition to Online Program in My Brooklyn, New York Studio *

— Remap Negative Thought Patterns —
One-on-one Mental Coaching
We'll work to remap your mental practice, igniting a supreme winning attitude, one feeling, one thought, and one action at a time.

— Increase Clarity & Focus —
Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Meditation

Lower brainwaves frequency states increase learning retention, remap neural pathways, and increase clarity and focus.

— Increase Resilience & Intuition—
Reiki and Breathwork Sessions 
The heart has 40,000 neurites (brain-like cells) that are the key to increasing resilience, unlocking your intuition and peak flow states.

Master the Mindset That Can Tap Into Intuitive Flow at Will

Because of the intensive nature of this program and how we will be working very closely together over 8 weeks, this program is by application only. Use the button below to email me and schedule your free 1-hour phone consultation followed by a brief application.


*In-person sessions available in NYC, additional fees apply. Review program Terms of Use here


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