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Healing My Own Childhood Trauma - Part 2/2

Here is part 2 of 2 of recently healing my own childhood trauma. 
Continued from my last post.

This has truly been an immense cathartic experience. So complete in so many ways. I've discovered how to detach from my childhood expectations and show up with more compassion for him. To ‘fire’ him from the role I’ve continued to subconsciously expect him to take in my life, and step into the freedom that detachment and true presence deeply provides. 

He is a man who is living the best life he knows how with what he has available to him. He has always searched for peace within himself through adventure and travel, battling his own demons along the way. Many times I remember him battling them out loud through the voice of his schizophrenia. I witness him now so much calmer, and truly at peace with where he is. With time (and maybe his dementia) he now seldom reacts to previous schizophrenic triggers. Paradoxically he has actually transformed somewhat...

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Healing My Own Childhood Trauma - Part 1/2

Here is part 1 of 2 of recently healing my own childhood trauma. (Part 2 continued next week).

I've been away for 3 months taking care of my 78 yr old father who was traveling solo in Mexico in February and hospitalized.

An issue with his Prostate and Diabetes had him passed out and found on the streets of Puerto Vallarta and taken to a hospital. A nurse contacted me through Facebook after finding my contact info in his wallet. 

My father is schizophrenic, parents divorced when I was six, so under four decades later I’ve really only just spent a handful of times with him throughout the years.

— Hospital in Mexico / Quick visit to the ocean

Being his only child and estranged from his family for decades, I was the only contact he had in his wallet. I knew he didn’t have anyone else, so I rushed down to Mexico to find him in a stable yet disoriented state in a local hospital. 

He was a shadow of what I remembered. Slower to speak, having...

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