— Understanding that we all can have unpredictable schedules, please be considerate when cancelling an appointment. A missed appointment without proper notice means the potential for another client from being seen. Cancellations must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance or a cancellation fee of the full session rate will be charged.

Payments accepted by cash, Venmo, and Paypal for credit cards. 

Ideally no coffee within 6 hours of appointment. The spike in caffeine from coffee, as opposed to tea, stays in your system for 6-10 hours. The goal is to get you into a deeply relaxed meditative state. The caffeine in coffee can interrupt this process.

Wear comfortable clothing if possible. Restrictive clothing (suits, tight dresses, etc.) can make you uncomfortable while laying down during your session. The last thing we would want is for you to feel any minor irritation or discomfort that may distract your meditative experience. 

Try not to eat anything within 2 hours of your session, especially overly acidic or sugary foods like burgers, fries, sodas or candy of any kind. Having food in your stomach while lying down is never a comfortable experience. The cleaner you arrive at your session, the more potential you have for clarity of mind and body during your experience. While cleansing beforehand is not necessary, you would greatly benefit if you ate cleanly 24 hours before your session. If possible, I suggest eating only whole foods and vegetables with plenty of water at least one day in advance of any appointment. 

Please note I have a small 11-year-old Jack Russell dog. Very well trained, zen and Queen of her castle. During every session, she calmly passes out in her bed and wakes just in time to help with your reading. Her name is Milla, a Slavic name meaning 'Ceremonial Attendant', and no I didn't know this when she was named. The universe has a funny way of reminding us of our path. ;) If this is an issue for you, I apologize, but I will unfortunately not be able to treat you.

My Ceremonial Attendant, Milla.

My Ceremonial Attendant, Milla.