Entering into any new experience can be confusing and leave one with many questions. How do Reiki and Sound Healing work? How may I benefit? Is this all 'real'? Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all. I would be happy to guide you through what is involved, how Reiki and Sound Healing works from practical and scientific perspectives, and how it may help you on your journey to clarity and healing.

Sessions are in my home in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
ith additional guidance provided by my dog and Ceremonial Attendant, Milla. ;)

Philip Attar, Reiki Master Teacher
T: 917-551-0442
E: studio@philipattar.com
Red Hook Brooklyn, New York, 11231

—  By Appointment Only —
Appointments available:

Monday:  10:30am – 9pm
Tuesdays:  10:30am – 9pm
Wednesdays:  10:30am – 9pm
Thursdays:  10:30am – 9pm
Fridays:  10:30am – 7pm
Saturdays:  10:30am – 7pm

Sundays and Mondays:  Closed

Your journey to Red Hook will offer you
a reward of peace from a centered heart and still mind.

Take the B61 bus from the Jay St. - MetroTech station A/C/F/N/R/W  or Hoyt St. 2/3
or a 20 minute walk from the Carroll Street station F/G.

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For all who enter my studio, I provide an environment

of peace; 
of trust;
of strength;
of vulnerability;
of compassion; 
of understanding;
of empathy; 
and of love. 

For all that lay to rest, I provide an opportunity

to calm your mind; 

to relieve your anxieties;
to forgive yourself; 
to forgive others;
to release your fears;
to release your pains;
to love yourself;
and to awaken your Self. 

I am not healing you,
I merely enable you to heal yourself. 

— Philip Attar