Mastering Flow &
Emotional Resilience

Where Impact-driven Entrepreneurs & Coaches Come to Overcome Their Anxiety & Optimize Their Business' Impact

 After the last 2 years of global challenges, you recognize that this is the year you finally overcome the subconscious patterns holding your business and career back from greater success!

You cannot wait any longer — It's now or never!

Mastering Flow is a 12-week group/hybrid 1:1 mindset mentorship for impact-driven entrepreneurs and coaches ready to finally overcome the overwhelm, anxieties, exhaustion, and undesired subconscious patterns holding their business back from excellence.

Read the details and transformative testimonials from other leadership-level entrepreneurs like you below to discover if this path is right for you.

Enrollment is open now for July

By application only.
We are only accepting a limited number of clients in each cohort to ensure 
100% alignment with our leadership-level entrepreneur network.


Dr. Cross

Hashimoto's Coach
"You may walk in with certain goals in mind, and I guarantee your entire life will be shifted in a positive direction. The impact is limitless, as I am now forever changed, so will the lives of my husband, children, and clients lives be forever changed. My impact is so much greater, my purpose is so much more powerful. After finishing the program my business sky-rocketed and I enrolled in a Millionaires Alliance club taking my coaching business to the next level!  The ripple effect this will have is mind-blowing to think about."

This is For:

  • I lead a successful business (wellness/creative/product/service/coaching), yet I still have not found a container deep enough to help me break free of the limiting beliefs and undesired repeated patterns holding my business back from greater impact and financial growth.

  • I have all the strategies, business and marketing experience to support my business, I now need to master regulating my nervous system in order to efficiently utilize the tools I have to grow my business further. 

  • After the last few years of the pandemic I struggle to feel safe, to relax, still feeling overwhelmed and anxious — knowing that my workaholism only leads to exhaustion. 

  • I meditate and have a spiritual practice, and have been to many spiritual retreats, yet I still feel drained by other people's energies, negatively impacting my business's profitability and employee relationships.

  • My overwhelm has begun to negatively impact my family and intimate personal relationships, causing tensions and arguments with loved ones.

  • I have already invested tens of thousands into traditional therapy, wellness coaching, healers, and mindset masterclasses, yet I still do not feel I'm tapping into greater inner stability, peace, and power.

  • Even with all of my experience and success, I still feel like a lone wolf exhausted entrepreneur/CEO, always giving to others. I am ready to join a powerful network of heart-centered ambitious entrepreneurs that understand BOTH my entrepreneurial ambition AND my spiritual depth.

Philip's Somatic Heart Breath method to dive into your deeper subconscious patterns that have been holding your business back from greater growth, and profitability.

3 months to consistently rewire your neural programming so you actually transform the behaviors that transform your life and catapult your business. 

You are no longer a lone wolf CEO —Align with a network of heart-centered entrepreneurs in a container deep enough to hold space for your entrepreneurial ambitions AND spiritual growth.

Selema M.

Sports Media Personality, Creative Entrepreneur
"Throw away any ideas of what meditation or therapy might be. Throw away any sense of expectation. Understand that you are doing something quite daunting in recalibrating how you actually live. That is not easy and therefore none of this program is easy. If you do that, the joys you can experience in this are unprecedented and unlimited. Be prepared to cry a lot."

 After the last few years of tensions igniting a global awakening, you more than ever recognize the need to overcome your anxieties and build the emotional resilience to handle anything that life throws your way. Your business growth is dependent on your mindset and inner strength.

If the last few years have taught you anything, it's that there is no more time to sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else reach greater levels of success than you. It's now or never.

— Philip Attar

What's Included / Pricing

 ✔️ 12 live group coaching calls with hot-seat coaching.

 ✔️ 3 private 1:1 coaching sessions with Philip Attar (valued at $3,000) to set your intentions and review your unique challenges and progress in key points in the program.

 ✔️ 12+ hours of recorded modules, custom heart-mind coherence meditations, and emotional resilience practices to systematically guide you deeper into your subconscious patterns so you can learn how to reprogram them. 

 ✔️ Private Facebook + WhatsApp community for daily communication and accountability. Join a leadership-level source seeing community of heart-centered entrepreneurs for life. 

