Mastering Flow & Igniting Consciousness Mentorship Program

A transformative 8-week mentorship program via online video conferencing and weekly modules, designed to help you overcome the blockages holding you back from your life purpose, success, and creative potential. You will learn to balance your body, mind, and spirit, remap your negative old habits and acquire real-world techniques to increase your intuition and cultivate peak creative flow.

Guiding You to Achieve

• Relief from anxiety, stress, insecurity, frustration, and reluctance.

• Clear your brain fog and inner-monologue, remap old negative habits, and obtain clarity and confidence.

• A calm and more balanced state allowing for peaceful sleep and renewed energy.

• Relief from hopelessness with increased emotional resilience.

• Awaken your intuition and utilize powerful real-world techniques to increase your physical and mental vitality and cultivate peak mental flow states at will (the 'zone' / the 'vortex').
Working smarter NOT harder.

• How to do all of this without years of therapy, workshops, hopelessly reading dozens of self-help books and watching hundreds of hours of online videos.

Online course modules and coaching video conferencing available anywhere you have access to video and an internet connection.

Release Emotional Blockages & Connect to Clarity

When you create a stronger connection to your heart and mind, you can relieve your anxiety and stress, remap your brain patterns, and ultimately the thoughts and actions that changes your life for good.

Reiki connects you with your heart, the energy within you and ultimately the energy within us all. When you connect to your heart you increase clarity and ignite your intuition. Breathwork connects you to the negative blockages that have been holding you back, giving you the opportunity to release deep emotional traumas allowing for cathartic transformation.

Remap Negative Thought Patterns

Sound meditation brings you into lower brainwave states through a guided meditative process. This process utilizes the sound and vibration of Tibetan Singing Bowls, which have been shown to quickly take you from a busy-minded Beta brainwave state (13–30 Hz), into a deeply relaxing Theta (4–7 Hz), or Delta state (0–4 Hz). This process lowers your brain's production of cortisol and other stress hormones and increases dopamine and endorphins, increasing relaxation and bliss.

It's near the lower frequency Theta and Delta states that awaken your immune system to heal on cellular and psychological levels. Remapping neural pathways, negative thought patterns, and igniting increased focus and learning retention.

Cultivate Intuition & Peak Creative Flow

Through a systematic approach utilizing each modality with guided mindset coaching, you are able to overcome your fears and continually connect to your mind and heart to create the life of ease that you desire. The more you connect to your heart, the more you connect with your truth and build a stronger intuition. The more aligned you are with your intuition, the more aligned your thoughts, and the more you create actions that are in full alignment with these true thoughts and your balanced Self. Aligned actions create an aligned life, ultimately cultivating a life of fulfillment. When you ignite a stronger intuition, there is no need to wait for inspiration, you can tap into it on call, then igniting peak creative flow, one connected feeling, to one connected thought, and one inspired action at a time.



In-person Sessions Available in Addition to Online Program

For those in New York City, in addition to the online coaching program, I provide in-person one-on-one sessions to ignite your cathartic transformation. *Additional fees apply

— Remap Negative Thought Patterns —
One-on-one Mental Coaching

Thoughts are things, words have power and what you speak you create. We'll work to remap your mental practice, creating a new perspective of your life, one feeling, one thought and one action at a time.

— Increase Clarity & Intuition —
Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditations

Lowering your brainwaves into Theta and Delta frequency states has been shown to increase learning retention, remap neural pathways and negative habits. Inducing you into a healing meditative state.

— Release Emotional Blockages —
Reiki and Breathwork Sessions 
Connect to your heart and breath for cathartic emotional blockage release. The heart has 40,000 neurites (brain-like cells) that are the key to unlocking your intuition and inspiration on call. 

Let Me Help You Cultivate the Skills That Will Take You From Fear to Flow

If you're exhausted from feeling like your negative patterns and feelings of overwhelm and reluctance are holding you back from achieving your desires, this program is for you. Together we will create the emotional resilience to conquer your fears and manifest a life of purpose, ease, and fulfillment.

Because of the intensive nature of this program and how we will be working very closely together over 8 weeks, this program is by application only. Use the button below to schedule your free 1-hour phone consultation followed by a brief application.


This is for those who:

Are ready to connect to your purpose, obtain peak creative flow and excel in life.
When we flow we tap into inspiration on call and create momentum to persevere and excel. When we have a stronger intuition we can glide through life with ease and better connect to those in need. I wish to empower those who desire to help humanity, one feeling, one thought, and one action at a time. 

Are ready to invest the time and resources into your well-being.
When you invest in yourself you invest in alignment. Only when you are aligned can you create a life of abundance, success, ease and fulfillment — positively affecting your career, financial situation, relationships, marriage, and life quality.

Are committed enough to show up and do the work.
If you take action, show up and do the work, you’ll acquire the tools to help you overcome your anxieties, fears, and the blockages holding you back from success and your creative potential.

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