My classes offer a detailed study of Reiki with guidance, meditation, and practice to more carefully understand how our hearts, minds, and spirits are connected. You will leave feeling confident about Reiki and energy healing. More importantly, you will strengthen your relationship with your inner Self, thereby strengthening your connection to Universal Life Force. I wish you to leave every class with an increased sense of compassion and love for yourself and humanity by connecting with the genuine nature of your being.
— Philip Attar. Reiki Master Teacher


In this in-depth three-day class, you will discover a closer connection to the precise nature of your being and dive deeper into the nature of nurturing yourself and others. Including: 

– A thorough three-day class beginning on day one with Reiki I, day two Reiki II, followed by 21 days of Reiki self-practice and meditation. We then reconvene for a third class to review our experiences and for further guidance and practice.(Reiki II only classes would be on 2nd and 3rd day)
– History of Reiki, its founders, and relevance in modern healing culture
– The meaning and use of the Japanese Empowerment, Mental/Emotional, and Absent/Distant Reiki II symbols (Reiki II class)
– A greater foundation and understanding of the meaning and practice of activating your connection to Universal Life Force
– A thorough review of the use of symbols and mantras to focus intention and connect to your heart
– Breathing and meditation techniques
– Reiki I and II Attunements and Ignitions
– Ample time for hands-on self and peer practice, integrating the symbols and inner-heart connection techniques
– Guidance on peer and client practice
– Includes a proprietary, concise, and easy to understand Reiki I & II printed manual and certificates


Reiki I Class:  July and August dates to be confirmed.
Reiki II Class:  July and August dates to be confirmed.

– Classes held in my Red Hook, Brooklyn home from 10am – 6pm each day.
– Bring your own lunch. Healthy Vegan snacks and refreshments provided.
– Contact me to register using link below, including preferred class dates. I will email you registration details and a secure Paypal link to provide a non-refundable $100 deposit to hold your spot in class. 
Full tuition due before 1st class date. You do not need a Paypal account to use Paypal. 

*** Limited class availability. Only 6 spots open for each class.

* Why do I teach Reiki I & II together? Reiki II covers the original Japanese symbols as created by Master Mikao Usui. For many practitioners the true meaning and purpose of the symbols remain a mystery, as they were not taught in-depth details from Usui's direct lineage. Many teachers were only taught the symbols and their English translations, leaving how to use them open to interpretation. In my class we will unlock the meaning of the symbols, not just from their English translation and historic Japanese meaning, but also examine what the very nature of symbols and mantras activate within us. Symbols and mantras merely help us focus our intentions, and are a valuable tool for any level of Reiki practitioner, therefore I include both classes in a three day intensive workshop in order for you to leave with a true understanding of how to connect more clearly to the Life Force within you. 

Everything in this world can seem like magic,
except to the magician.


A true Master must have the dedication to Master their Self. For Reiki Masters wishing to lift the veil on the 'magic' of Reiki, by having a stronger understanding of more modern philosophical and scientific principles, I offer a specialized Reiki Master Class for Reiki II Practitioners as well as current Reiki Masters seeking to deepen their relationship with Reiki. Guided by studying the similarities of other global cultural healing philosophies and modern scientific energy healing theories, you will develop a more profound understanding of what Reiki is, and how we are all born with natural healing abilities, by forming a deeper connection with your Self. Including: 

– The meaning of symbols in Japanese culture and symbolism as a whole throughout global cultures in healing
– A greater foundation of understanding the meaning and practice of activating your connection to Universal Life Force
– Breathing, meditation, and inner heart connection techniques for yourself and your clients
– Analysis of other cultural healing modalities, symbols, and their similarities
– Discussion of historic and current philosophies, current scientific theories, and quantum physics studies relating to energy and healing
– Review of a new simplified language to describe your Reiki practice to various clients
– Along with guidance on marketing your Reiki practice from Philip Attar, a 20-year creative direction, and marketing veteran
– A proprietary, concise and easy to understand Reiki Master Manual

** All my students must have a minimum of 1 year practice as a Reiki II practitioner before being eligible for the Reiki Master Class.

More info coming soon.