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Learn to master Philip Attar's Heart Breath™ coaching technique. Holistically combine deep intuitive energy guidance with cognitive mindset coaching to somatically guide your clients into a deeper state of their truth, uncovering their core blockages and traumas, and safely empowering their purpose and power. 

Master somatic embodiment of your wholeness and as a reflection to your clients help entrain their frequency into their own wholeness with God. This is not traditional 'mindset coaching'. This is the path to master the Truth of what drives all of humanity at the core, your embodied energy.

By application only.

3– 6 month programs for beginner and advanced coaches looking to mastery their energetic trauma guidance.

In this extensive course, you will learn to master:

• Philip's Somatic Heart Breath™ embodiment coaching method to guide your client's into overcoming their deeper traumas and embodying their purpose and truth.

• Embodiment of your purpose and honing your unique intuitive gifts.

• Master the mirror of reflection with your clients by helping them dive into their core traumas and blockages with piercing precision and clarity.

• Hone your sensitivity to the core rhythm of your clients' energies and subconscious conditioning within their unique algorithm. Rewiring their limiting beliefs and conditioned programming that no longer serves them. 

• Learn how to create a safe space for group and private 1:1 coaching. 

• Magnetic sales: Mastering the mirror of attracting your ideal clients that are a reflection of your embodied truth.




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