 ✔️ Accountability in a safe and supportive trauma-informed container guiding you through a systematic process to uncover core subconscious patterns holding your business back from growth and success.

  ✔️ All live sessions are recorded with access for life. 

 ✔️ Exclusive access to Mastering Flow yearly retreats and discounts to special masterminds.

✔️ Additional support after the program. Access to additional monthly coaching support via a discounted monthly subscription after the program for as long as you need. Step in and step out anytime you need to reignite your power and reach another mindset level for years to come. This is your elite mindset coaching community for life.



3 Monthly Payments

$2,222 x 3

Save $334 - Total $6,666


$6,000 x 1

Save $1,000

5 Monthly Payments

$1,400 x 5

Total $7,000

Testimonials of Leaders Who Learned to Get Out of Their Own Way So They Can Share a Greater Ripple of Their Genius With Humanity  

Ian Hylton
Fashion Creative Director/Entrepreneur, Ms. Min
"[When considering this program I was thinking...] there’s a lot I could spend my money on to make me feel better, maybe a vacation for one.
But to those that feel the same, I say to you that this has been the greatest personal transformation journey imaginable! 
A complete reset and the tools to help me redesign the way I look at and honor myself, my life, the wholeness between myself and the Universe."
Sung Yoo
Designer/Entrepreneur, Big Little Universe
"Before the program, I was in an unaligned environment that quickly began affecting all aspects of my business and life. The physical and mental exhaustion left me feeling uninspired, removed, and completely disconnected from reality. I wasn't present with my heart. This program is definitely work.
You have to thoroughly and patiently examine many things about yourself but the reward of it all has been priceless. It's already impacted every aspect of my life, personally and professionally. I can pause at moments when I need to, I can redirect how I perceive and or react, I am absolutely true to myself.
I feel free.
I could not recommend it more to those who are in need and it really has been personally, LIFE-CHANGING.
Neelam P.
Poet & Author
QUESTION: What did you love the most about the program?
There's a tie between 2 things - A) the group calls and B) the meditations - they were so simple, so profound, & they made everything else work.  
The group calls made it feel like I wasn't alone in this and that this was important work.  Even the group call recordings were unexpectedly so powerful. In my civilian life outside of the group calls, nobody understood how uncomfortable and how unhappy I was at work - even when I tried mentioning it, people would always react with laughter saying "nobody likes to have to go to work".  With the people who were selected to be in the group, I didn't feel like I had to prove how much I was struggling - it was there.  I feel like I became defrauded in the groups - I could be myself, even when I was struggling. 
Throughout the program, as my life force got a bigger say than my old patterns and the trauma, I came to have unprecedented gratitude for you. 
Anja L.
Digital Strategist
"I started the program hoping that it will get me to where I wanted to be, but I was a bit skeptical about how fast the change will appear and how strong it will be… And just like that, a few weeks later, one morning I woke up WITHOUT this heavy feeling I had for about a year. I learned how to release the tension I was holding in my body, and it felt like a revelation. I suddenly became more receptive, calm, and centered. It was that aha moment that I will never forget.
My commitment, clarity, and goals are stronger than ever. I am excited to see a continuation of my transformation, and I know that there is no end to it. I did not change, my mindset did. I discovered a power that I always had, and I'm going to use it.
Working with you was a life-changing experience. Your transparency, realness, passion, and sense of humor made the process exciting, fun, and enormously beneficial. It was one of the best decisions of my life. Thank you for your support, trust, and care. 
I will remember this time as one of the most transformational phases of my life.
Alyson Rixner
Real Estate Entrepreneur
"I had struggled with anxiety as long as I could remember. Before I started the program, I knew there was something more for my spiritual path and purpose on this earth. Attempting meditation, reading self help books, talk therapy and an array of other things weren't getting me closer to a truly peaceful and happy me. The energy of the world was only complicating my attempts to stay calm, grounded, and centered.
I knew within the first few minutes of the call that this was my next step. It was the right time to finally deal with my fears and anxieties that were weighing me down.
In the beginning of the practice, I began to see positive changes in all areas of my life. Having never connected to my heart before, it felt like coming home. I felt calm and was finally trusting in myself and the universe through releasing the tension and connecting to my heart. Throughout the program, I connected deeper, was able to release and trust more and truly learn acceptance. Learning to flow with life instead of beat up against it and try to control it is transformative in a way that is difficult to describe in words.
