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We’ve made healing and empowerment far too complicated. 

This is the simple Truth: Lay down. Let go. Surrender. Dissolve your breath into One with the Creator (literally). Learn to truly feel this immense gamma flood of divine love frequency. Learn to listen and act when inspired. Embody this. Repeat. Do this and you will heal and embody your purpose outside of the ripple of your traumas. Simple as nature intended. Not overly complicated as the wellness industry would have you believe. 

I’m here to guide you into this knowing and sovereign power.


My Journey From 'Dis-ease' Into Ease



Graves' Disease progression 2010–2016



When one's life force energy is in perfect balance, we experience psychological orderliness, emotional stability, and physical vitality. When it is out of balance we can experience stress, anxiety, emotional instability, and physical ailments potentially leading to symptoms of dis-ease.

I'm a former Executive Creative Director and Marketing Strategist for 20+ years in NYC, having worked with some of the top fashion luxury brands and agencies in the world (Condé Nast, Vogue, Baron & Baron, Coach, Apple, Swarovski among others). But after many years in the industry, I was unfulfilled and in a terrible state of 'dis-ease'. I found my connection to Reiki, breathwork, and sound healing after battling with Graves’ Disease and Graves Ophthalmopathy beginning in 2010. This Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) left me permanently cross-eyed with bulging eyes and a weakened immune system. Every disease requires a genetic predisposition, but it is up to you to activate or deactivate the gene depending on how you live, what you eat, the environment you surround yourself with, along with the key ingredient: stress. The stresses of my life were manifesting the inflammation of my vision. I was left manically depressed, blow after blow, weakening my immune system and my resolve.

After many years of standard medical tests and treatments, leaving me penniless and still ‘dis-eased,' and putting my career as a Creative Director in New York City on hold, I was broke and unable to continue with any medical treatments. The suggestions to remove my thyroid and take radioactive iodine and hormone pills for the rest of my life to 're-balance' my immune and hormonal functions did not sit well with me. Why does 're-balancing' in western medicine equate to taking out and prescribing drugs? If we are imbalanced, was there a better way to create a new balance?

Discover the system my clients use to overcome the blockages and overwhelm holding them back from a life and conscious business of impact and fulfillment.

My Journey Into Healing

Mindset Coach

It was by experimenting with an organic plant-based medicinal approach with my mother-in-law and her Cancer at the time, that educated our family on the importance of naturally building immunity through diet. The fuel you give your body is the fuel that nourishes your immune system. My body, unknown to me over the years, was weakening through my poor eating and lifestyle habits, not strengthening.

With the guidance of my Naturopathic healer and mentor Dr. Linda Lancaster, of Lightharmonics, I moved on to a whole foods plant-based diet to cleanse my intestines and reduce the inflammation in my body that was enabling the disease. Out went the sugars, alcohol, preservatives, corn syrups, and all processed foods. In went the organic and natural whole-foods that fueled my immune system to grow stronger, better equipped for healing to begin on a cellular and psychological levels.

Her protocol of fasting with parasitic cleansing herbals and goats milk is what ignited my greater inner healing and then allowed me to expand my mind and open my heart. I am so dedicated to this fasting protocol @themilkcleanse that I still utilize it today, 9 years later twice a year EVERY YEAR. I am so honored to now be a partner in this business with Dr. Linda and founder Jody Levy sharing The Milk Cleanse with all who seek inner healing and expansion of mind and heart. 

With the help of my therapist at the time, I was able to dig into my unconscious, finding clarity within. And through her recommendation, I was introduced to the Japanese energy healing practice of Reiki. A practice that enabled me to further find stillness in my anxious and darkened heart, and find my connection to my inner light. Reiki allowed me to gain a passionate meditation practice. Fueling my inner-knowledge of my Self and deepening my practice with sound meditation and the science of mind and heart. I then continued with further education under several masters in breathwork and Tibetan Singing Bowl sound meditations. Studying the science and physics of sound and meditation, how it aids to entrain your brainwaves into deeper states of unconsciousness, increasing learning retention and rebuilding neural pathways.

The Somatic Heart Breathâ„¢


I found my calling through my experience with Reiki (cultivating our heart connection), the psychology of mind (mindset coaching), and the science of heart biofield energy. Combining the healing power of heart-centered meditation with the action-oriented approach of mindset coaching.

Now through the thousands of sessions, I've had with my leadership-level clients over the years I've found a formula for amplifying your heart bio-field energy so you can build resilience and uncover the deeper traumas and ancestral emotional conditions that have held you back from excellence. As you learn to feel more, you uncover more, as you uncover more, you build resilience more, as you build the resilience you build power and knowing and trust. And this amplified intuitive trust is what transforms every facet of your life and existence. Money, relationships, business, purpose, all emanate from within your heart. The Universe is a mirror to your resonance, and I am committed to teaching more souls how to tap into this power and consciously create the New Earth and abundant lives they desire. All with just your mind, heart, and body. No sound, no external devices, just teaching you how to tap into your infinite power within. I call this method the Somatic Heart Breath™

The method itself is a kinesthetic somatic practice to allow you to viscerally connect to the vibration of Life Force within you. Eventually guiding you to embody oneness with all that is and increasing you Ka (energetic life force) which magnifies your electro magnetic field. Living in a state of conscious embodied magnetism.   

All of this inspired me to share any wisdom I obtained with others in need that could benefit from my experience. This path has brought me profound inner peace, allowing true healing to take place. With inner peace we can fluidly glide through life in a steady flow state and manifest connections to boundless inspirations, unlocking our true purpose in life. With inner peace we can heal ourselves, each other, and our planet.

Today I am living my dream and purpose with power. Traveling nomadically full-time in my camper truck @overlandmind while building a thriving conscious business and I am dedicated to helping more souls empower their purpose through their heart so we can all collectively shift the paradigms that no longer serve us and co-create the New Earth. 

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