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2 monthly payments

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Embodied Purpose 8-wk Live Immersion - Feb '24 - Payment Plan

Total due: $1,096 USD split into 2 payments of $548 USD per month for 2 months.

Live sessions begin Wednesday, February 14th, 2024 at 10 AM – 12 PM PT (Pacific Time USA)


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+ 8 x LIVE 2-hour Zoom video sessions over 9 weeks *
with live meditations and Q&A with Philip Attar and his team for weekly accountability and support in a safe and nourishing environment. 
* Replay recordings available while in the program if you miss any.

All sessions Wednesday at 10 AM - 12 PM Pacific Time

Session 1: Wednesday, February 14, 2024
Session 2: WednesdayFebruary 21, 2024
Session 3: WednesdayFebruary 28, 2024
Session 4: WednesdayMarch 6, 2024
Integration Break Week
Session 5: Wednesday, March 20, 2024
Session 6: Wednesday, March 27, 2024
Session 7: Wednesday, April 3, 2024
Session 8: Wednesday, April 10, 2024

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+ Private Telegram Group
for peer-to-peer community support, Q&A, and accountability with access while you are in the program.

+ Optional ongoing month-month support
Option for monthly support and live sessions after you complete the program on a low-cost subscription basis.
Only available to Embodied Purpose and advanced mastermind graduates. Not available to the public. 

Curriculum over 9 weeks:

Weeks 1–2: Living Immersion Method™: Surrender Into a Somatic Living Immersion to Uncover Suppressed Energy Blocks
Weeks 3–4: Immersive Presence Catalyzes Clear Sight
Week 5: Integration Break Week
Weeks 6-7:
 Shifting Subconscious Patterns in Real Time
Weeks 8–9: Taking Aligned Action Toward Your Goals & Embodying Your Purpose

Same technique and process I've used with thousands of private client sessions. (To compare, Philip's private 1:1 monthly retainer begins at $5,000 USD per month)

*** By purchasing this program, I agree to the Terms of Use at http://www.philipattar.com/terms-of-use 
*** This program has a no refund policy and registering with a payment plan requires full fulfillment of the plan regardless if you leave the program or do not complete it in the time frame provided.



All through life my subconscious patterns would interfere and sabotage it all for me. I would react externally or feel scared of an ego pattern arising which would eventually make me take my hands of the project and go on to the next thing, next career, next relationship. Only to find out that the same pattern repeated itself perpetually and I was constantly victimizing myself by giving power away to these external situations or people. This 4 week workshop (+ a bonus week) has helped me tremendously by giving me a comprehensive insight into my true self and acquainted me with my shadow and trauma patterns. Now I’m able to recognize, discern and navigate them with the tools we were provided and I feel convinced of (prioritizing) my connection with my inner life force energy. It allowed me to feel more inspired, more at ease and overall more fulfilled and grateful. I would recommend doing the one month (and a bonus week) workshop to anyone who wants to live a beautiful, meaningful and empowered life from the inside out. Those that want to live on their highest timeline untainted of trauma so that their original blueprint can naturally attract their best life.

Sumit A.

I had an exceptional experience working with a Philip and team. I highly recommend joining the live workshops - there is powerful positive energy, compassion, knowledge, and love that you will feel all around you. Philip is an extremely good communicator, mentor & coach. He and his team share their knowledge and wisdom freely, answer all questions. And take the complex and bring clarity to it as well as simplicity.

You will not find a better source or program, you will gain more than you can imagine. I have taken many a course, with many different teachers, including an executive coach for 15 years. I’ve gained more from this workshop than anything else I’ve done. Game changer as you walk away with a process you can use for a lifetime. A process that will open your heart to receive and give the love we are born with, learn to deal with any trauma and free your mind to creativity we all need more of. Being a part of the SHB workshop was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I didn’t have to think long about joining. I only needed to listen to Philip’s approach to life to understand this was a fantastic fit for me.

Gayle D.

I want to express my personal sincere gratitude towards this workshop. Everything is happening at such divine timing for me. I couldn’t possibly imagine this exists even I tried. First week SHB practice brought up a lot of shadow and previously surpressed emotions for me. It was eye opening to witness. Second week, physical experiences were happening in my reality, where I manifested interactions that were deeply triggering for me. Continuing SHB seemed more challenging now. Third week was all about deep listening and follow the lily pads. I got the nudge to do an Ayawaska, which I knew almost nothing about. I listened and followed, to one of the most life changing night of my life. I woke up from the ceremony a different person, only to find the 4th workshop to be about inviting in life forth energy (which was the theme of the ayawaska ceremony) and allowing God to lead, and practice my free will to create. Which is exactly what I needed…!!! I’m speechless at this point. All my life I planned, I tried to control, cuz I’m a “powerful” human being! But man oh man how childish I was, completely unaware of what True power feels like, what Truth can do. Thank you thank you thank you. For Philip Attar Sue Bahnan leading this experience, and for everyone joining this journey. There is true power on the other side of surrender and allowing. I’m a firm believer now.

Snow Gross