My whole life has shifted and am continuing my practice to go even deeper. Philip, there are no words to thank you for helping me change my life. I am eternally grateful for you and feel so blessed to walk this life with you."
Tony Baker
Executive Photo Director
"Before working with Philip, emotionally, though I was still functioning day-by-day, hour-by-hour, there was a weight that seemed to hold me back from realizing my full potential. My pendulum-swing had become fast and painful, out of control... I was holding on too tightly and not allowing my own path to reveal itself. Gradually through the program, I began to "loosen my grip” on life, I began to allow my practice to ebb and flow naturally rather than becoming disappointed with aspects of my life... I learned to trust my intuition, the true meaning of relativity, having patience with the pendulum swing of life, and acknowledge clarity, paying close attention to it and not over-thinking how to 'hold onto it'.
HUGE love and respect for all you've done for me. I've cherished every moment and this is only the beginning of so many things. 
Rasha Goel
Journalist/News Personality
"The one thing I really respect and commend Philip on is his gift of being able to intuitively connect with each person. I never left a call feeling unheard or that I didn’t get to discuss or express myself. The group calls were the same. He truly listens to each individual yet offers feedback that we all could relate to or implement.
It means a lot when you are working with a coach and feel he is genuinely interested in your growth. That is WHO Philip is. When you work with him, you get 100% of his commitment and support, but of course you have to do the work. I have this level of trust and openness with him that I do not have with many others. It’s a safe space to share with him so he can help you reach your highest potential.
Philip is truly an amazing coach. I am so grateful that I was guided to him. I really don’t feel I could have worked with anyone else that could help me reach the levels I have at this time.
If you truly are looking to change the course of your life and wanting to create a more fulfilling and empowered life, then join this program. You will receive all the tools you need and will see the growth within yourself. This is one of the best things you could do for yourself!
Adam Brawer
Luxury Real Estate Entrepreneur
"Before working with Philip, I had lots of unprocessed emotions relating to my childhood; my parent's divorce and insecurities that I developed as a result of creating stories around why my father left me. I had deeply rooted feelings of unworthiness, I’m not good enough, I wasn’t chosen, I wasn’t seen, I wasn’t celebrated, etc. 
As a result of the somatic work, I began to see patterns with more clarity. I realized that my life’s path, my career in Hollywood, was partially a way to fill the void of not being chosen/celebrated by my father. By associating myself with celebrities, those who are globally celebrated, I created a platform to fill the need I desperately desired. 
More than anything, I noticed a sense of calm pervading throughout my body as a result of the somatic heart breath. I became aware of the ever-present anxiety that I lived with since I was 5 years old. That was profound. I noticed that I began to hold my energy differently and friends began to feel differently in my presence – women felt safer.
Now my real estate career is on muthafuckin’ FIRE!!! Partnering with one of the largest firms in the industry. My income has gone up exponentially and I’m being celebrated more than EVER in a public way: which is essentially my childhood dream. My life is becoming more easeful. My relationships have deepened.


Raghdan Hassan
Coach/Healing Guide for Arab Millennials
"Before the program I was deeply resisting my path. This subconscious heavy presence of feeling like a fraud weighed on me more than I knew. Now I truly feel like I can guide others the way I’ve been guided, this program changed my life because it changed me, it helped me fully embody and take ownership of who I am. I realized I was far more powerful than I had even imagined."

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Enrollment is open now for July.

We are only accepting a limited number of clients each month with whom we feel 100% alignment to ensure the long-term potency of our leadership-level entrepreneur network.

* All testimonials shared are from clients that worked hard to earn their results. Everyone is different and these clients understood that they manifest their own reality by showing up and doing the work necessary to change their own lives. They are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the similar results.

** Do not stop taking any medications without speaking to your physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, mental health provider or other health care professional. We are not providing health care, medical or nutrition therapy services or attempting to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure in any manner whatsoever any physical ailment, or any mental or emotional issue, disease or condition.