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Stimulate Neurogenesis & Overcome the Subconscious Blocks Holding You Back From Scaling Your Impact-driven Business

Gamma Sun πŸŒž is an advanced immersion utilizing quantum subconscious technology for leadership-level entrepreneurs, creatives, CEOs, executives, coaches, and practitioners driven to build sustainable long-term legacy
A kinesthetic method to naturally self-induce a one-consciousness state and ignite greater focus, aligned action & magnetic flow

Live Online Workshop

Saturday, June 24th – 12 PM – 2 PM ET 
 Open to all

8-week Immersion
Begins Thursday, July 6th – Limited to 12 spots
By application only

"Throw away any ideas of what meditation or therapy might be. Throw away any sense of expectation. Understand that you are doing something quite daunting in recalibrating how you actually live. If you do that, the joys you can experience are unprecedented and unlimited."

— Private Client: Selema Masekela / Sports Media Personality, Entrepreneur
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Get Out of Your Own Way & Dissolve the Source of All Plateaus in Your Business & Life


Rapidly overcome: 

• Brain fog and confusion
stunting your momentum

• Inconsistent productivity and hesitation impacting your revenue and profitability

• Lingering scarcity paralyzing your business' growth and your mission-driven purpose

• Misalignment and lack of self-trust derailing your business strategies, leadership abilities, and relationships

More importantly, you will wholeheartedly serve humanity with your grand vision, no longer allowing anything to hold you back from your destined legacy. 

End the Cycle of Ineffective Therapy, Breathwork & Mindset Coaching That Fails to Get to the Root Causes of Your Repeated Patterns

Master a kinesthetic method to get to the source of friction within your cells holding you back from clear decisive action and aligned productivity.


You will learn to naturally self-induce an ecstatic state. No microdosing, nootropics, or plant medicines, just self-mastery of your body and breath to reduce molecular friction from the inside out. 

This is where long-term subconscious rewiring is catalyzed stemming from deeper generational conditioning.

Self-induced ecstatic state to ignite neurogenesis and clear subconscious blocks.  lllustration by Philip Attar.

My Gamma Sun Method requires a reductive and fearless surrender of your body and breath. Somewhat similar to a technique used by Japanese Ninjas to get into peak flow states (though this method is more organic and requires less forced will). You will be kinesthetically guided into deeper theta, delta, and gamma brainwaves, stimulating neuroplasticity and neurogenesis1 on a quantum level, and effectively optimizing your brain architecture2 for long-term change — a level of depth few can enter on their own through passive mindfulness meditation. Importantly you will have consistent accountability and time for deeper integration of your innate intelligence which is what drives lasting transformation.

Tap into heightened wisdom, supreme clarity, and cutting focus to rapidly exceed your goals, scale your business, and cultivate lasting fulfillment.

The Gamma Sun practice helps to 
rapidly alchemize your cellular memory and clear your tissues of old energetic debris, igniting neuronal regeneration and dissolving the brain fog, indecision, and confusion from epigenetic and generational conditioning.

As you integrate this experience over days to weeks, you dissolve your heart's shadows and ignite hyper-present focus and clear sight. An enhanced capacity to see yourself clearly allows you to notice triggered reactions as they occur in real-time and disengage the habitual subconscious patterning from your lineage and the collective. Welcome to long-term and lasting transformation.

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"This method changes you from the insi
de out, you become the highest, purest version of yourself. You learn to laugh in the face of anything that you no longer resonate with.

You tap into your own power, there is no denying how much you can change, that the people around you may not recognize you or want to know the real new you. You are confident, you have no fear, and you are real but so not real anymore. This method changes your relationship with self, loved ones, social status, and all aspects of your existence, all without ego.

You realize the things and patterns of your former self that have had you bound, all restricting your movement and voice, these things have no hold over you anymore."

— Mina R. / Global Financial Risk Advisor

Impeccable Leadership Requires Impeccable Energy Management


Mastery of your energy and time are the most important commodities that naturally manifest greater fulfillment, business growth, wealth, and lasting legacy.

Develop sovereign power that breaks any dependency on therapy, mindset coaching, microdosing, supplements, nootropics, and plant medicines and sustainably access:

• Impeccable clarity, focus, aligned action, and productivity that decisively scales your business strategies

 Energetic stamina and resilience to swiftly move through financial highs and lows and decisively drive your business into stable profitability

 Inspiration and motivation on call that frees your creative vision

 Magnetize aligned opportunities and build robust social networks

 Amplify your magnetic presence to confidently lead your teams, relationships, and family

 Naturally increase sexual libido, performance, and magnetism with your partner or intimate romantic relationships.

 Cultivate greater emotional intelligence, empathy, loving relationships, and family harmony 

"We are accessing something so true, so eternal, and finally in a way where it is not just glimpsed but embodied and radiated in a sustainable way..."

— Lisa B., Executive Coach

Program Tiers:

Gamma Sun Live Online Workshop


One-time payment

Live online session open to all

Saturday, June 24th
12 PM - 2:00 PM ET

Learn to overcome subconscious blocks, activate neurogenesis, and sustainably access:
• Greater clarity, focus, and magnetic presence
• Energetic stamina and aligned productivity
• Inspiration and creativity on call

βœ” 1 live online 2-hour group Zoom video session with hot-seat coaching

βœ” Replay recording available for 7 days

Registration Opens June 6th

8-Week Immersion


Paid in full or $2,400 x 2 pymts

By application only

[New Date]
Begins Thursday, July 6th
12 PM - 1:30 PM every Thursday for 8 weeks + 1 week for integration

βœ” Limited to 12 spots for high-level support

βœ” 8 x live 90-min video sessions with hot-seat coaching

βœ” Private Telegram group

βœ” Align with a high-level community of impact-driven conscious leaders



"Since starting Gamma Sun I am just 'on', I walk, talk, (inter-) act, feel and am 'different'… from one day to the next I emerged to the hyper version of myself. I’m able to go so deep into the gamma breathing sessions that sometimes I’m so full of love and gratefulness I had tears in my eyes I felt that moved, and then I’m just 'on' doing what needs to get done to move forward.

In the past week, there were two situations that in the past would have caused a total setback, now I owned it and the end result turned into a super success. Totally let go of the friction, furthermore, specifically in my family relations, I not only understand but clearly see the patterns that have held me back.

I’m just feeling wow... like a walking breathing field of energy… and it ignites/inspires the people around me...

— Nathalie P. / CFO/Entrepreneur

This is a Dojo
Not a Space to Heal


 The depth of this work requires nothing less than 100% self-accountability, discipline, and resilience to succeed and truly let go of any attachments holding you back from absolute freedom and power.


The Gamma Sun Immersion is a dojo, a daochang, a space to master the way. You will not be coddled; you will be called forward. You may be triggered; you will surrender deeper into your power.

This is NOT for you if you are unable to self-lead and regulate your anxieties and nervous system on call. 

This is NOT for you if you are still seeking alignment with your purpose at an entry-level.

This is NOT for you if you are uncomfortable with the idea of letting go of everything holding you back from absolute alignment.

If you are still in need of a space to heal, overcome deeper anxieties, and tap into greater strength before feeling ready for more focus and power, then I invite you to enroll in my Somatic Heart™ Live Program. Once you feel grounded you are then welcome to enroll in Gamma Sun.

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Gayle D.

Private 1:1 Client: 8-fig Tech Entrepreneur

“There is powerful positive energy, compassion, knowledge, and love that you will feel all around you. Philip is an extremely good communicator, mentor & coach. He takes the complex and brings clarity to it as well as simplicity.

You will not find a better source or program, you will gain more than you can imagine. I have taken many a course, with many different teachers, including an executive coach for 15 years. I’ve gained more from this program than anything else I’ve done. Game changer as you walk away with a process you can use for a lifetime. A process that will open your heart to receive and give the love we are born with, learn to deal with any trauma and free your mind to creativity we all need more of. Being a part of the program was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I didn’t have to think long about joining. I only needed to listen to Philip’s approach to life to understand this was a fantastic fit for me.”

Alan M.

Private 1:1 Client: 8-fig Music Entrepreneur

"I have experienced a deepened level of groundedness, connectedness, integration, and harmonization of my thoughts and past experiences - alchemized into the somatic present. This has resulted in an enhanced state of clarity and peaceful flow that has been quite transformative.

These practices are leading me to a completely new place of being, and I have the peaceful sense that this will be most likely an endless journey rather than a destination. Over the past few weeks, I have experienced some of the most flowing and organic conversations with my kids and other key relationships, which have reinforced my intuitive conclusion that I am traveling down the right path, and moving towards a much more vibrant, clear, authentic/integrated spirited and potent, present experience."

Chelese P.

Executive Leadership Coach

"I have learned to surrender in the moment as triggers or emotionally charged events or thoughts arise.  I am a divine being, period. I am no longer leading with the labels of divorced, single mom, adult-child of an alcoholic, and abuse survivor. Those events shaped me in a lot of ways but they no longer define me. I have no desire to talk about the past. I am clear about how it impacted me, and I face the feelings that arise as a result but I am transmuting those feelings as they come and I move on.

From a business standpoint, I have hired a business coach and a small business consultant to support the elevation of my coaching practice. I am taking action as well as allowing the outcomes to flow. I am trusting the process. Let go, let God is becoming a way of being.

Each time I practice the method it goes beyond self-regulation, the trauma is alchemized. I have felt a releasing sensation during the longer practices and often I have felt like I am free-falling into Source energy. This feels like ancient wisdom that has been stored in my DNA and I am being reminded of how to access it."

Chelita Z.

Spiritual Mentor / Coach

"I've found a deep appreciation in surrendering in moments that in the past, would claim themselves as trigger points or points of tension. With each cellular surrender comes the immersive ability to surrender to life, in all its beauty, in all its dark, light, and everything in between. I feel the Gamma Sun is providing me with the ability to gently but powerfully reset on a cellular level.

I've had full "journey" type experiences where I've gone on immersive trips into the natural world, sensing and feeling everything and then nothing all at once. I felt a much deeper connection to the world around me after this. Other times it has been very "physical" just dropping into the mechanics of the practice. It feels very much like a spectrum and I love that you aren't pushing for a result, like every reaction, every experience is valid and a "result" Surrendering to it all is key. I feel with the integration week another field is about to open up so I'm excited about that but placing no expectations on it. This definitely the ninja refinement of breathwork practices.

I really couldn't recommend this practice enough but I feel you definitely need to be in a particular place to receive it, like past the big T stuff, no need for big releases. The magick in Gamma Sun is in the void, in the subtlety of the spectrum of surrender. It still blows my mind that by surrendering more you achieve more, letting go and letting God."

Private Telegram Testimonials

Leadership-level entrepreneurs, creatives & coaches committed to self-mastery in an intimate, high-level, and supportive conscious community.
Limited to 12 people in each cohort with an alumni group available when you graduate to nurture your global network.

Rapid cellular regeneration = Supreme clear site = Aligned action towards your highest destiny. 

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* All testimonials shared are from clients that worked hard to earn their results. Everyone is different and these clients understood that they manifest their own reality by showing up and doing the work necessary to change their own lives. They are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the similar results.

** Do not stop taking any medications without speaking to your physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, mental health provider or other health care professional. We are not providing health care, medical or nutrition therapy services or attempting to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure in any manner whatsoever any physical ailment, or any mental or emotional issue, disease or condition.